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☠ What does someone have to do for an instant unfollow from you?

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this has been sitting in my inbox for forever omg. i’m answering now bc it actually just came up: i will usually unfollow very quickly if a blog posts content about nazis. if they make light of wwii, i will usually block them as well.

it depends on the person, but this is usually the only thing that will get such an immediate unfollow.

This TMZ video is like the movie Thank You For Smoking. After TYFS came out, both the Pro and Anti National Tobacco Lobbies contacted the director to thank him for having made a movie which so eloquently captured their stance.

Because of the way it’s been handled, everyone in the fandom is walking away from the TMZ #EndBabygate Video feeling that their point has been validated and the general public have been left with a lot of unanswered questions that they’re now going to google.

to your favourite song, we sang along to the start of forever

OK, Part 2 is here! Like I said it’s only gonna be a short verse, I predict the third part will be up on Wednesday, and the fourth by the end of the week.
Also yes I have an affinity for putting Beatles songs in my fics if anyone’s noticed.

Words~ 1,600

Part One is Here

Part Two

Blaine and Wes had been wandering through the hallways for twenty minutes, their coats wrapped tight over their uniforms as they attempted to search out the choir room.
A group of cheerleaders passed them, all three smiling seductively at them before giggling to each other and scuttling off. They had both been nice enough to smile back at the girls kindly, yet almost incredulously. Once the girls had gone, the two of them turned to each other to share bemused smiles, breaking into chuckles.
“Yup, we still got it!” Wes sighed cockily, fake flexing his muscles.
“You have a girlfriend, man.” Blaine laughed.
Music suddenly began playing down the hallway, as if pulsing towards him, and he stopped in his tracks, holding out his arm to make Wes do so too.

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