My wish from this fandom

My wish in this fandom: for y’all to willingly love Scott and appreciate him as much as I do. 

Not only is Scott McCall a beautiful fucking human being that deserves the best in the world, but he is also a biracial Latino lead that’s raised by a single mother who battles every stereotype about toxic Latina characters. He respects women, not afraid to be emotional, selfless, person that is such a beautiful person that’s defies stereotypes of typical Latino characters that are typically portrayed in TV shows and movies. I love that boy with all my life and I am tired of y’all not appreciating how amazing he is. I will NEVER love a character as much as I love him. He juggled being a werewolf, alpha, death, responsibility, saving lives, love, school, and he is now on his way to becoming a vet in UC Davis, a college he never thought he would be in. Please, he IS the MAIN character of the show and deserves all of your attention and love.