I always wondered, how much time does women spend doing hair like Nadine have.. I adore her hairstyle, it really suits her. I thought about this and imagined Nadine with wet hair hah ;) 

Recently I read a lot of fanfiction, RafexReader mainly so.. YEAH. That’s what I do! Draw stuff like this and read fanfiction most of my time! ;>

*by the way.. first time i use english idioms.. yes i am completly moron, i don’t know english well so forgive me if i wrote something wrong xd

thewalkingtalkingtrashcan  asked:

I can Imagine Father! Rafe and Mommy! S/O daughter or son being very intelligent for he/she age and instead of playing outside like the other kids, he/she can be found playing "Office" in Rafe's study. (He/She will probably have Rafe's glasses on as he/she scribbles on piece of paper.)

AAWW RAFE’S GLASSES THO BLESS playing ‘office’ omg i’m gonna headcanon that it’s a girl ‘cause like she’s wearing his glasses that are way too big on her face and shes scribbling lil doodles at his desk and she’ll pretend to answer the phone like her father (and sometimes she’ll actually answer it, and rafe will carefully pry it from her fingers and have to explain) - sometimes he’ll work with her on his lap and later he’ll find little doodles on his documents and he can’t even get mad ‘cause it’s adorable

and to get her to go outside you and rafe take her to a park and have a picnic with board games like chess and her and rafe will sit across from one another and it’s the most intense thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life 

and beyond her intelligence she’s just so driven and gives her whole being into anything she does like her father and you have to keep an eye on both of those things (because both of those plus the indefatigable curiosity of a small child is a lethal equation) so she doesn’t make the same mistakes he did  

and rafe loves to pamper her and teaches her how to ride a bike and plays with her as often as he can (she loves legos and rafe will sit her down in the chair across from him at his desk and discuss the lucrative business her dolls/Barbies have started with her) and he hates that he has to travel for business as often as he does but coming home and seeing her in your arms, all curled up on the couch having fallen asleep waiting for him is one of his favourite things in the entire world 

father!rafe gives me a lot of feels ok personally he doesn’t strike me as the type who would want a child but i mean anything’s possible & i don’t really care cause ugh father!rafe is everything i love it sm its so pure