Welppppp, my ovaries are officially gone…. asdfghjkl;* ~ ! ! ! uff

And there you have it 19 year old Stefán slaying our lives away!

He’s literally perfect, I can’t.



After many fights, wars and death between supernatural creatures and humans, they - the Descendants -  started to categorize the world population in a new hierarchy. Alpha for every supernatural being, Beta for the humans and Omega was the name for A.I.’s and any kind of unwelcome hybrid forms.
A new social reform, in which Alphas and Betas lived separated for their own good, while Omegas had no real place to be, when they didn’t sold themselves and their service. 


I still need to work on that idea, ha… some kind of Blade Runner AU, it was my inspiration. But at least the artwork is finished.