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I need Ziam in a writing session and first kiss whilst the other boys have fallen asleep.

“Do you think we should wake them?” Liam whispers, eyeing the sleeping boys on the couch.

“Nah,” Zayn says, shuffling closer to him. He looked so soft and comfortable, dressed in oversized sweats and a beanie that Liam swears is Harry’s. Zayn leaned into Liam’s side where they were sitting on the floor, backs against the couch, a lovely warm presence by his side. Liam tried not to think about how good it felt.

“What do you think of this?” Liam murmurs, pointing at his lap top screen.

Zayn looks up at him hopefully. “Sing it for me?”

“Okay,” Liam says softly. “Baby tell me what to change, I’m afraid you’ll run away, if I tell you, what I’ve wanted to tell you.”

“Sounds good,” Zayn says. He’s blinking slowly, but Liam’s not sure whether it’s because he’s tired or something else. Zayn bites his lip gently. “Really good, Liam.”

Liam would blush if he was paying more attention. He was too busy staring at Zayn’s lips.

Zayn was watching him quietly now, eyes a little wide and gorgeous in the dim light. His body was curled towards Liam, chest against Liam’s ribs, feeling so small and yet consuming Liam with just one look. Liam really wanted to kiss him.

“Thank you,” Liam says eventually, voice barely a whisper. He tries to gently clear his throat, but finds he can’t get rid of the lump that’s formed.

“You’re welcome,” Zayn says quietly. He blinks his eyes slowly, lashes casting gorgeous shadows on his cheeks. “You’re really amazing Liam.”

Liam doesn’t miss it when Zayn’s eyes drop to look at Liam’s mouth. Liam swallows thickly, unable to keep his eyes off the bow of Zayn’s lips, their soft curve and plumpness. They’re soft and pink, bottom lip looking slightly swollen from being bitten too much.

Liam really wants to kiss him.

Liam only allows himself to move in a few centimetres, letting Zayn pull away and break the spell he held on Liam if he needed to. Liam really hoped he didn’t. Liam hoped a lot of things.

Zayn doesn’t pull away. He inches in slightly closer, so they’re only a breath a part. They lock gazes. Liam feels like he might drown in the amber swirls in his eyes, the way they beg Liam to come closure but are also hesitant, scared of ruining a good thing, just like Liam is.

But he needs to try. He has to. He can’t continue on pretending that he doesn’t feel this way.

Liam drops his gaze purposely to Zayn’s lips and then back up again; a question. Zayn doesn’t move closure, but he licks his lips and lets out a soft, gentle breath. Liam hopes to god he’s not misreading the signs when he leans in.

Liam promises his lips gently to Zayn’s, swallowing the small nose Zayn made. Zayn was soft and warm against him, and gave Liam the same feeling he got when he had his first coffee in the morning. Liam raised a hand slowly until he could gently cradle Zayn’s cheek, revelling in the feeling of soft skin covering a lovely, sharp jawbone. Zayn tilted his head a little, mouths sliding more firmly together. Liam’s breath hitched in response. He could feel his heart beating rapidly, but it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered when Zayn felt so nice against him.

Liam pulled back after a moment, when he thought the shake of his hand might ruin the perfect, silent moment. He rested his forehead against Zayn’s, taking a breath.

There was a slight twinkle in Zayn’s eyes when he fluttered them open. “Hey,” he says softly.

“Hey,” Liam whispers back. He quirks a smile. “You taste like bubble-gum.”

There were crinkles in Zayn’s eyes when he smiled, grinning up at Liam in amusement. Liam couldn’t help but tilt his head to kiss him again. This time, neither of them were hesitant. Liam thinks it feels like coming home.

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This isn't hate (scouts honor) but I just don't understand, if Harry and Louis love each other so much, why would they go through so much trouble to hide it during concerts. People say management & I get it during interviews but what is managment going to do during a concert? Stop the show if Louis and Harry Interact or talk? I'm honestly confused. I believe they're RBB and SBB but if they're taking time to reach out to shippers thru bears, why not be more defiant during concerts?

I mean

I don’t know. I have no idea what kind of discussions or amendments to their behavioural clauses have occurred. There’s clearly a distinct shift in their loose body language during the UAN era to the stiff self-preserving body language of WWA, but 

I would be guessing or lying if I told you I knew why they had to resort to elaborate tableaus with gay teddy bears to reassure people that they are indeed still in love. So yeah

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hello. I wanted to say that I love your cosplays and that you are all really cute! Also, are one of you trans? just curious because I am and I've wanted to cosplay lars and I saw your video for Lars♥Sadie and all i could see was Trans Lars... It's cool if your not, i just thought maybe we'd have something in common. THANKS!!!!!♥♥♥♥

Wow! Thanks for your compliments!!! Several of our members are trans actually! Moth, Sunflower and B-Boy are all trans and we’re so glad you got that interpretation from our Larsadie video because we were totally going for trans Lars headcanons!! The friend that was Lars in that video is Trans himself so it’s awesome to hear we accomplished that!

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One of my most favorite and damning moments was during the UAN tour and they were asked what their favorite ride was at Disney and HARRY LITERALLY SAID TO LOUIS, "You were mine" or whatever the hell it's worded.... I am so floored whenever I think of that.

remember louis smug face after harry told him that 😊 - b

send me your favorite larry moments

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God I had no idea that Zayn was like that . Well I did i mean it's obvious he's a nasty fuckboy but still I had no idea that happened to your friend like how did she deal with that situation?

She met them backstage because she’s a buyer for Claire’s and they sponsored their Chicago show for UAN so she got to take her cousin to the show and backstage and, at the time she was 28 (Zayn was 19 I think, may have been 18). She walked in and heard Harry say she was hot to Zayn (She is. She’s literally a perfect blonde) and then Zayn went out loud so she could hear “I’m single” (He wasn’t and she knew he wasn’t). She ignored him and took a picture with them then went to her seats. She had like 9th row or something. Preston came over between them and the opening act and pulled her to the side and told her Zayn wouldn’t let him leave without her number and she said no. Preston wouldn’t let her go back to her seat. She told Preston she was 28 and Zayn was too young and she wasn’t interested. He legit would not let her go back to her seat without giving him her number for Zayn. So she did it so she could leave. He called her at like 2am trying to get her to come to his hotel and she said no. They stayed in Chicago for like 2 days or something after their show I can’t remember it was so long ago but he called, text and skype’d her repeatedly over that time. She kept saying no. Thats when he pulled Harry’s name into things. Said she could bring a friend for Harry. That they’ll just watch a movie. She called him out for Perrie and he said he was going to dump her when he got home (he stayed with her like 3 years longer). She said he got hard on Skype so she hung up on him. He started to woo her and win her over because he’s a good looking rich english guy who was saying all the right things and she’s human. They went to Mexico after and he told her the patented “My phone wont work while I’m there but Ill call you when I’m back”. Told her she really meant something to him and he wanted to fly her out to places to be with him. Also asked her if she knew a good drug dealer in Chicago to which she told him he was an idiot for asking a relative stranger for drugs. He left after promising her he’d be in touch, fly her out, leave Perrie etc etc etc. She never heard from him again. But she has some pretty hilarious Skype screen caps and text screen grabs. He’s an idiot. And I don’t normally blast celebs or tell stories on them but he’s such a lying manipulative moron that he deserves it so don’t care.