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Name: Christina

Horoscope: Pisces

Height: 6′ (I will catch up to you one day Dallon Weekes, even if it’s the last thing I do)

Lucky number: 22, or just 2

Last thing I googled: panic at the disco stereogum (that article is the most bitter thing I’ve ever read tbh)

Fave fictional characters: Ellie Linton from TWTWB, umm… I can’t think of any others wow

Fave novel: Haha well every novel from the TWTWB series i guess (that’s Tomorrow, When The War Began if you didn’t know)

What am I wearing right now: jorts (fight me) and a lightweight teal pullover

When did I start this blog: May 2015

Amount of followers: 346

Do I run any more blogs: well this is the only one I actually use but I do have some URLs saved

Most active follower: @i-cant-believe-my-eyes :)

What made me get a tumblr: to get into the WTM fandom since none of my real life friends know who they are - they’ve heard of the “Shut Up And Dance band” though *rolls eyes*

Do I get a lot of asks: nope

Why did I have my URL: walk the moon + panic! at the disco, with a “v” thrown in because of PVRIS

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