崖の上のポニョのあのシーンにイニDのBGMを加えてみた#崖の上のポニョ 〜 マサクロ

I tried adding Initial D’s background music to that scene in Ponyo #ponyo 〜 マサクロ

A referendum is not a legally binding contract

Okay so I know I’ve been speaking about UK politics a lot at the moment, but it is quite important. Yesterday’s referendum is not necessarily a legally binding contract and can be over turned by the government, with enough encouragement and public support. Less than 24 hours after the decision to leave the EU was announced we are already seeing the negative repercussions such as the pound sterling dropping to its lowest value in over 30 years, and representatives from the Leave campaign have already told us they cannot provide what they promised.

However, there is an official open petition calling for a second referendum due to the fact that less than 60% of the country voted for this outcome, and in light of the consequences we’ve already seen many people have changed their minds and now would rather remain a part of the European Union.
You do Not need to be 18 to sign, you just have to be a UK citizens or resident. Even if you’re neither of these things please reblog this so other people have to opportunity to sign