And here is the rest of TwOzLand. They are all single, however, I decided to line them up with Oz in the top and Twisted down the bottom against the people they hang out with the most, and flirt with a lot. When it comes to Dylan, she is very flirtatious and cheeky and tends to hang out with Carmen a lot, who seems to love the attention and enjoys her company. Sarah and Michael spend a lot of time together and are very caring towards one another. Clarissa is content to be by herself for the most part and she keeps her romance interests to herself.

Sarah and Michael are new to the dating game. Sarah is a very private person and is awfully shy. Michael is pretty opposite. Around his friends he is chill and goofy, but when they get together, Michael turns into a bashful gnome. They are both very tender, very caring people and they are just so darn cute together.