Magic Storyline: “Sorin’s Restoration” by Doug Beyer
In another timeline, the vampire Planeswalker Sorin Markov came to Tarkir with an urgent mission to find Ugin, the Spirit Dragon — and found Ugin long dead. But in this timeline, the world is changed, Ugin is alive, and Sorin’s visit has a different result. This week’s Magic story is “Sorin’s Restoration.” Hope you enjoy.

Haven of the Spirit Dragon by Raymond Swanland


This week’s Uncharted Realms is titled ‘Sorin’s Restoration’.

“Things had been so much simpler when he only had his own world to worry about.”

The Eldrazi were truly free of their imprisonment this time, and there was no way to know what the titans’ hunger would wreak—and yet Sorin was the only one doing anything about it.
—  Sorin Markov, lying about helping people (Source)

midna-of-twilight asked:

I know it's so hard waiting even longer, but think of the reward! The gold at the end of the rainbow! Gaaah just imagine how great the game will be! Plus I can now start saving money in a jar for the release. :)

I’m not at all pissed that it’s getting delayed. Uncharted 4 got delayed but I know that it’ll be very fucking good because of the delay. I’M FUCKING PISSED THAT THEY AREN’T SHOWING ANYTHING FROM ZELDA WII U AT THIS YEAR’S E3! They showed some last year. You can show something new this year. More gameplay, different areas in the game, a story trailer, GIVE US A FUCKING SUBTITLE AND I’LL BE FINE! 

To not show anything at all at this year’s E3 makes me so pissed. 

TUC Appretation Week, Day 1

Prompt: Uncharted 

There are many uncharted things about Luxa that Gregor learns.


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I managed to break out of the demo barrier in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae!

It sounds simple, but it’s not as easy to accomplish. To get Noctis out of the barrier, you have to jump in front of a driving car just as it’s driving into the no-zone. You will then get shoved outside of the barrier (leaving your party behind) to explore the uncharted land as you please. It’s a bit tricky, but it works. Just be careful, as you only have so much time to run around before you get an inevitable Game Over, and then you will just have to load your game and go for it again.

Here are the screenshots I took before I was kicked out of the game of Titan holding up the Astral Shard.

Mustache Corner - Victor Sullivan of the Uncharteds

I’ll make this quick:

I am exceedingly tired. I’d rather be playing yet more Hotline Miami right now and frankly I don’t understand why I decided this would be a daily critique of such a shockingly niche feature of video games.

But we’re here now, so let’s look, once again, at the tache; the marmite of facial hair.

Victor Sullivan, the Sean Connery* of video games is one of the few men to carry an upper lip caterpillar in a manner that doesn’t instantly make my skin crawl so rapidly as to crawl deep inside my body through the anus. That didn’t make a great deal of sense but what I’m trying to say is that Sully’s face fuzz only serves to make him more desirable.

If I wished to sleep with men in their 60′s.

But then it is Sully, so we make exceptions.

My theory of why it doesn’t repulse me is that a mustache of such a creepy caliber really suits Sully. In terms of his personality Victor Sullivan is really Uncharted’s lecherous uncle, and with the tache alongside it the lechery is amplified to a degree that has it march headfirst into the realm of caricature. The mustache makes Sully’s questionable morals so comically exaggerated that they have to be something of an act.

A mustache has made a game character likeable.

God help us all.

But let’s all agree that we would bang young Sully at least, right?

*Minus the questionable and meandering in explanation views on hitting women that Connery purveys. Not to bring seriousness to this tumblr, I just don’t want anyone to think my beloved Sully harbours views like THAT.

Tangerines and flossing. Tolbooth of feelings. Traumatized. Touch is the biggest necessity. Time consuming but worthy Transitions. Titanium arrows. Teeth are meant for baring not cleaning. Trails and Tribulations are older than Yean. Yosemite of human beings. Your guardian angel is closer than you think. Yikes of bewitching pulchritude. Listening. Lined paper filled with permanent scribbling. Legendary. Looking for reasons to keep on Living. Last but never Least. Late is better than never. Ears ringing from deafening silence. Ethereal but not delicate. Eerie pleasing. Earthquakes on a wednesday. Earthly supernatural. Easy can be difficult. Reaching without moving. Roses with thorns and blooming petals. Regions of uncharted space. Real-life miracle. Realizations and working ear drums. Reason number one is your own name.

TYLER Name Series VI