Tharkay, in every book: “Laurence, you stubborn idiot. don’t do the thing. you can avoid the thing like this. what are you doing. no. stop. Oh god not honor again. why do I even like you. why can’t I just let you deal with your own consequences and go hang out with my birds in peace.


…goddamnit just shut up I’ll fix the situation you created with your ~honor~.” 

Under New Management

Sarkhan saved Ugin, and that changes a lot of things on Tarkir. The most direct influence is that the dragon tempests aren’t subsiding. In fact, they’re stronger than ever. Khans of Tarkir showed a world where the clans were able to overtake the Dragons and rule the plane. Dragons of Tarkir is going to be showing the opposite, a world where Dragons rule and clans drool. OK, I lied. The clans won’t drool. Because there aren’t any clans anymore. How did that happen? We found out in last week’s Uncharted Realms, “Khanfall.” But if you didn’t read it or are confused about some of the details, today’s article is going to summarize what happened to the clans.

Daghatar Pledges Service to Dromoka

Daghatar and Dromoka

The Abzan Houses are all about surviving the long game. But they know that the Dragons are better at surviving the long game. No Abzan fighter had ever even scratched Dromoka’s hide. All the families were brought together, each house leader bemoaning the impossibility of victory. Daghatar consulted the spirits of the dead, trapped in his amber mace. Their advice was to take loses without losing strength. Daghatar did just that.

Daghatar rode out to meet Dromoka face-to-face. Some Abzan had already defected her side. Daghatar bargained with the broodlord, saying he would pledge allegiance to the Dragon if she let the Abzan live. Dromoka accepted those terms on one condition: the Abzan must leave their spiritual necromancy behind. Daghatar’s duty was to protect all the Abzan that would ever live. Without joining Dromoka, that number would be zero. He smashed his amber club on the rock, shattering the head and silencing the voices of their ancestors. Most of the clan joined Daghatar and joined Dromoka. The rebellious few Abzan left were wiped out.

Shu-Yun Trades His Life for His People

Ojutai and Shu Yun

In the wake of the increasing Dragon attacks, Shu-Yun called the other khans to a summit. He met with Reyhan, the khan of the Abzan resistence; Tasigur; Alesha; and a solemn Yasova. They discussed the situation at hand, wondering if they could all unite and gain an upper hand on the Dragons. Yasova told of the battle between Bolas and Ugin, the actions of Vol, and the cocoon that preserves Ugin. All but Tasigur agree that they cannot just go kill Ugin, and Shu-Yun tries to support the idea of a balance between clan and Dragon.

And then Ojutai and Silumgar attack. All-out war breaks out, and Shu-Yun knows what he must do. No one person is worth the fate of the entire clan. He speaks directly to Ojutai, offering his own live in return for the lives of his clan. The broodlord agrees, so long as the name “Jeskai” and title “khan” are scrubbed from the scroll and minds of the clan. With a flash of icy breath, Shu-Yun is no more, but his people can live without fear of annihilation.

Tasigur Grovels to Silumgar

Silumgar and Tasigur

Tasigur’s power rested in the dark magic of the rakshasas. In the new timeline, the Sultai struggled more and more against the Dragons. Tasigur is not a brave or inspiring individual, and he quickly lost support of his people. The treacherous Naga colluded with the rakshasa’s to undermine Tasigur’s power, leaving him in charge of a small group of feeble non-Zombie servants and a rag-tag group of ragged warriors. The first khan to give in to the Dragons, Tasigur offered up his throne to Silumgar, finding himself on the wrong end of a devious Dragon’s deals.

Tasigur showed up to Shu-Yun’s meeting in betrayal, having told Silumgar of the summit. When the Dragons attacked the Jeskai monastery, Tasigur slipped out and escaped in the slimy claw of Silumgar. Upon returning to his palace, Tasigur was placed in a golden collar and chains, the prized puppet of the new ruler of the swamps, Silumgar.

Alesha Rides Free with Kolaghan

Alesha and Kolaghan

Alesha favored seeking out and killing the broodlords. She would kneel before no Dragon, a khan thrust into a servant’s shoes. She was against both killing and awakening Ugin, unsure of how the Spirit Dragon would judge the actions of the khans. She narrowly escaped the battle at the monastery, riding back to the plateau to find her people and lead them to war.

During this ride, Alesha was confronted by the great Kolaghan herself. She was racing to greet the whelps that just erupted from the tempest ahead. Alesha and her party drew weapons, and Kolaghan dove right for them. Alesha’s eyes meet Kolaghan’s eyes, and the broodlord peeled off back to the sky. Kolaghan did not want to rule over the Mardu as if they were servants. She wanted to meet with her new children, just as Alesha wanted to reunite with her people. A mutual understanding of live-and-let-live was reached between broodlord and khan.

Yasova Hunts for Atarka

Atarka and Yasova

No khan felt more shame at the summit than Yasova. Her heart hung with total defeat. Kill Ugin and Tarkir tears itself apart. Let Ugin live and the Dragons tear the clans apart. Yasova was lost, unsure what to do next. She narrowly escaped the monastery siege with Alesha, riding back to the Temur in the Qal Sisma Mountains.

Yasova had one last hope. If other khans could ally with the broodlords for the sake of their people, maybe she could too. And Yasova was well aware that the way to Atarka’s heart was through her stomach. Bearing a mammoth carcass as tribute, Yasova offered to hunt for Atarka and her brood so long as the Dragons stop hunting the Temur. The fact that Atarka did not slaughter Yasova then and there was answer enough. So long as the meat arrived, the Dragons’ claws would not fall on Temur flesh.

Dragons of Tarkir

At the end of the day, each khan found a place of peace with their corresponding broodlord. Alesha had it right; the clans aren’t dying, they’re changing. In each case, the clans are giving something up in order to strike a deal with the Dragons. The Abzan gave up their Black-aligned ancestor worship. The Temur are giving up their Blue-aligned desire to adapt and survive in favor of a more feral goal of hunting like animals. I’d say this is a good indication that Dragons of Tarkir will feature ally-color factions.

And we’ll find out more soon enough, planeswalkers, as Dragons of Tarkir preivews begin next week.