Kara Walker explores the traumatic history of the transatlantic slave trade in her series of six etchings “An Unpeopled Land in Uncharted Waters.” See the whole series in “Represent: 200 Years of African American Art” on view until April 5.

no world,” 2010, by Kara Walker (© 2014 Kara Walker)

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What do you think about the songs that MG choose to the next episodes?

3x17 — A Matter of Trust

This most likely has to do with Dyla. This is the Suicide Squad ep and the wedding. And we know that the SS has always been a point of contention between Digg and Lyla. So I think the trust he’s referring to is from the two of them

3x18 — An Innocent Man

"Public Enemy". Roy in the Arrow suit. Definitely going to be a witch hunt and possibly some perfidy/ruses going on.

3x19 — Surprises

This is the one they just finished/are shooting. For all the “goodbye” spoilers we’ve gotten, I think we are truly shocked by the death, especially how it happens. This is also the “Broken Arrow” ep.

3x20 — No Man’s Land

Hmmm, this one’s interesting. I don’t remember SA’s reaction to this ep, but if the episode is called “The Fallen”, I’m sure this kind of “uncharted territory” type theme might have to do with the fallout from 3x19.

3x21 — The Stranger

Again, another interesting one. Perhaps, continuing the theme of fallout. Whoever gets resurrected by the Lazarus Pit, either has amnesia or is unrecognizable.

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So what looks like the art for Planeswalker Narset she has glowing blue eyes right? And Sarkhan has glowy red eyes? And they sure did seem to be hitting it off in Uncharted Realms! Im not saying planeswalking couple but I am thats exactly what Im saying its the cross-reality soap opera romance I've been waiting for!

I’m all in favor of a Narset/Sarkhan pairing. They can drink tea and talk about how great Dragons are, and how they’re both disillusioned with their life goals.

Prestige Class: Pirate-Lord | "Redemption."

He could still remember the fresh scent of blood drawn by those that fell by his own hands.

Insomnia was a pesky visitor who often reared its ugly head when plagued with cumbersome thoughts that kept him from sweet rest. Over the last few weeks since the triumphant return to Azeroth from the uncharted and savage lands of Draenor, the realization of just how far he had come along since his time spent abroad hit him when the world greeted him with kindness rather than disdain on his return. Two hundred years ago, just the sight of his face alone was enough to cue the whispers from who knew and silent looks from others who heard. There was a reason for his helmet. The reason he hid his face. One simply did not waltz into a city as a wanted man without concealing himself first. For years, this practiced method had kept him a free man, but now it seemed that his recent ‘change’ had unintentionally given him something he did not expect. A new chance at life.

A chance to start over.

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Here are the challenges and a brief summary

Option #1

Zombie Apocalypse Challenge

I would have you guys enter seven other sims to do this challenge with Elliot. Some of them will die please note this! Elliot and her companions will work to find a cure for a disease that’s taken over her usually quiet home town!

Option #2

Midnight Sun Challenge

I would have you guys enter seven other sims to do this challenge with Elliot. They may die they may not I’m not sure yet! Elliot and seven others will ship wreck on an uncharted island, they will have to work together to survive until they can get off the island!

Option #3

Use Her As A Future McCray Spouse

What the title says!

Tomb Raider is free on Xbox Live Gold this month so I decided to give it a go.

The last time I played a Tomb Raider title I was driving a quad bike around a mansion and locking a butler in the fridge.  Needless to say that was some time ago.

I’d heard great things about the reboot series but I wasn’t expecting it to be anywhere near as good as it actually is.

The gameplay itself reminds me obviously of the classic incarnation but with a little Last of Us and Uncharted thrown in and although I’m only about 1 and a half hours in, I’m really enjoying it so far and for free you just can’t go wrong with this title.          

The re-imagining of the iconic Lara Croft is amazing, she’s much more in proportion and no longer makes ridiculous noises when jumping from ledge to ledge.

I’d go as far as to say this version of Lara is one of my favourite video game characters,  she gets everything plus the kitchen sink thrown at her but she gets back up and carries on.

A great digital role model and refreshing to see such a strong female lead once again on our screens.   Lara has always kicked ass but this is major progression in all the right ways.

catching up on uncharted realms and i like to think that each dragon hated each clan for the extra wedge color. Like, Dromoka is abzan minus black and hates them for their necromancy so maybe that’s a trend idk

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hi doug!! reading the new uncharted realms, i felt an enormous amount of sympathy for narset, specifically with reference to the beginning sequence with her as a kid. the restlessness, the sensory overload, the self-distraction with counting and observation - these, to me, heavily code narset as being autistic. i am autistic myself and it would mean the absolute world to me to know that a character in a game i care deeply about is like me, and many other folks. is this something you can confirm?

That was the intent, yes. The most important part of Narset’s character is her amazing mind, which is central to her potential as a powerful Planeswalker and as a pursuer of knowledge — but it happens that she processes information and input differently than a lot of other people. Tarkir denizens might not have a term for the autism spectrum or being neurodivergent or neuro-atypical, but those terms would correctly describe her. In this timeline she is not khan of the Jeskai, but no matter the circumstances, she hasn’t let go of her commitment to seeking her own path to wisdom and truth. Kudos to Creative Team member Kimberly Kreines for exploring this aspect of Narset in her story “The Great Teacher’s Student.”

Tharkay, in every book: “Laurence, you stubborn idiot. don’t do the thing. you can avoid the thing like this. what are you doing. no. stop. Oh god not honor again. why do I even like you. why can’t I just let you deal with your own consequences and go hang out with my birds in peace.


…goddamnit just shut up I’ll fix the situation you created with your ~honor~.”