This Woman Here Is My ❤️. My Mommy, My Ummani 어머니 🇰🇷…. 67 years of Life, 38 years of Marriage and counting as a military wife, 3 kids, 6 grandkids, loss of both her parents, loss of her twin as a child, loss of her only son 4 years ago, left her native country of Korea without knowing English but now speaks 4 languages fluently, & she sacrificed a successful signing career for her family… She’s the strongest and most loving woman I know. She deserves the Best of This World and Ima make sure she gets it. I love my earth angel 😘😘 나는 당신에게 엄마 사랑 (I Love You Mom) #BlackDontCrack & #AsiansDontRaisin 😂😂 #KimchiGyrls #ShouldaProbablyCombedMyHairThisDay lol, #SheDoesntSmileMuchAnymore 😔#SheMissesHerBaby #iMissHimToo 😢#SheHatesPictures 😒 #ButSheWuuubbsMe 😁, #WeWereTwinzies 👯 #ShesMyRider #ShesGangsta 👊

okay kids this post has been a long time coming but here we go; today im gonna talk about the very fine line between taking inspiration and flat out stealing from someone’s work. 

taking inspiration is something beautiful, its noticing that someone’s work is amazing enough to make you want to change the way you do things. from the colouring of something to the style of someone’s coding.   taking inspiration means you take a element of their work and put it in yours but stealing is doing this extremely and continuously without asking permission or consent from the original maker. i know what crosses everyone mind — they won’t notice, they won’t mind. people always notice and people always mind. what does this feel like? it feels like our identity, our originality, it being stripped from us and there’s nothing we can do. the worst part is when approaching them about it and they get defensive and suddenly we’re over reacting.  no. this has to stop.

folks please ask permission from whomever you gonna change your style to. it plain manners and respect. and when it comes to tags, headcanons —– copying and just rewording things 100% stealing and most defiantly requires permission. 

i make it my goal to message people and i’ve never gotta a no. if you do and then ask you will get a no, thats like stealing money then spending it and then asking if you could borrow that money. if you’re nice and ask then im sure 99% of the time people will say yes. people are kind if you are. 


“My lady.” Theon could not bring himself to call her Arya and dare not call her Jeyne. “No need to hide. These are friends.” The furs stirred. An eye peered out, shining with tears. Dark, too dark. A brown eye….Even so, he knelt beside her, pulled down the furs, touched her cheek. “You know me. I’m Theon, you remember. I know you too. I know your name.


Wednesday is here and with it comes Darling Bromance Day 27!!!

*credit to Donmarwarehouse.com, Broadwayworld.com, Independent.co.uk, Telegraph.co.uk, and Imgsoup.com for pictures*

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