While you’re alive, you want to make sweet memories with me before you leave? Forget it. You don’t care at how I’ll feel after I leave here? The fact that i’ll yearn for you, miss you, want to touch you, you don’t care. Because if you die, that’s it. If I knew what a disrespectful brat you were a bit sooner… Making food with you, listening to the sound of snowflakes with you, holding you, those painful, unforgettable kind of memories, I wouldn’t have made them. During that time, if you made those memories just to die, then I’m going to make now memories to live. I’m going to live! If I have only painful memories with you, then it’s going to be easy to forget you after you die. That’s why I’m like this. Because I have to live. Even without you. Even without you, I have to live in this disgusting world.”