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Imagines dedicated to the TV Show, Teen Wolf. -Requests Open- I am mainly going to be writing Scott, Stiles, Derek, Liam, Isaac. I might also do the actors...

I walked to the set doors holding my pass up, that was around my neck to the security. “Ruff weekend?” One asked, with a laugh.
“You could say that” I mumbled while sipping my coffee. I was at a hen do at the weekend and it also didn’t help I had to be here for half 5 in the morning. I also can’t remember what actually happened but I know I texted Tyler and I was getting worried about it.

“Morning.” Jeff said to me as I walked to the trailer. “Long weekend?” He asked.
“You could say that, my friends hen do was the other night, she came over from England because I couldn’t get away from work” I explained.
“I would of let you if you had asked” he said.
“I know but I need money to go over there” I said with a little laugh. I did miss home but I loved my job too much. He gave me a sympathetic smile and I carried on walking.
“Hey” Alice said as I walked into the trailer. She does the makeup and I’m in charge of wardrobe.
“Hey” I mumbled, “I’m so worried for today” I admitted to her, she was one of my closest friends on set beens we spend all day together.
“About the texts? Yeah I heard” she said, while organising her makeup.
“What?” I said, dropping my stuff on a chair.
“Tyler asked me for ‘advise’” she said and made air quotations around ‘advice’.
“What- why- what did he say?” I stuttered out.
“It’s not my place, y/n” she sighed. I tutted and decided to leave it. She wasn’t going to tell me no matter what I said.
“What are we doing today anyway?” I asked her, taking off my coat and putting it in the corner with my bag.
“I have no idea, actually. I was meant to talk to Jeff” she said, rubbing her face with her hand.
“I just seen him as well, I could of asked” I sighed. “I’ll go and find him. If you like?” I asked. I looked past him and saw Tyler standing in the doorway.
Alice looked behind her and said quickly, “nope, I’ll go!”, then sprinted out the door.
Tyler walked in and stood there awkwardly. “I don’t know what scene were doing so you might as well go to your trailer and relax for a bit” I said, turning to mess around with the clothes on the racks, trying to look busy.
“I know, I wanted to talk to you.” Tyler said.
I paused my movements, “what about?” I asked, even though I knew.
“Those texts the other night” Tyler said, I felt him move closer.
I spun around to face him and he was a lot closer than I thought and I stumbled back, but he caught me before I fell, “erm right yeah I was drunk and I think my friends took my phone…” I trailed off, I was a bad liar.
“You knew what you were doing” he said, I nodded.
“I didn’t mean it, I regretted it straight after… The second text”
Tyler laughed, but it sounded disappointed, “I don’t want this to effect our work. I need this job. I’m about to loose my flat” I rushed out.
“Your about to loose your flat?” He asked. I nodded, I was I just couldn’t afford it anymore, “how about you move in with me? I mean we know each other pretty well and it won’t be weird” he said.
“Nah it’s okay”
“No I want to, if you can’t afford it you’ll be put out soon” he said, trying not to sound too harsh.
“I know, I have until the end of the week…” I trailed off. I then thought for a moment, “could I? I won’t get the money by the end of the week”
“Yeah of course! We could get your stuff later” he said, smiling widely.
“Yeah okay, cool. Thank you, I really appreciate it” I said, smiling.

That Afternoon.
“Tyler, please, just one normal picture please” I said. Tyler was messing around and before I changed his outfit I needed a picture of the one her was wearing, but he wouldn’t do a normal picture. Today, Alice found out we weren’t even shooting, we were trying different outfits and makeup for new episodes. Today we had Tyler and Dylan S in. They were a nightmare. I sighed, “Dylan stop and go sit back in your chair. Alice! Can you control Dylan please” I said. She laughed and so did Tyler and Dylan. I glared at Tyler. “You are meant to be an adult! Just stop and take a normal picture please” I huffed.
“Okay, alright. I’m sorry” Tyler said and stood up, placing his hands to his side and kept a straight face.
“Thank you, okay 1,2,3” I said, as I took the picture Tyler collapsed into his chair, sticking his legs out and Dylan’s head was in the top of the frame.

I huffed again “Tyler!”. They laughed and I walked away to the clothes to sort out the next outfit.
“I’m sorry” Tyler said, walking up to me.
I shoved the next outfit to his chest, “change” I said and turned back to the racks of clothes to find Dylan’s. I turned around and covered my eyes, “Tyler! Not here! Put your clothes on” I shouted.
“What?” He asked and I looked at him, he was standing there holding his hands out in only his underwear. I averted my eyes, “oh come on y/n if we’re gonna be living together you’ll probably catch a little more than just me in my underwear” he laughed.
“Can you just put your clothes on. I want to get home at some point today” I said, ignoring his comment.
He huffed and I heard him shuffle with the clothes so I thought it would be safe to look. I was right and he had his trousers on now. “I don’t know what episode that’s for, I think it might be for five” I said, leaning past him, having to balance myself by placing my hand on his bare chest while the other reached for the fake blood. “Alice is busy with Dylan so I might as well do it” I said to him. “Put your shirt on then” I said.
“Can’t I wait until you’ve done the blood?” He asked.
“Then it will go on the tshirt when you put it on” I said, waiting for him to put it on.

At Tyler’s House.
“Thanks so much for this” I said, my mouth full of pizza.
“It’s okay, we spend a lot of time together anyway so…” Tyler said, reading through the script and eating the last slice of pizza.
I was about to say something but my phone began to ring. “Hello” I said.
“Y/n can you do wounds?” Alice asked.
“Erm, yeah why?” I asked. I had done a lot of training in makeup, it just wasn’t my job on the show.
“I need you to do that one on Scott where he can’t heal, I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it tomorrow morning and were filming that first” she explained.
“Oh right okay… Is everything okay?” I asked.
“Yeah fine, just got to see my brother that’s all” she said.
“Oh right, well I’ll see you tomorrow” I said.
“Yeah, see ya. Good luck” Alice said and hung up. I sighed and tossed my phone on the sofa.
“What’s up?” Tyler asked, closing the script but keeping his finger to mark where he was.
“I have to do you wound in the scene tomorrow, but I’m really shit at copying people’s work” I said.
“You can practice if you want?” He said.
“You sure?” I asked. He nodded and took off his top.
I rolled my eyes, “any excuse to take your top off” I joked, getting up and taking the empty pizza box to the kitchen and going to my new room to fetch my makeup suitcase. I jumped when music started blasting through the house. “Tyler!” I shouted as I walked back to the living room. “Do you want to give the neighbours a heart attack?”
“No, it’s just too quiet” Tyler said.
“Can you turn it down a bit? I need to concentrate” I said. I was terrible at copings other people’s makeup wounds because I didn’t do it myself, probably one of the reasons why I’m wardrobe and not makeup. He reached to turn it down, “thanks” I said and added, “why don’t you run over some lines while I do this?” I suggested. I knew he’d just be staring at me if he wasn’t doing anything else.
“Alright” he said, sounding disappointed, grabbing the script. “How long haven’t you been able to pay your rent? If you don’t mind me asking”
I laughed, taking out my making up and placing it on the table, “since my roommate left without a word… I actually hated her” I said.
“Why did you have her as a roommate?” Tyler asked, as I wiped his stomach, so the make up would stay.
“I liked her at first, plus I needed the money if I wanted to stay on Teen Wolf-
“Yeah I’m glad you did” he whispered, interrupting me and distracting me. As if wiping his torso wasn’t distracting enough…
I shook my head to get the distracting thoughts out of my head and continued “But then she partied too much and lost her job, I have no idea where she is”
“Oh right. Well now you don’t have to worry” Tyler said, moving his arm a little, as if he wanted to hug me but realised it would be awkward.
“I’m still gonna give you some money, it’s the least I could do” I said, reaching for the brush to begin and grabbed the picture.

2 Hours Later.
“Have you do yet? I’ve read through the script at least ten times!” Tyler complained, he was starting to fidget and danced occasionally.
“Yeah nearly, hang on” I huffed, “you know if you stopped fidgeting it wouldn’t of took so long”
“You know I think you just wanted an excuse to get my top off” Tyler said and winked at me.
“You offered, you just can’t keep your clothes on” I said.
“I just feel more free” Tyler said, holding out his arms.
“Yeah right” I mumbled. “I think I’m done, let me take a photo” I said and quickly took one before Tyler moved. “Hang on!” I grabbed Tyler’s arm before he walked away, probably to wash it off. I pulled him with more force than I thought and we bumped chests. After making eye contact, I saw something in his eyes that I couldn’t put my finger on, just as he was about to cup my face I rushed out, “do you think these look similar?” Holding my phone up and the picture.

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by tylerposey

Alec smiled – the smile that took over his whole face and made his eyes crinkle, the smile that could light up any room, Magnus’s favorite smile – and Magnus forgot why he was even upset in the first place.

He was suddenly hit with the realization – well, maybe not suddenly because now that he thinks about it, he’s pretty sure he’s been feeling this way for a long time now – that he was in love.

Words: 1239, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bDYIsj
You're Not a Monster ; Scott Imagine; Teen Wolf - Wattpad
Imagines dedicated to the TV Show, Teen Wolf. -Requests Open- I am mainly going to be writing Scott, Stiles, Derek, Liam, Isaac. I might also do the actors...

I was walking through the woods watching the leaves move as I walked, “sorry” I said as I bumped into someone. I looked up.
“Oh it’s okay. I wasn’t looking where I was going” The girl said. “Your y/n, right? Stiles’ cousin” She asked.
“Yep that’s me.” I said awkwardly.
“I’m Allison” she said and stuck her hand out.
I shook it and said “Stiles told me about you, nothing bad or anything” adding the last bit as she looked a little confused.
“He didn’t tell us you were already here” she said as we walked through the woods.
“He doesn’t know. Sheriff picked me up, he had to go back to work so I thought I’d go for a walk"I explained. Truth was I didn’t want to stay in the house on my own.
"Well it’s nice to finally meet you” she said.
“Wow” I said as we came across a collapsed building. I looked at Allison, “let’s go in” I said and dragged her to the door, that was still attached, surprisingly.
“No. I think we should call Stiles” she said, trying to pull me back.
“Stiles would just say to go in anyway but call him if it’ll make you feel better” I said to her, stopping in front of the door.
“I’m going to ring Stiles!” Allison said and stood in front of the door so I couldn’t go in. I rolled my eyes and she took her phone out and held her phone to her ear. “Hi, can you come to the woods…” Then she whispered something down the phone I couldn’t hear.
“Allison. Why do we have to wait?” I asked.
“Because someone called Derek Hale used to live here.” She said, placing her hand on my arm.
“So? I doubt he’s here now. Look at the place!” I said. She gave me a look to say ‘just wait’. I huffed and sat on the stairs that led up to the door. Allison took a seat next to me.

20 Minutes Later.
“What’s taking him so long! He has a car!” I complained.
“Allison!” Stiles shouted.
She stood up and shouted “over here!”
Once he came closer I stood up and ran to him, jumping to hug him. He feel backwards due to the shock and I laughed at the notice he made. “Y/n, when did you get here?” He asked as we stood up.
I wiped the leaves off my jeans, “no that long ago, your dad picked me up”
He tutted as we walked up to the house, “I wanted to pick you up. If your staying, I need to fill you in on a few things” he said, glancing at the guy who was near Allison.
“Is that Scott?” I asked.
“I still can’t believe I’ve never met your best friend” I said and ran to Scott. “Hi! I’m y/n” I said, happily.
“I’m Scott, but you knew that” he said.
I smiled and looked from Allison to Stiles to Scott. “Are we going in then, or…?”
Stiles nodded and looked proud. I ran up to the door, “wait y/n! Slow down!” Scott shouted. What is with these people, I thought, are they actually scared of a house?
I ignored him and walked in.

Scott’s POV
“Wait y/n! Slow down!” I shouted but she was already in the house.
“She reminds me of you” Allison said to Stiles. Stiles just followed y/n into the house. “How come you’ve never met her before?” Allison asked, we were walking a little slower.
“I don’t know. You’d have to ask Stiles” I said as we reached the door. We heard a scream and Allison and I ran in. Only to find y/n laughing her head off and Stiles flat out on the floor. “What are you doing on the floor?” I asked as Stiles stood up.
“Somebody thought it would be funny to jump out at me” Stiles huffed.
Y/n continued laughing, “you should of seen your face!”
“I hate you” Stiles mumbled, walking out the room, Allison followed.
“No you don’t!” She shouted to Stiles. He grunted in response and then silence fell between us.
“So how long are you staying here?” I asked her as she looked through the room.
“For a while” she said, her heartbeat had quickened when she was asked that question.
“Is something wrong?” I asked, listening to her heartbeat.
“Nope, everything’s fine” she said, she was lying. I should ask Stiles.

Back at Stiles’ house // Scott’s POV
“Well that house was disappointing. I was hoping there was a ghost or something there” y/n complained as we walked into the front door, “Allison seems nice” she said, “but you all seemed to be hiding something” she added and I looked at Stiles. She didn’t know about the werewolf thing, I think we should tell her but Stiles doesn’t want to. Y/n shrugged and walked to her room.
“We should tell her” I said, when she reached the top of the stairs. Stiles didn’t say anything, “what?” I asked.
“My dad just text me telling me to keep an eye on her, I know the reason she’s here” Stiles said, he looked like he was going to cry.
“Okay, why is she here?” I asked.
“Her mom died the other week, she was a sheriff too” he explained, “so I think we might need to tell her about everything… She’s staying here Scott, she’s got nowhere else to go”

Your POV
“Hey” Scott said and I looked up from a photograph I was holding. I smiled, “what’s that?” He asked, walking to my bed and sitting next to me.
“My mom and dad, he’s not around anymore” I said, I always felt like I had to tell people my dad wasn’t, or never was, around. “You know about my mom don’t you?” I asked.
“Yeah, Stiles is downstairs, he wants to talk to you” Scott said.
“Why didn’t he just come up here?” I asked. Scott shrugged, I let out a laugh and stood up, walking downstairs. I liked Scott he was nice, I’ve only heard stories of what him and Stiles got up to. “So what do you wanna talk about? Stiles?” I asked, trying to find him. “Stiles?” I asked again walking around the house, “Scott!” I shouted. He was by my side in minutes. “Where’s Stiles? This isn’t funny” I said to him, but he looked just as worried as me. “Do you feel like someone’s watching you? Or is it just me?” I whispered. He glanced at me and we turned, coming face to face with a lizard. A very big lizard. “What the hell is that!” I shouted.
“It’s really hard to explain. Just go!” Scott shouted and changed. Like physically changed. I fell back me the lizard leaped forward to attack me but Scott jumped over me to protect me.
I looked to my right not wanting to look and I found Stiles flat out on the floor. “Stiles!” I shouted, he tried to lift his head but couldn’t and I scrambled out from under Scott to get to Stiles. “Stiles! Are you okay? Are you hurt? I’m calling an ambulance!” I rushed out but I felt an hand rest on my arm. I lashed out and moved to protect Stiles but it was Scott. “What are you? And what the hell was that!” I demanded.
“It’s okay your safe and Stiles will be fine. That was a Kanima, it has venom that paralyses you for a little while, he’ll be fine” Scott said, crouching down to talk to me.
“Right…” Was all I said, it was still syncing in. “How long does the paralysing venom last for?” I asked.
“It different for most people” Scott said.
I nodded and turned to Stiles. “If I punch you, will you be able to feel it?”
“I don’t know” Stiles huffed. So I punched him, “owch!”
“It must be wearing off” Scott said, a little too happy.

10 Minutes Later.
“At least it worn off a little quicker this time” Scott said. Stiles grunted as he got up from the sofa and stretched.
“How did it even get in?” I asked, pacing around the room, trying to take in everything they had told me. “And Scott, what are you? I asked you earlier but you didn’t say”
“I’m a werewolf” Scott said. I nodded, he looked a little sad.
“This is very confusing, I think I need to lie down for a bit” I said, holding my hand to my head, “how did it get in?” I asked again and stopped pacing and stood in front of Scott.
“Probably opened the door” Stiles replied, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Scott was quiet for the rest of the day, he was staying for dinner, Stiles told me not to tell his dad. As much as I wanted to, I figured it would be easier not to tell him until Stiles tells him.
Scott was sitting at the table as Stiles went to go fetch some research he had done on the lizard thing. I walked over to him, “you okay?” I asked.
“Your scared of me. You’ve been avoiding me since the Kanima broke in” Scott replied, lifting his head from out of his arms, that were crossed on the table.
“No I haven’t, it’s a lot to take in you know” I said, with my hand on his shoulder.
“You think I’m a monster, I can tell your nervous. I can hear your heart beat.” He said, avoiding my eyes.
You’re not a monster” I said. “And I’m nervous because… I like you” I said quietly. He looked me in the eyes then and I think he was about to kiss me but Stiles walked in.
“Right. I’ve done some research… Y/n sit down.” I love Stiles but sometimes…

Thanks for reading!

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dani i can't believe it's you... i thought i was following the previous owner of this url the entire time. i followed u during ur crystalreed days and i remember when u changed to tylerposey. anyway ur still one of my fave blogs i lov u!!!!!!