Antes de Shipear Wigetta que otra “parejas” Shipeaban ?
Y cual fue su primer Shipeo?

Por mi parte antes del Wigetta yo Shipeaba a Kevin y Eli de la banda de Ukiss. Grupo de Kpop

La primera pareja que shippe fue de TVXQ otro grupo de Kpop, Hero i Yunoh

I find it really sad how disposable Kpop groups are. Not just by their fans but also by the industry itself. It’s like they have an expiration date set on them, where once they’ve been in the industry for a certain number of years, they’re labeled too “old” and just thrown into the sidelines to wither away. They’re not even worthy enough to be invited to award shows because they’ve apparently reached their limit and supposedly not “relevant” enough to the public eye, so they end up being disrespected and forgotten. What’s even more sad is that these so called groups considered irrelevant now are the ones who made Kpop this huge and profitable today, and they don’t even get a quarter of the acknowledgement they deserve.


Y'all better stop sleeping on got7



Dbsk deserves better
Super Junior deserves better
Shinee deserves better
Infinite deserves better
U-kiss deserves better
2pm deserves better
B1a4 deserves better
Btob deserves better
Teen top deserves better
Block b deserves better
Even though these groups have been around for a while, they are in no way irrelevant or flops. They still have dedicated fans who have stayed by them since the very beginning, and they absolutely do not deserve to be disrespected and forgotten like they are now by so many new fans. All of these groups have paved their way to success from pure hard work, and helped make kpop this international so the least we can give them is a little respect.

Not be that fan or anything but I really hope all my boys are having a Good Day™. I hope they’re eating all their meals🍴and laughing with their brothers👨‍👦‍👦 and having fun🎉 while they practice choreo👯‍♂️ and that whatever new music🎶 they’re working is flowing well and that they’re-

Just because a group isn’t popular like they were in the past doesn’t make them irrelevant. People grow out of fandoms, and new generation groups take over because that’s just how it is, but that doesn’t make older generation groups any less influential or loved. Every group has their peak of popularity but they also have dedicated fans who have continued to love and support them since the very beginning. Please keep this in mind before you put down older generation groups.

Late Night Phone Calls (Memory)

“Of course you do.” You say laughing looking up at your ceiling. You held your phone close to your ear as you waited for his response.

“Why not? Since all men are the same.” He quoted what you said to him a couple days ago. You laugh along with him and shake your head even though he couldn’t see you.

“Not all men.” You say turning to your side.

“Oh really? So they aren’t all the same?”

“No….You’re different.” You whisper feeling your face grow hot. You guys have been dating for two weeks but you still felt shy around him. Everything was much different from when you two were just friends.

“I’m different?” He says with a chuckle.

“Yes. Out of all the guys I’ve dated you’re different.” You said smiling to yourself. “I’ve told you the stories.”

“I remember.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you liked me back then when I would cry to you about them?”

“Because you never looked at me the way you looked at them.” You pouted to yourself.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. You’re mine now.” He says chuckling and you smile really big. Silence followed as you both laid there.

“I want to see you.” You mumble and he laughs lightly on the other end.

“You just saw me this morning.” You pout.

“It wasn’t enough…” You whine and he laughs.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault it’s our jobs.” Your work schedules were different so it was hard to see each other during the week. You guys tried to meet each other in between and even try to talk on the phone or FaceTime late at night. Sometimes when he was free you would be sleeping or the other way around. But you guys always made it work and tried to spend a lot of time together on the weekends.

Silence followed as you laid in bed.

“Are you tired?” He asks.

“No.” You lied not wanting to cut the time with him short and he chuckled.

“Stop lying. You have to be up at 5am and it’s…” You heard shuffling on the other end. “1am.”

“But I’m not tired.”

“Good night.” He says laughing and you laugh along with him.


“I’m hanging up.” He continues laughing.

“No please don’t.”

“Ah don’t use please…you know that gets me.” You laugh.

“You should’ve never told me.” He laughs and you smile.

“If I sing for you, will you go to sleep?” You smile even bigger and turn to lay on your back. Now he was using your weakness against you.



“I promise.” He chuckles.

“Hold on one second…..Let me just get my guitar.” He says and you wait patiently.


Baby Asher playing with Papa Dongho’s face <3