Bedelia and Inferno’s Canto III

“And he to me [Virgil to Dante]: ‘This wretched state of being is the fate of those sad souls who lived a life but lived it with no blame and with no praise. They are mixed with that repulsive choir of angels neither faithful nor unfaithful to their God, who undecided stood but for themselves. Heaven, to keep its beauty, cast them out, but even Hell itself would not receive them, for fear the damned might glory over them.’” (Inferno, III, 34-42, transl. Mark Musa)

Random thoughts: Hannibal lecturing on the Inferno in Italy, with Bedelia at his side, but never really at his side. Like the damned that wait in the vestibule of Hell in Canto III, she couldn’t decide to participate (”observe or participate?”) and remained (or pretended to remain) neutral (”observing”). And so she is in fact kept from accessing Hell and just peers at the entrance. She saw what was behind the veil, like the damned see Charon, but she was pushed away, like they are refused passage to Hell from Charon. Her punishment is, oh the irony, to hold views that aren’t her own and propagate them, because these damned’s proper punishment (contrapasso) is to run after lies forever. If your portray Will as Charon, it’s even better. (And so she wasn’t in fact with Hannibal behind the veil. She got a look at it, but access was ultimately denied.)

And this could be argument that Bedelia does not really get eaten in TWotL’s post-credit scene because that’s not her proper punishment (because, for all her closeness with Hannibal, she hasn’t been close enough) as well as argument for her getting eaten for not wanting to get close enough.

I’ve been thinking about our relationship lately. It’s gotten toxic. We argue, we don’t see eye to eye about anything, we’re two completely different people. With all the lying and unfaithfulness, I just can’t take it anymore. Goodbye. I hope you find what you’re searching for. Thanks for the memories and helping me realize that you aren’t the one.

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Keeping with the Sagittarius theme, I was brainstorming the pros/cons of signs dating within their signs. Do you have any opinions on that, or Sag/Sag dating? Sincerely a December baby who thinks you're AWESOME.

thank you, i think you’re awesome too :)

well i can do some pro’s and con’s of dating a sagittarius in general :

pro’s : great sense of humour, caring, will probably walk an hour just to see you for 2 minutes, great laugh, adventurous, spontaneous, you can talk about 500 different topics with them, open, can be very romantic, sexy af, passionate about things, can be a sarcastic asshole (yes this a pro for me), will protect you and love you until the end of time if you’re important to them.

con’s : gets bored by people pretty easily, can (!) be unfaithful, might seem uninterested even if they like you, often pretty busy, can be a workaholic, needs much space, doesnt like clingy people, you often don’t really know what they feel for you even if they tell you so, doesn’t share their feelings or their hidden thoughts with just anyone.

I’m fascinated by how well trained we are to believe the dominant narrative, even in this little corner of the fandom where our motto might as well be ‘Trust No One.’

I mean, Liam has literally been in LA for weeks recording his solo album with Juicy J, and everyone is just like, awww, good for Liam, he gets to play with his friend. But when there’s even the most oblique hint Harry might do the same, suddenly people are wailing and cursing their fates because THE BAND IS ENDING.

Why? Because they’ve been feeding us the idea that Harry will inevitably go solo and destroy 1D for years now. Not just that–also the idea that Harry is unfaithful, Harry is a liar, Harry doesn’t care about the band at all. And somewhere in the back of their minds, a lot of people seem to believe it.

We talk all the time about how incompetent Modest and HJPR are at their jobs, but damn. You gotta give them credit. They sure have indoctrinated us but good.

Time to Talk About Lilith 😈

There is an aspect of astrology that covers our darkest side…. very dark. That aspect is Lilith. Lilith can describe what darkness you are capable of and possibly what bad energies you might attract. Lilith calculators are hard to find but I found one. Below is a short, to-the-point description of the negativity Lilith can express. I will explore Lilith more in future posts.

Aries Lilith: Dangerous lover, even murderous.

Taurus Lilith: Drains money and possessions from others, especially a lover.

Gemini Lilith: Unfaithful liar, uses rumors and gossip as their weapon.

Cancer Lilith: Uses children as a pawn and the younger the child the more neglect and harm they can cause.

Leo Lilith: Animalistic, controlling abuser. 

Virgo Lilith: Perverted corrupter. 

Libra Lilith: Jealous, angry lover who has a strong connection to divorce and home-wrecking.

Scorpio Lilith: I hate sounding extreme but let’s say I found someone describe this Lilith as “the devil incarnate”.

Sagittarius Lilith: Reckless exploiter. 

Capricorn Lilith: Cold-hearted and causes the downfall of people in power. 

Aquarius Lilith: Chaos bringer and dream smasher.

Pisces Lilith: Secretive and manipulative user of the weak and has ties to drug and alcohol abuse. 

Unfaithful part 3

Harry Styles - 1781 words (Requested)


“Are you ready?” Harry questions as he grabs a piece of toast from the plate in front of me, his upper body still unclothed, tattoos on full show as I sit on one of his bar stools, toying around with the eggs he had cooked me fifteen minutes earlier. I was excited about starting something new with Harry but I didn’t know how Josh would react to this sudden decision of mine. Well, actually, I had been visiting Harry fairly often lately and Josh would be fairly dumb if he didn’t suspect something.

“I don’t know, honestly.” I shrug my shoulders, pushing the plate away from my sight as I hear my stomach protest loudly, the nervous butterflies surging through my abdomen, nausea kicking in instantly. Harry stops on the other side of the counter, in front of me, his eyes trained on me as he unbuttons a fresh dress shirt he just got from the laundry. “Are you uh – having seconds thoughts?”

My eyes widen drastically as I immediately shake my head, pushing my body up straight with my flat hands on the marble, my bare feet padding over the cold tiles as I quickly shimmy my way towards Harry. “No, of course not! I’m just scared of what Josh might say. Or do.” I shrug my shoulders again as I let my hands skim over Harry’s naked chest, buttoning his shirt up for him as I try to suppress my smile by biting my lip harshly. Harry had buttoned his shirt wrong and I had to redo all of them. I know he is rolling his eyes at my motherly actions right now, but that’s why we keep meeting up.

“See, without you I’d be a mess.” Harry chuckles as his lips press against my ear and I giggle before pushing him away, walking over to my heels which are laying scattered between Harry’s Chelsea boots. I slip into the black heels I wore yesterday and turn towards Harry to see him fully clothed, except for his boots. I throw them in his direction  and one of them hits him in the stomach, Harry doubling over with a loud ‘ooph’ as I start giggling immediately. “I’m sorry babe.”
“Of course you are.” Harry huffs out as he glares in my direction, making the grin on my face even wider as he slides into his worn out boots.

“Come on love, let’s go or you’ll keep stalling the whole day.” Harry lightly slaps my bum as he passes me, the other hand grabbing his car keys out of the bowl he puts them in every evening, disappearing from my sight into the hallway. I shuffle behind him, grumbling under my breath at how fucking right he is but keep quiet enough so he doesn’t hear me. I am freaked out of my mind right now and I think my heart might actually hammer out of my chest if I postpone this even longer.

The car ride is tense, only a few short sentences shared between the two of us before Harry simply rests his large, ringed hand onto my thigh and gives it a squeeze as a silent reassurance that everything will be alright eventually. I see the familiar street come into view and a gasp leaves my lips, my fingers fumbling with a string on my t-shirt as Harry halts right in front of my flat building.
“Want me to stay here or?” Harry turns towards me and I furrow my eyebrows, trying to think of all the possible scenarios that could happen if he came up with me, and some that could happen when he didn’t. “Maybe you could like wait in the hallway, you know, just to be sure?”

Harry nods his head and both of our car doors open at almost the same time, myself hopping out of the large vehicle before I take a deep breath and make my way inside, feeling secure when I hear the door open again, indicating Harry was right behind me. I always first feel the door handle before I stick my key in, because there were many times I was cursing that the fucking door wouldn’t unlock while it was unlocked all along.

The first seconds I enter it’s eerily quiet, almost serene silence but it’s quickly cut through when I hear a moan, a female moan, resonating from the bedroom. My eyes widen and I’m not sure if I want to walk down the hall and confirm my thoughts visually, but my feet take me there anyway as my brain keeps screaming to fucking stop whatever we’re doing and to abort mission.

I take a few moments to gather myself, my hand hovering over the handle as I scrunch my eyes closed as another loud, very loud moan resonates from the other side of the door. “Fucking prick.” I hiss at first but start dryly chuckling immediately afterwards when I realise that I was doing exactly the same not over twelve hours ago. It’s not like I can blame him for shagging another woman.

The next action all take place within a time span of approximately thirty seconds. My hand pulls down the handle, throwing the door open and I take two, tentative steps into my own bedroom to see a blonde girl riding on my boyfriend’s cock. A gasp leaves Josh’s lips as he throws her off of him in the fastest time I think it is possible to send a small, size zero blonde through the room before she clatters to the floor with a loud shriek. I almost want to laugh at the sound that came out of her, resembling a slaughtered pig, but I try to hold in that giggle as I turn towards my ex-boyfriend.

“Care to explain?” I motion to the girl who is now clutching sheets against her chest like her life depends on it, although I can assure her I am not interested in that pair of fake breasts – yes, they are fake, any girl sees that within an instant – and I keep my gaze trained on Josh.
“Babe, I – I can explain, Well – I – “ I hold my hand up and walk towards the bed, trying not to look at Josh’s naked form as I haul a suitcase from underneath the bed and start throwing everything I own into it. “I came here to break up with you, saved me a long, dreadful conversation.” I breathe out, taking all the hangers out of my closet at the same time and dumping them into the suitcase before zipping it closed, dragging another one from underneath the bed as I walk out of the bedroom.

“WHAT?” I hear booming behind me, I guess Josh was a little slow with words and it took him some time to comprehend the words that had left my lips a minute or so ago. I drag my suitcase out into the living room and drop it near the sofa, grabbing all of my laundry and dumping it into the other, open suitcase. I breathe as I hear his loud footsteps behind me, booming through the hall as he storms towards me.

“You are not fucking dumping me Y/n!” Josh booms behind me and I swiftly turn around to see him stalking over towards me in a pair of joggings and a disgusting t-shirt with a brown stain on it. He steps impossible close to me, the smoke and alcohol in his breath hitting my face like a tidal wave and I try to push him away but he keeps his stance, his fingers gripping my elbow in a harsh, bruising manner. “Let go of me Josh!” I squeal as I try to pull my arm from his grasp and that is enough for Harry to boom through the open doorway, his glare directed at Josh as he almost slams Josh against the wall while he pulls him off of me. “I’ll fucking kill you!” Josh shouts to me again, trying to look past Harry to send his glare my way

“Don’t you ever touch her again you fucking prick!” Harry growls, his hands balled into fists by his side as I try to pull him away from Josh. “H. Let’s just go.”
“Who the fuck are you.” Josh stands back to his full height again, pushing at Harry’s chest who doesn’t even cower the slightest bit back. Harry pushes me to the side as he gets up in Josh’s face, their noses almost touching as Harry grinds his teeth. “I’m her fucking boyfriend and if you touch her again – “ Harry slams Josh into the wall with such force I can feel the whole floor shaking and I’m staring at them both, shocked to see what Harry was capable off.

The difference being here, I know Harry only showed his aggression because he wants to protect me, where Josh would strike me across the face if I didn’t share the same opinion as he did.
“Harry please, let’s go.” Harry takes a deep, soothing breath before he grants Josh with another glare and steps away from him, taking both of my suitcases in hand, making his way towards the exit.
“You coming, love?” Harry smiles at me and I nod my head, giving one last glance at Josh who stares at me. Harry is already out the door as Josh whispers his last words towards me.

“This isn’t over yet, Y/n.” My eyes widen as an unwelcome shiver runs down my back, my feet quickly carrying me out the door and after Harry who is already hauling the suitcases into his trunk.
“Now that that’s over, I want it to be official.” Harry grins at me and I furrow my eyebrows with a smile on my face, my heart still hammering in my chest from what happened just a few minutes ago, adrenaline coursing through my body as I slowly come down back to reality.

“You mean?” I walk over to him and lean against the side of his car as he closes the hood, turning towards me as he leans against it as well with one flat hand, arm outstretched.
“Y/n, will you go on a date with me tonight?” I laugh loudly and a hand flies to my mouth to muffle the sound immediately, eyes squeezing into slits as I keep giggling.
“You moron. I’d love to.” I pat his chest and walk towards the passenger door, hopping into the car and already buckling up. When I check the rearview mirror I see Harry grinning from ear to ear, shaking his head as he makes his way to his side of the car.

 Lots of love,
L. xox


Read Part One

Requested by: @omnomoreo1025


Your lips were locked with Murphy’s in a heated embrace, his fingers twisting into your hair and your hands all over him. It was rushed, as it always was with your romance was forced into secrecy, but it was what you had been craving for days now. The kiss consumed every part of you. By the time you heard the approaching footsteps it was already too late.

You broke apart roughly, pushing off from his chest and ducking away from Murphy. Even if Bellamy hadn’t seen anything, your flushed cheeks and breathlessness was proof in itself. You felt completely striped as Bellamy’s eyes glanced between you and John, deep betrayal working its way into the lines of his face, twisted with anger.

It was over. He knew.

He moved so quickly you only had time to react after Bellamy’s fist connected with Murphy’s jaw. The force knocked him off his feet, leaving him a crumpled heap on the floor of the dropship, scrambling to regain his footing before Bellamy had a chance to land another blow.

“Bellamy, stop!”

You attached yourself to his arm, trying to work your way in between the two boys but you were easily pushed to the side and Bellamy threw another punch. The contact wasn’t as solid, just skimming Murphy as he ducked away, but Bellamy was far from satisfied. He wasn’t going to stop until Murphy was a bloodied mess on the ground.

You threw yourself at him again, this time with more force. “It’s my fault. Be mad at me.” A broken sob racked through your chest as you pushed him back with the flat of your palm. “For God’s sake, Bellamy. Be mad at me.

His anger subsided – at least for now – and all that was left was the unmistakable grief that weighed down his features. Pain was the only thing that swirled in those beautiful brown eyes. His lips were vacant of a smile, contorted into an expression of agony.

He was right to feel this way, you knew that, but it didn’t make the pain in your chest hurt any less.

“Why,” he demanded. The disgust was clear in his voice as he gestured to Murphy, “What? Do you love him?”

You didn’t answer. You couldn’t.

“Do you love him?” he repeated, gripping you by the shoulders in uncontrollable desperation and pain. Murphy took a step forward, the beginnings of defending you, but there was little he could do. Besides, you didn’t want to be saved. This was what you deserved.

“I don’t know,” you answered, your voice hardly above a whisper. The hands dropped and Bellamy took a few stiff paces before toppling the nearby table. You flinched at the harsh metal bang, shrinking further inside yourself.

“How can you not know?” Bellamy yelled. The pain was much thicker in his voice than the anger, and that was what caused you to cringe the most.

“Y/N, you don’t need to-” Murphy began.

“Shut up!” Bellamy was one word away from resuming their previous brawl. You couldn’t let either of them get hurt because of you, not anymore.

“I don’t even know what love is!” you finally yelled in desperation, drawing Bellamy’s attention back to you. A whole new wave of heartbreak visibly washed over him. It was painful to watch.

His voice was thick with suffering, warped with emotion.

I loved you,” he said. “How I felt about you, that was love.

Those final words marked his exit, and you were left staring after him, streams of saltwater running down your cheeks and sobs battering your chest. Murphy reached out his hand to comfort you but you ducked away from it.

This kind of heartbreak was beyond comfort.


The following are one dimensional, cliched depections of LGBT people that we often see in media:

-Gay best friend tropes obsessed with shopping

-Greasy, crude, Lesbian only seen in flannel

-Confused, unfaithful Bisexual convinced their desire to experiment is a college phase

-Clownish Drag performer who exist for comic relief

-Trans youth isolated and rejected by their peers

I need parallels for each of these tropes that are more realistic, complex, unique, and human!

Example: A Gay scientist on the Asexual spectrum who sometimes will go shopping with his befriend after they finish their weekly game of tennis

Include all kinda of intersecting identities, anything you’d like to see have representation! Try to keep some parallels with the 5 tropes though. Just transform them into something less stereotypical and more real.




Harry Styles - 2468 words (Requested)


My breathing is harsh, my eyes glancing in my boyfriend’s way every once in a while. It had been awfully quiet during the day, his demeanor not as tense as usual. I wasn’t going to complain about it though, it was relaxing to not have to fight for once since we’ve moved in together. Josh was the perfect boyfriend when I first met him, the real gentleman type that when the doors of the bedroom closed he’d please me in every way possible. But over the course of time, something changed in Josh.

He became rude, disappearing for nights where he would go out with his mates only to stumble back into our shared flat in the late afternoon, reeking of tequila and his shirt completely undone. I have never actually had the guts to ask him if there maybe was another woman, or that maybe he was having some fun with other girls while he was out with his mates, because of the course of time.. I didn’t care anymore.

Whenever something left his lips towards me, it would be a command or he would be yelling at me for whatever reason he thought was necessary at that moment. He stopped taking care of himself, becoming a sleaze that hung around on the sofa all day, drinking beer and complaining about some reality show he had devoted his life to – the life that was once devoted to me.

I sigh out as I drop the towel I used to dry off the dishes, shaking my head as I pass Josh towards our bedroom. I’d let it fall into thin air that tonight was going to be a girls night, something I had been having quite a lot lately, although there wasn’t going to be a girl around. I sit down in front of my vanity, picking up a hair brush and slowly combing through the loose curls I usually sported. I was very thankful about my hair, never once did I have to do much to get it to look great, unlike some of my friends who could spend two hours taming their wild locks.

My make-up still looks okay, so I just dab another layer of lipstick onto my lips and push myself towards my closet in search for that dress he bought me. I said I’d never do anything like this, but somehow I rolled into it and I don’t know what I need to do anymore. It’s more than love, he is just more than a man and I simply cannot let him go.

“Where are you going?” Josh breathes out as I pull my dirty, ratted out shirt over my head, stepping into the dress and zipping it up myself before turning around to grant my boyfriend a glance.
“I told you yesterday, Ally’s birthday was last week so we’re going out for dinner, and later on a girls night at her place.” Of course I had checked with Ally and she reassured me for the fourth time that she would cover for me and I had been with her all night. All my close girl friends knew what was going on, and supported me to the fullest. Mainly because they knew right now I didn’t have another way out.

“And what am I supposed to do?” Josh breathes through his nose and I can see and hear that he is already fed up with me, but I do deserve some time off as well. Sometimes I feel like I’m a maid in this household mainly here to do whatever Josh pleases me to do. “I don’t know Josh, I told you this a week ago.” Mainly because I had already planned to see him tonight. He was back in town for a while and I couldn’t wait to fall into his arms again.

“And now I don’t want you to go. So you’re staying.” Josh growls and I roll my eyes when he can’t see, grabbing a pair of black heels out of the shoe rack and letting them fall to the ground with a loud thud, stepping into them as I grab my purse from one of the vacant chairs. “Y/n, fucking listen to me.”

I stop in front of Josh, trying to keep my back straight, not cowering away from him like I had done many times before when I was actually afraid he would strike me across the face. “I promised Ally I’d be there. I wasn’t there last time, so I’m going.” I recall the last time Josh got angry at me because I was ‘going out again’ and he forced me to stay home. My girls had the time of their lives and I was stuck making sandwiches and bringing beers to Josh and his mates who were gaming in our living room.

My phone buzzes on the table and I’m quick grab it and slide across the screen, his name flashing on the screen.
Where are you? I’m waiting a block down. xx H.

“Why are you smiling like that? Who is texting you?” Josh states before he takes a few big leaps and is over to my side within a few seconds. I lock my phone and push it into my purse without looking, my eyes trained on Josh as I try my best to lie through my teeth without him noticing. “Ally, of course. She said she had the perfect movie for tonight. It’s probably Disney related again.” I shrug my shoulders, turning around and prancing through the hallway towards the exit of this hell hole that had been my home for the past two years.

“What time will you be back?” Josh questions as if he is a lost little puppy without me and I roll my eyes before glancing over my shoulder to see him standing two meters away from me, unshaven, not showered and a disgusting spot on his left leg from something I don’t want to know.
“I don’t know, not that late I suppose. I’ll see you.”

I don’t want to do this anymore and to be honest, I think he knows. We had been keeping it as down low as possible, but I’m certain that somewhere out there, there is a picture of him and me together somewhere during once of our dates. I don’t think he cares. We have fallen out of love a while ago, and are just sticking around, I don’t know, for the sake of it. I don’t know why I keep returning there, or why I don’t just tell him what’s on my liver, but somehow I am scared.

My heels click against the tiles in an almost soothing manner, my brain raking over everything that could go wrong tonight. Harry gave me those cringe worthy butterflies you would normally get when you see your boyfriend. He was a true gentleman, loving, caring and I absolutely loved his humor. But somehow I realize that he is not like me, not even the slightest. I am truly one lucky woman to have met him in the first place and to be where I am this day. And I’m grateful for every single time my phone lights up with his name, when he tells me how much he misses me.

I’m pulled out of my own head as the harsh wind whips at my face, my eyes squeezing shut as I grab the side of the door tighter in my hold, a shiver running through my body. I slide my phone back out of my purse to see if he had texted again but come up empty handed, my pace quick but light as I turn the corner and already see his black Range Rover waiting in the distance. Immediately, a smile graces my lips and I actually think there is a light skip in my step, visibly to anyone who passes me as I pull my purse closer to my body and my coat more closed.

My fingers curl around the handle and as I pull, a wave of heat mixed with Harry’s cologne blows against my face and I think this grin will never leave my features again. I hop into the car, closing the door behind me with the tinted windows before I turn to the handsome man himself.
“I’m sorry, there were some troubles.. I hope you didn’t have to wait long?” I smile as Harry turns his face, his right hand cupping my cheek as he presses his lips softly to mine, breathing against my lips before he retreats just a few centimeters.

“He didn’t strike you again did he? I will murder that son of a bitch..” Harry breathes, his fierce green eyes searching mine for the slightest hesitation as I shake my head no, my own hand raising to rest is against his neck, my thumb trailing over his freshly shaven jaw. “I promised I would tell you if that every happened again, didn’t I?” Harry hums in agreement before he presses his lips to mine again, this time a bit more fierce as his tongue swipes over my bottom lip once before retreating.

“You look wonderful by the way.” Harry winks before he sets the car into gear, afterwards dropping his large, ring clad hand onto my thigh and giving it a squeeze. An immediate blush rushes towards my cheeks, my teeth sinking into my bottom lip as I let my hand rest on his.
“Thank you. You always do.” I grant him a compliment in return and I see the dimples pop into his cheeks, one of my favorite features around him.

“I have a dilemma for you though, love.” Harry turns his gaze towards me for just the slightest second before his eyes are back on the road and he pulls out of the parking lot he was waiting for me in, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he tries to make his way away from my flat as quickly as possible. “And that is?” I breathe, closing my eyes briefly as my fingers toy with one of his rings, waiting for Harry to speak up again.

“Dinner at the blue Olive, or want me to cook something up?” Harry smiles as he turns a corner, his own flat nearing rather quickly. The blue olive was on the other side of town, since he always made sure the paparazzi couldn’t spot him, but tonight, I didn’t feel like dining as expensive as he always reserves. I want to be able to speak with him, unlimited. “Your place.” I nod my head, answering immediately as the sentence had left his lips and he seems surprised by my choice.

“I thought you loved the lasagna in the blue olive?” I nod my head at his statement as Harry pulls into the street where he lives, car easily parked as he hops out to open my door for me. I grin toward him as I let my lips rest on his jaw for the slightest of seconds, letting my dress fall to the ground before I grab my purse. “I do love it there, but I love being able to kiss you just a tiny bit more.” I giggle as I let Harry’s large hand on my back guide me towards the front door, my eyes trailing over the large building in front of me.

“Just a tiny bit? I am offended to say the least.” Harry grin, dimples on full show as he pushes the front door open to let me enter first. I shrug my shoulders as I step over the threshold, turning around as I walk a few steps backwards so I could watch Harry more properly. “You’re not that spectacular, Harry.” His eyes widen and his mouth opens as he stares at me and I fall into a fit of giggles, almost bend over as I try to gasp for air.

“You’re a total bitch, I’m telling you.” Harry groans as me pushes past me, his fingers brushing over my arm before he grabs a hold onto my wrist and pulls me along with him to the kitchen. He turns around so swiftly I can’t even blink before both of his hands cup my face and his lips are on mine again in the most gentle, loving manner. I smile into the kiss, stepping closer to Harry to rest my hands on his chest, rubbing the defined skin underneath the light blue dress shirt.

“What does my lady want for dinner?” Harry winks as he turns towards his fridge, taking a few steps and turning back to see my tap my chin. “To be honest, you have given me a craving of your lasagna, Haz.” Harry lifts his pointer finger in the air, “Aha! Then that is what she shall get. Sit, dear.” He motions his head towards one of the bar stools, grabbing pasta sheets and other necessities out of the fridge, stowing them all onto the counter. “Let me help though.” I state as I pull a glass oven plate out of one of the cup boards, Harry shaking his head with a smile but saying nothing.

“I’ve missed you.” Harry breathes as his arms wind around my waist while I cut up some tomatoes, his lips pressed against the hair on top of my head. “I missed you too H.” I smile as I take another full tomato, sinking my knife into it to cut it in half. Harry’s lips trail from my hair to my neck, lightly kissing the skin there as his hands rub soothing circles on my stomach. I had discarded the floor length dress as soon as I started prancing around for materials, grabbing one of Harry’s shirts laying around to cover just the necessities with. I told him to get me a pair of his boxers half an hour ago, but he won’t listen and keeps grabbing my bum at random moments.

“We shouldn’t have to miss each other.” Harry breathes again and I feel the shiver running up and down my spine, but I hum at his answer. “You mean?” I breathe, dropping all of the chopped up tomatoes into a bowl so Harry could put them into the pot when it was heated enough. I rub my hands on the towel nearby before letting my hands rest on his wrists, loving the way he holds me, his lips pressing to every bit of skin that is revealed to him. He takes some time to answer me though, as if he is anxious as to if what I am about to reply.

My breath catches in my throat and I think I might have actually squeezed his wrists as well as I hear him speak the next words.
“Be my girlfriend. Move in with me.”


I hope you enjoy,
Lots of love,
L. xox

Fanfic recs!

Cleaning out my AO3 bookmarks again, and I’m now down to three pages of bookmarks! Of course, I’ll go check out the new Captain Swan fanfic and will get bumped back up to four pages. Why do all of you have to be so talented? All links are AO3 links, and these are all one-shots or completed multi-chapters. Don’t worry if you don’t see yours, I have plenty of stories that are on my to-be-read list.

A Pirate Comes to Pemberly @mryddinwilt
Years ago Miss Emma Nolan of Pemberley was left heartbroken by the unfaithful Neal Cassidy. Now an older and wiser young woman a chance meeting with the scandalous Captain Killian Jones leaves her determined to not make the same mistake. A OUAT AU fused with Pride & Prejudice where David and Snow are Lizzy and Darcy and Emma is Georgiana. (This is amazing! Not just based on P&P but written in Austen style. So unique and wonderful.)

Possession Is Nine-Tenths – @sambethe
She left and he adjusted. Now Emma keeps poking at the edges of his life and Killian doesn’t know what to do. (If you need more persuasion, this is the prompt she based this on: “yes, i know this is your sweatshirt and that we broke up five months ago but it’s really comfy okay. i totally don’t wear it because like it still smells like you or is the only thing that even remotely feels like home since i moved out. pfft. absolutely not.”)

Definitely Unexpected – @unspoken-and-wild
Emma Swan, self-described “loner, loser, and complicated wreck” takes a much needed vacation from her New York City life by doing a home exchange with Liam Jones, a charming bartender from Brighton, England. She could have never anticipated that what, or whom, she would find on her summer vacation was exactly what she had always been missing. (The Holiday AU, summer style)

Treasure Hunt – @lenfaz
While tracking a missing yacht, Emma Swan, PI is forced to work with a team she’d never imagine working with in the first place.

Drag Me Down – @seastarved
When the world falls apart around their shoulders two souls learn that sometimes, love isn’t enough to fix it. But, in a land torn apart by war, it is the only thing that keeps them alive. A Captain Swan Rival Royals AU.

Give Me Love (Like Her) – @phiralovesloki
How can Killian Jones ask his aggressively aloof neighbor on a date without making her uncomfortable? And how can he ensure that he doesn’t default to having a one-night stand with her? His unusual solution: announce his affections anonymously and hope for the best. Companion piece to With Affection from Killian’s point-of-view. (Here’s With Affection, which you should read first. You won’t be disappointed!)

And two WIPs I’m following right now.

In the Name of the Brother – @tnlph
Killian Jones not only finds out about his father’s death, but about the brother he never knew he had. Rather than let another Jones boy grow up without a father, Killian takes the boy into his life. He’ll do all he can to be the man for his younger brother that his older brother had been for him.

Cupcakes and Snow Balls – @mearcats
It’s been almost a year since her best friend left town after their disastrous hookup. Can Emma and Killian find their way back together?

Unfaithful part 2

Harry Styles - 1889 words (sort of smut?)



After the initial shock had left my body, I relaxed against Harry’s tall frame. I did indeed develop feelings for the man along the way of our friends with benefits, but I never in a million years thought that he would ever feel the same as I do. Harry scrapes his throat, seeing as how it has been quiet for a few minutes while I stood frigid against him but I beat him to it as the words flee from my mouth.
“Are you serious?”

Harry stands up straight again, squeezing his arms tighter around me before pressing a light kiss onto my head. “Of course I am. I thought you felt the same..” Harry trails off, his arms loosening around my waist before he takes a step back and his warm presence behind me vanishes. I am quick to turn around, my hands grasping onto the marble of Harry’s kitchen counter, my eyes trying to search his as he tries to avoid eye contact.

“I do feel the same, Harry. I –“ I’m interrupted by the doorbell chiming through the empty hallways, Harry’s eyebrows furrowing before his gaze catches the time and he gets a look of realization etched onto his features. “The boys wanted to see you again, they said they were coming over.. I kind of forgot to tell you because of –“ Harry motions with his hands towards whatever this is that we were doing right now and an immediate bright smile takes over my features, my hands coming together to clap excitedly.

“I’ve missed them. I’ll go get the door.” I skip past Harry as I squeeze his biceps affectionately, stopping in my tracks in the middle of the doorway. “We’re not done talking about this though.” I wink at him to ease the tension and a small smile graces his lips again as he nods his head, taking the bowl of chopped up tomatoes and adding it to the rest.

Before I can properly open the door, three boys storm through and I am engulfed in hugs and almost squeezed to death. “Hi boys.” I chuckle, patting some backs, whom I don’t know, silently hoping they’ll let me go soon before they squeeze me unconsciousness.
My feet touch the ground again and I smile as Niall comes closer for a kiss on the cheek, Liam winking. Louis has already passed me toward the kitchen to go and say hi to Harry, leaving the other two with me in the hallway.

“We don’t interrupt anything, did we?” Liam smirks as he motions to my outfit and I roll my eyes as I wave them to follow me. “Not at all, Harry ‘s just too lazy to get me proper pants.”
“Give the lady some pants ey Styles. I might not control myself otherwise.” Niall chuckles as he winks in my direction, sitting down on one of the bar stools as I lean against the counter near Harry who throws an arm around my waist, squeezing one of my bum cheeks first. I roll my eyes but grant him a grin, leaning against his large frame. “Lasagna will be ready in twenty mins. You boys interested?” Harry nods to his mates on the other side of the counter, Niall and Louis both nodding, Liam shaking his head no. “I have a date later on, taking her out to dinner.” Liam chuckles and the boys all holler, asking him who she is, how they met, etc.

The boys don’t know about me still living with my boyfriend. They think I’m a really good friend of Harry’s who is slowly but surely growing on him and that’s why I always hang out here. It kind of sucks, having to lie to the boys, but not everyone is as forgiving and understanding as Ally is. Or Harry for that matter. I turn my head, my hip leaning against the counter, Harry large hand resting on my almost not covered bum, my lips pressing against his jaw shortly, one of the boys awing at the sweet gesture.

“You should make it official already.” Louis rolls his eyes with a playful grin on his lips as he takes a sip of the beers Harry had handed out a few minutes prior, a red blush covering over my cheeks as I swiftly gaze in Harry’s direction. Harry’s eyes search mine for a split second before he stands up straight again and faces his mates. “She actually said yes to being my girlfriend before you arrived here, right Y/n?” I bite my lip to suppress my grin as I nod my head, silently agreeing to his statement. I was going to say yes anyway, but I kind of wanted to speak about it later when we were alone.

“Congratulations!” They all chime, Niall giving me a thumbs up and a stupid grin as Harry takes the lasagna out of the oven. The boys immediately dig in and I sit on Harry’s lap as I slowly pick at my lasagna, trying to think of a way to break this to Josh so he won’t murder mine or Harry’s ass. It doesn’t take long after dinner for the boys to be sent off again, making me promise I won’t take as long to show my head around here.

I slowly close the door behind Louis only to be pressed against it roughly by Harry. His large hands cup my bare thighs as he lifts me onto eye level with him before slamming our lips together sloppily. A chuckle leaves my lips as he retreats, his lips kissing their way from my jaw to my neck, immediately riling me up. “Can’t contain yourself?” I breathe, my fingers coursing through Harry’s hair as I give it a light pull, focusing his attention on me instead of letting his cock lead the way.

“Were you genuine?” Harry’s eyes seem to sparkle, his gaze shifting between my mouth and my eyes, awaiting my answer. “Hmm.” I breathe, throwing my head back as I give Harry full access to my neck and cleavage. Harry pushes my body against the door more so he has both of his hands to cup my breasts in his large hands. “I love you, Y/N.” My heart warms and I reopen my eyes, biting my lip as I gaze down, hands resting on Harry’s shoulders before I press my lips to his as feverishly as I can muster.

“Harry, I love you too.” I feel Harry’s erect member press against my knickers covered core,  drawing a moan from my lips, nails digging into his shoulders. His hands cup my bum again as he carries me over to his bedroom, a small light on his bedside table illuminating the room in a beautiful, relaxing way. Harry sits down onto his bed, holding me close to him as I rest on his lap.

My fingers work their way over his buttons, pushing the blue dress shirt off of his shoulders before I push him down onto the bed, our lips catching in a heated kiss again. Harry unbuttons his own shirt that is loosely hanging off of my shoulders, pushing it down and leaving me in only my underwear. It doesn’t take long for Harry and I to be completely bare, naked bodies pressed against one another as hands roam and lips kiss feverishly.

We don’t waste any time on foreplay, and I don’t think the time is suited right now either. Harry hovers over me, licking his lips as he gives me the most loving look I have ever received from any man. I smile as I let my fingers trail over his jaw, pulling him down for another loving kiss as I feel him press into me. A sigh leaves my lips, the breath being caught by Harry’s lips as one of his hands trails over my waist, his movement slowly starting. Harry and I usually liked it rough, moans bouncing off of the walls, nails scratching and begging filling the air. But right now, it wouldn’t be suited. Both Harry and I can feel it in the tense air.

Harry keeps up this slow, but strong thrusting as our lips are locked together the whole time. Shallow breaths leave my lips as my outstretched hands rub up and down Harry’s back, encouraging his slow pace, whispering sweet nothings into his ear, the lobe between my teeth as I gently pull.
Harry groans, his arms already quivering as he buries his face into my neck. I push him down so he is resting on top of me, his pace still the same all together as he heaves against my ear.
“I don’t think I can last long, I – “ Harry breathes, almost feeling sorry for the pleasure he receives but I let a low chuckle leave my lips as I kiss his biceps with a loud smack.

“Let go Harry, don’t worry.” It wasn’t about reaching a high for me, I absolutely enjoyed being with Harry with or without that small moment of bliss. Harry always made me feel like I was walking on clouds, as if I were in Heaven, and this would not change those feelings I already had.
Harry seems to accept my words, his thrusts a little bit harsher, as if he puts all of his emotions into the movement of his hips. It doesn’t take long for him to reach his high, sputtering nonsense against my neck as he still his movements, his body heat keeping me warm as I enjoy Harry so close to me.

A few moments later Harry pushes himself up, a bright grin on his lips as he kisses all over my face. “Do you want me to?” Harry motions his head towards my core and I roll my eyes with a smile on my lips, pushing Harry’s large body off of me. He falls onto the bed next to me with a loud huff and I immediately lay on my side to pull him close again for a snuggle.

“No, I want to cuddle.” I breathe, Harry lifting the blanket so both of our naked bodies would be covered. The hand of the arm I am laying on trails over the side of my waist, towards my hips and thigh before it comes back up, repeating the motion over and over again, letting shivers run over my spine. His other hand raises to toy with my hair, his loud heartbeat slowing to a normal state again as I merely lay there and listen to his shallow breathing.

“You want me to tag along tomorrow to go and get your stuff?” Harry states, fingers threading through my hair as I press my body further into his, loving his heated body and the coolness of the duvet resting on my naked frame. “Please.” I breathe, my outstretched hand rubbing over his chest as I give the skin close to my mouth a small kiss. “Thank you, babe.” I breathe again, lifting my head and letting my chin rest on his tan skin, our gazes meeting as Harry brushes a piece of hair out of my face.“Anything for you, love.” Harry breathes as I let my head fall back down, his humming lulls me to sleep and I know I’ll never be scared to come home again.

I hope you like,

Lots of love,
L. xox


“Louis Tomlinson is so sure newborn son Freddie Reign is his kid, he has no plans to prove it with a DNA test … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Louis and Briana Jungwirth tell us the 1D-er’s always copped to the kid being his ever since finding out Briana was pregnant. They started dating about a year ago and we’re told things were so serious initially, he had zero doubt Briana was unfaithful.

While any lawyer would tell Tomlinson to seal the deal with a paternity test … we’re told he’s totally cool with passing.”



LITERATURE MEME: (2/5) Poets Plays

Othello is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in 1603. This tightly constructed work revolves around four central characters: Othello, a Moorish general in the Venetian army; his beloved wife, Desdemona; his loyal lieutenant, Cassio; and his trusted but ultimately unfaithful ensign, Iago. Given its varied and enduring themes of racism, love, jealousy, betrayal, revenge and repentance, Othello is still often performed in professional and community theatre alike, and has been the source for numerous operatic, film, and literary adaptations.

Re: Tonight’s ep of Agent Carter

On the one hand, it goes against my idea of her character that Peggy–Peggy Carter, who responds to the idea of Steve’s unfaithfulness by shooting him, whose answer to racism is to obliterate it with her fists, who breaks in and kidnaps and commits felonies in the name of good–was ever less than she is now. That there was ever a time when she would have settled for what society dictated for her–that there was ever a time when she would even want to. That she would ever allow her fiance to tell her she wasn’t going to take a job and then listen to him. That she would smooth her edges enough that her own fiance didn’t even suspect that she was a woman who could drink men under the table, lie with the best of them, and not only survive but excel as a spy during wartime.

My idea of women like Peggy Carter is that they came out of the womb fighting and never stopped. That they never bowed to societal pressure like the rest of us–or, if they did, they never stayed down for long. They steamrolled over everything that came in their way and never gave any fucks.

But to think that even Peggy Carter had a period of time in her life that was similar to mine, where she was too frightened to be who she was in the face of expectations and mores, can be inspiring. I often feel that women like Peggy are so far ahead of me that I’ll never catch up, that I’ll never be that badass and confident and self-actualized because I’ve lost so much time trying to conform to society when I should have been learning to be myself. But apparently even Peggy went through that, and at the end of it she came out better, stronger, and fearless. She went through it and became Peggy Carter, who follows her own rule book and meets every obstacle with unstoppable force.

Maybe strong, badass women who give no fucks aren’t born. Maybe they’re made, and they make themselves. If so, what an inspiration to the rest of us.


People are often unreasonable, irrational and self-centered.     


If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.

          BE KIND ANYWAY.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.


If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.


What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.

          CREATE ANYWAY.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.

          BE HAPPY ANYWAY.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten anyway.

          DO GOOD ANYWAY.

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.


In the final analysis, it is between you and God. 


—-  Mother Theresa