Date Night

 “ This is a b-bad idea ” Fox sighed

“ this is a GOOD bad idea ” Trina replied to Fox, both of them seeming to be hiding in some bushes near a KFC restaurant? “ Trina.. That doesn’t make any sense what so ever..” Fox questioned Trina as she was quick to respond. “YOU don’t make any sense, now SUSH” she put over her finger over the un-amused fox’s face. Trina’s phone vibrated, getting a text message from Keira saying that everything’s set.

Fox pushed Trina’s hand away from her snout and asked “ W.h.y. are we doing this again?.. We aren’t supposed to get into other people’s lives like thi-” Trina sushed Fox again.

“ Well. It all started 18000 seconds ago…” Trina started getting a flashback as Fox’s voice was blurred out. “ You mean 5 hours ago? “

5 hours ago..

Leader Wolf and Leader Ty have been seeming.. close lately.. Especially to Keira, Trina and one of the leader’s friends, Artsy. All of them have noticed the Leaders re-arranging their schedules to be together, to always be able to talk to eachother and overall having a more lovey-dovey feel to their conversations when they’re around. Keira even commenting on “I can smell their gayness all the way from the chicken coop!! Come on, there must be something more than ‘friends’ here.”. Artsy nodded, all of them being located in one of the base’s empty halls. “ How about we.. set them up? “ Artsy suggested, a bit of doubt was heard in their voice. 

SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD PLAN! NOTHING CAN GO WRONG!” Trina shouted, pure joy heard in her voice.

About 3 hours later, Trina, Keira and Artsy were in the leader’s office wile Fox distracted the Leaders by going on a rant in front one of her planes about they should buy her more planes because all the other planes she’s had are destroyed from crashing them more than several times………in a row.

“Annndddd There! A perfect replica of Wolf’s signature on a invitation card!” Keira said, putting her hands on her sides feeling accomplished…also covered in ink from countess tries of trying to get it right. Their plan was to put fake invitation cards for both of the leaders, so they can meet up on a date-like setting. Why? For the glory of Satan of course! Cause they wanted to help their Leaders get together and have one of those cliché films where the two best friends end up being gay this whole time. 

“Uhh, Dudes, They’re nearing!!” exclaimed Artsy, shoving the invitations onto their places wile dragging Keira and Trina out of the room. Keira still covered in ink leaving a small trail.

“Fox. Please. If you want to get new toys, go talk to your ‘Sugar daddy Tordy-boo’ or something..” Wolf said, sighing and Fox was seen holding them by the leg begging for a raise. “This is gonna be a long work day..” Wolf exhaled as Ty chuckled not even saying a word.

Wolf kicked Fox off their leg and entered the office with Ty by their side, slamming the office door in Fox’s face. “I don’t get payed enough for this bs..”–Said Fox to herself

*sigh* Finally, some peace and quiet.. Right Ty? “ Wolf said, expecting a answer from Ty, but only getting a nod in return. “Well.. I’m off to put on some normal clothes instead of this nonsense. See you soon Wolfie!” Ty said after a minute before leaving. Leaving Wolf confused “ Off to put on norma– there’s still a load of time til we close the base, it’s noon—annnddd they’re gone.. great..”

Wolf walked up to their now empty office desk, one heart shaped note left on it. “Meet me at the fancy restaurant next to KFC, Nerd. A warm smile grew on Wolf’s face as they seemed to solve all the pieces of the puzzle, hurrying up to get themselves ready….which took much longer than expected. 


“And that’s how we’re here!” Trina said Fox seeming to be confused. “What?.. You started talking and just mumbled 3 words and you’re done??” “You didn’t see the whole narrator flashback!?”


“ I’m still not getting payed enough for this. “

Both Keira and Artsy have dressed up like waiters, with their hairs strapped as a bun, with a fake mustache on. Seeming to think they’re geniuses for thinking of such a clever disguise.

Wolf arrived at the restaurant, dressed in a bright Blue dress matching their blue eyes. Looking like a Cookie in a dress. Wolf looked around the place, seeming to look for Ty before spotting them at the end of the room, dressed in a Tux with a black TY on! *laughtrack*

Wolf seeming to be concerned because of the random voices in their head laughing, they decided to ignore them and go to the table.

Ty put down their phone looking at Wolf “ Oh hey Wolfie! “ they greeted them. “Waddup NERD” Wolf was quick to respond as Ty chuckled, blush noticeable on their face. 

Artsy whispered in a walkie-talkie “THEY’RE BLUSHING. THIS IS W O R K I N G”. Fox harshly whispered back “Walkie talkies are meant for whispering and not YELLING.” “IM WHISPER-YELLING SO SHUT UP, JUST KNOW THAT ITS WORKINGGG. ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE THEY CONFESS THEIR FEELINGGGSS!!”

Ty looking more nervous than Wolf, for the first time “Uh.. Wolfie.. Before this all starts I just need to tell you something..” Ty said, Wolf seeming to lift their head from looking at the menu.



Trina, Keira and Artsy were heard almost screaming from excitement, hoping the best for both of their leaders, and thinking of their whole life playing out being together

“I Love you…..


And all of this was set up by the Soldiers lmao”

“ Hah I know. Who ever writes like chickens just stomped on the paper instead of letters! “ Wolf laughed it off wile the mustache-wearing Keira was seen offended by Wolf’s words.

“Love ya too nerd. No homo tho.” Wolf sighed in relief.


“We’re sorry..” They all said in union except Fox.

“ I ain’t sorry at all cause I was fucking righ– OWWW” Keira punched Fox’s shoulder trying to getting her to apologize as well.

“ Now….that it’s over and done. I don’t feel like eating anything fancy. Y’all up for some KFC?” Ty asked as the soldiers and Pilot cheered, Wolf shaking their head in disappointment of their goofy soldiers but still maintaining a smile on their freckled face.

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This TMZ video is like the movie Thank You For Smoking. After TYFS came out, both the Pro and Anti National Tobacco Lobbies contacted the director to thank him for having made a movie which so eloquently captured their stance.

Because of the way it’s been handled, everyone in the fandom is walking away from the TMZ #EndBabygate Video feeling that their point has been validated and the general public have been left with a lot of unanswered questions that they’re now going to google.