I rmr in elementary school I thought I had a crush on someone bc like that’s what kids do ?? and then I had a moment of panic and felt rly guilty bc I was like “what if having a crush is haram???” so I asked my mom if liking someone was haram and she told me “pyaar hai na? pyaar kabhi b haram nahi hota hai” (basically love is never haram)

and so now when I think about all of the ways that people are made to feel ashamed of who they love, I think of that moment. love? love can never be haram.

  • good: critiques of mass effect andromeda based around its poor handling of sga and specifically male/male romances
  • bad: critiques of mass effect andromeda based solely around "lol her face funney"
  • ugly: "mass effect andromeda is a bad game because i don't think these female characters are hot and fuckable enough"