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How would the hyung line go about asking for your number? :-)

sorry, I’ve been so MIA but I’m trying to enjoy my summer as much as I can ><”

Mark: He wouldn’t blatantly ask, he’d try to ask for it in a casual way. I could see him as the type to wait for an opportune moment to ask for it, especially if he had a class with you. “Hey… I was absent last week, do you think I could borrow your notes?” you’d ask him. “Ah, I actually left them at home” he’d lie as the notes sit right there in front of him, “I can send you pictures of them when I get home” he’d offer. “That’d be awesome!” you’d light up. “Cool, what’s your number?” he’d ask casually as he pulls out his phone, unlocking it to enter your number.

JB: JB would try to make it seem very casual, especially if you were just conversing. “You’ve never been to _______?!” he’d ask in surprise. “Nope, never” you’d sigh. “You have to go, it’s super cool” he’d reply. “Maybe I will some day” you shrugged. “Gimme your number, I’ll take you sometime” he’d casually whip out his phone, handing it to you to enter your number. He’d be super sly about it so he can not only get your number, but attempt to ask you out as well.

Jackson: I’m sure we’re not surprised here, but Jackson would be the most blatant about it. There would be no hesitation. If you’re talking to him and you’re about to leave, he’d take it as the perfect opportunity to get your number. “Well, I gotta get going, my ride’s here” you’d say packing up your belongings and bidding farewell to your group of friends. “Oh, really? Okay, I’ll walk you out” he’d offer up, already standing up before you could refuse, “So, would you mind if I got your number? You know, so we can do this again sometime… but just us two?” he’d ask as he walks beside you. You’d just smile and blush before responding, “sure”.

Jr.: Jr. would be a little sneaky, clever one. I can see him plotting something to find the perfect way to get your number. “Y/N! Smile” he’d say out of nowhere as he plops down next to you on the bench. As if it were a reflex, you’d smile as he snaps a selca of you both. “How does it look?” you’d ask. He’d pull up the picture and show you. “Oh, it’s nice!” you’d say. “Isn’t it? Here, I’ll send it to you and you should post it on your SNS” he’d smile, “What’s your number?” he’d ask, ready to type it in.