TWTWB Appreciation Week

Hey guys!! In an effort to up the engagement here on tumblr and also on twitter, and try to keep enthusiasm post the final episode, let’s do a TWTWB Appreciation Week! Starting two weeks after the final episode and running for a week.

Below is a list of (optional) prompts. Each day simply post something relating to that (gifs, photos, artwork, a paragraph of text, screencaps, fanvids etc). Tag your edits with #twtwbaw in the first 5 tags and I’ll try and reblog them all!!

Sat 11 June: Favourite Episode

Sun 12 June: Favourite Scene

Mon 13 June: Favourite Female Character

Tues 14 June: Favourite Male Character

Wed 15 June: Favourite Location

Thur 16 June: Favourite Platonic or Romantic Relationship

Fri 17 June: Free Choice.

How does this apply to twitter? Use the same hashtag and simply link directly to your tumblr posts, or summarise what your point was. Hopefully the official account will take notice and reblog some stuff!


“Then we grew up.”
“We were so innocent.”
“We still were a couple of days ago. We thought wars happened to other people.”

I’m actually quite pleased with the change to make Fi and Chris siblings. It really tethers Chris to the rest of the group and gives him a reason for him to want to stay, unlike the book where he was only there out of necessity and he didn’t really like anyone that much. It gives Chris some meaningful relationships with Fi and their parents, and I think what happens to him will probably have a greater emotional impact than it would otherwise. So yeah I’m actually really glad that Chris is Fi’s brother in the series.

Y'all know what I’m gonna say so I’m not even gonna bother sayin’ it… Haha lol jks PLZ WATCH #TWTWB TONIGHT! Cool stunts, really cool people and ABC3 7:30pm make Homer something something. Thanks for all the support you lovely folk. It’s been a pleasure to not only work with this gorgeous bunch, but also to be able to see all our hard work we put into our characters and the show pay off. And it makes us look pretty damn fine on the silver screen. 😉

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10 tomorrow, when the war began ladies icons (3 fiona, 3 robyn, 2 corrie, 2 ellie) | icons page

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okay so i haven’t read the books in almost a decade so my perception of the series is probably off in some way or another but im on the third ep of the show and it feels super faithful to the books?? but i love that the parents have more of a role, and i love lee oh my god i cant remember if we got quite this focus on him in the first book as the show is giving him but i love it i am always here for more lee

i love the casting in general tbh i feel like they’re all pretty spot on?? also i love ellie’s weird gangly run. run my gangly armed rebel child :’)

Results of the TWTWB sexuality/gender identity survey

I posted the survey on Saturday and received 67 responses from Tumblr and Twitter. It’s not a very large cohort so obviously if the sample size was larger, we could have very different results, but still it’s a lot of people for such a small fandom. Additionally, a few people selected everything (and were clearly trolling and being a nuisance) so their responses were deleted.

Here are the results:

Question 1: Do you identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community?

Yes: 44

No: 22

One person skipped this question.

Question 2: Let’s get into specifics. What do you identify as? Select all that apply.

I broke this question down into two parts; sexuality and gender/sex. One person chose to skip this question.

Part A: Sexuality

Gay/Lesbian: 11

Bisexual: 39

Pansexual: 3

Queer: 10

Asexual: 11

Straight: 20

Part B: Gender/sex

Intersex: 0

Transgender: 3

Nonbinary: 5

Cis: 42

Question 3: If TWTWB were to make a character a part of the LGBT+ community, who would you want it to be? Select all that apply.

Robyn: 50

Fi: 36

Ellie: 33

Chris: 22

Corrie: 19

Homer: 14

Lee: 12

Kevin: 7

A whopping 75% wanted Robyn. 54.5% of respondents chose Fi, and 50% chose Ellie. Chris wasn’t too far behind with a third of participants opting for him. One person chose to skip this question.

So what do you think of these results? I mean I always thought that there were quite a few LGBT+ people in this fandom, but I had no idea there were so many. The responses for the character question were a bit expected (particularly with Robyn and Fi haha!) but I was surprised that a third of people chose Chris.

some things i loved from tonight:

  • “why’d you come back?” “…”
  • homer walking w his arm around fi
  • “if it wasn’t for ellie..”
  • chris being rlly opposed 2 the physical activity bc same
  • lee’s dad being 100% ready 2 murder
  • FI AND HOMER,,, SPOONING,,,,,,!!!!,,, i am weak
  • that lil smile fi got when she woke up and saw she was w homer
  • “i didn’t see anyone” chris my smol bby
  • “come for another kiss?” “nO!!”
  • robyn is so extra oh my god
  • chris finally getting the hug he clearly needs
  • “where’s the poison?” slAY mama
  • “can i pray w u?” “yes”
  • robyn,,, bby,,, u can’t just make friends w random child soldiers u find in the bush
  • “who we were before is not who we can be now”
  • also; whatever the fuck they were doing w their hands up in the air was so cute and their giggles were so cute and i’m sO upset
  • “the future’s in our hands”
  • kevin chasing the soldier
  • that shot of homer running alone back to get ellie like that was some quality cinematography
  • “we’re not leaving you”
  • fi holding the car as they drove away
  • the look on robyn’s face when she saw kevin and corrie
  • corrie’s mum oh my god corrie’s mum
anyway this is rlly long but tonight was rlly good rip

anonymous asked:

Do you think that they've changed the character's personalities much in the series to the books/film? I thought they changed Fi a lot- made her less girly and posh.

I think that the series has been truer to the books in terms of the character’s personalities than the movie ever was. The movie really reduced all the characters down to one defining characteristic. I don’t remember Fi being posh in the books. Yes she was from town, but that just meant she was sheltered and naive. The movie really portrayed her as a blonde stereotype probably because they didn’t have that much time to develop her. But I think in the series they’ve kept true to Fi’s naivety and sheltered life without taking it so far for her to be considered dumb. And thats cool.