honestly you can’t just keep making the same mistakes again and again hoping that one time it will eventually work out. bad habits don’t magically disappear. you have to make conscious efforts to make improvements in your life, and when you notice ritualistic bad habits, you can’t just hope that next time will be the time you finally succeed. if you’re doing something wrong, fix it!!! if you see the same thing happening over and over again, take it as a sign! it is rare for these things to unravel by themselves, so figure out what the root of the problem is and do what you can to fix it!!!

a concept: yuuri discovering that his fiancé’s been wearing reading glasses and looks damn good in them 😳(even though yuuri sorta denies it) (redbubble)

unpopular opinion but on posts where wiishu says she has good news, that doesn’t necessarily have to be 1.) a baby or 2.) engagement. women can have more news than what’s up with their uterus or marital status. women can have news outside of their romantic relationships. women’s worlds don’t have to revolve around a man. women can stand on their own.