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im looking for this fic where dan is a stripper and works at this club and phil comes in with his friends and he keeps coming back to see dan and they start dating. it was on ao3

Come What May (ao3) - (tw) Phil Lester usually wasn’t one to go to strip clubs. But after being coaxed into it by a couple of his friends he meets the ever hypnotizing Greyson Bear(Dan Howell). Easily falling in love with him Phil works to save Dan from the underworld of prostitution.


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Can you do "1" for all your projects?

1. describe the plot in 1 sentence.

Mariam loves Yeshua, but Judah loved him first.

It’s not the fall that kills Icarus after Apollo burns him; it’s the landing.

All the beauty in the world means nothing in a land abandoned from God.

Death’s Kiss
The underworld is never as dark as it seems.

Murderer’s Maze
Monsters are psychopaths in a human skin.

ask me questions about my projects

OKAY HERES THE PEOPLE AND I CAN’T GET PEOPLES IMAGES ON UNLESS YOU GIVE ME THE URL FOR THEM BUT THERES @offical-lord-of-the-underworld @cinnamon-bun-unofficial @mars-bars @the-greek-god-Sol @beefjerkynon-official @barbecue-lays @swedishfish-official @pop-tarts-unofficial @blue-ultramarine @crow-official @unofficialchipsahoy @bagel-official @hot-chocolate-unofficial @glade-unofficial @mttbrand-official @mini-m-and-ms-official @blog-ahuva-herut @almondjoys @cyboy @pillsbury-unofficial @thebabeontheback theres like 3 spaces left so if no one wants to we can start and by we I mean I press buttons and post screenshots AND THE GENDERS WILL BE OFF BECAUSE IT DOESN’T DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN M/F AND I HAVENT CHECKED ABOUT ANYTHING SO YEAH

Okay so you know how ACOTAR is based on Beauty and the Beast with Feyre as Belle and Tamlin as the Beast

And ACOMAF is based on the story of the underworld with Hades and Persephone being Rhysand and Feyre

Well I kinda feel like in ACOWAR is going to be about Rapunzel….with Elain and Lucien…???

Check out Wicked Love’s kickstarter!!

You control Eerie Bones, an eccentric, human woman with plenty of moxie. She mysteriously wakes up in the captivating Underworld city of Tartarus. Without knowing how or why she ended up in Tartarus, Eerie finds out that she must collect the Seven Seals in order to go back home. You will decide Eerie’s destiny as you make difficult choices, solve puzzles, and develop relationships with the denizens of Tartarus. Be ready for plenty of romance, easter eggs, and over 21 different endings. Can you uncover the mystery surrounding Eerie’s fate?

We have 11 days to hit the next stretch goal for two more side characters!

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Nico tensed for a fraction of a second, before realizing Will was talking about Bob."Oh, no. This Is Bob. He's a friend. He saved my life... last time..." Nico's eyes got a glazed quality to them when he thought about the last time he'd been down in the pit, but he tried to hide his discomfort by running a hand through his hair.

“Yeah,” Nico said, following Will out of the cave. “He’s an old friend. He’s gonna help us.” Iapetus took a step forward. “I am Iapetus. This is Small Bob.” The tiny skeleton cat sauntered up to them, rubbing up against Nico’s legs as it ‘purred’. “He likes you,” Iapetus said. “You smell like his home.” By that, Nico knew he meant the Underworld.

Will glanced back at Nico when he faltered, but despite the slight shake to his hands, he seemed calm. Will would still keep an eye on him to be sure though, he was really starting to get worried about Nico. He seemed to already be falling apart when Will didn’t think they had really seen anything too bad. Nico seemed to be overloading on the memories and flashbacks of the last time he was here. It was too much at once and probably frying his senses. Will set a hand on Nico’s shoulder gently, giving him a soft smile. Nico seemed to relax a bit before bending down to “pet” the skeletal cat that rubbed against him. Will shuddered at the sight of it, but bit back any comments. He didn’t want to lose their only help for escape by insulting it’s cat. “Okay… Bob… How do we get to the Doors of Death?”

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Although I am saddend by Animals being on hiatus, I completly understand where your coming from. I am a loyal af Exo-L but Underworld is ah-may-zing and it makes me fall in love with bts and got7 even more!!!

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Thank you for being so lovely and supportive! :)

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I believe Jerome would lose any and all acceptance from his family if he were to pull that on them. Harley and cp would flat out ignore him and J would have to pull the trigger on his own son. WHILE looking him in the eye I might add.

That’s definitely a possibility. They could also use him for something like muscle or use his cunning ways to further themselves in the criminal underworld. They could have the opposite reaction too and be impressed by what he tried to do, knowing full when no one can best the joker, they may get a kick out of it.

Hey everyone, I have not forgotten wholesome-week

I’ve been really busy and I am sorry but to make up for it here’s what i plan to do for each prompt

Parents- prequel Nova vs hang out between the Diaz and The Butterfly’s without the kids.

Culture Clash- Star teaches Marco about the wonderful plants of Menwi while Janna kidnaps Tom because she’s bored and Tom learns not everything on Earth is the same as the Underworld.

Friendship Thursday- 3 generations of friendship and celebrating Thursdays together. 

Interdimensional field trip: Star becomes a tour guide through the dimensions that aren’t Earth. Warning you must sign this wavier to proceed. 

Stargazing- Whose is paying attention to what star? 

Au of choice- Shipping war rivalry gets out of hand and there’s only one way to solve it! PAINTBALL

I will write the next nova chapter and other stuff in between. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND


-“You have no power over me. I am the lord of spirits! The ghost king!” 

-“No.” Nico drew his sword. “I AM.”

So much time since i drew Nico! I had lots of fun with this one hope you all like it as well!

Character Development
  • Me during TaB: Lysandra, you expensive ass ho, get away from ma girl Celaena.
  • Me during EoS: Lysandra, you are an icon of female empowerment. Vote Lysandra for President 2020.