Old Grand-Dad 86 proof isn’t made anymore and that’s not really a crime. The nose is rich, dense and fantastic, but the palate is disappointing and the finish is unappealing. In a group blind tasting at my house of 9 Old Grand-Dads this was tied with the 80 proof for least favorite of the night with everyone saying the same thing. The nose is great, but the palate and finish are noticeably less-than-great. Not a fan… but I do like it more than the current 80.

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The Black Grouse is a noticeable upgrade over the Famous Grouse with a richer character and offering up more in the way of aromas and flavors, but it’s muddled. Neither the aroma nor palate are crisp, but I still liked sipping on it nonetheless and it achieved the goal of any good blend which is cohesion; a unified experience that makes it an innocuous sipper and cocktail whisky. So if you’re going to go with a Grouse I’d suggest making it a black one.

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Headcanon: Residence

Owlman’s headquarters, the Eyrie, is a 37 story-high tower located in central Gotham City. There are many rooms inside for sleeping, eating, relaxing, working, storage, and of course, several rooms for sexual purposes; the most notable of the latter being the dungeon, several floors underground, rumored to have been imported from the Château de Lacoste. It is equipped with antiquated torture instruments but also those of modern design, everything from rusty thumbscrews to reverse-ergonomically designed torture tables. Thomas regularly thrives on sexually-torturing his guests and pets, though also uses it to torture his own prisoners, anyone who has attempted to oppose him or the Syndicate. It is very rare for anyone to leave his dungeon without being branded; whilst Thomas is in possession of many branding irons, the three he uses the most are the Syndicate symbol, the Owlman symbol, and the TWj (Thomas Wayne Jr.) initials.

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Pp ni bi değiştirsene , o güzel yüzünün yarısını saklamana sinir oldum

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1980s Old Grand-Dad 86 proof (National Distillers) is a far cry better than the OGD 86 proof that Beam was putting out in the early 2000s. Even though the array of aromas and flavors that register here are limited they’re rich and I enjoy them a lot more than having a wide array of “meh” notes. There is a distinctly different character to these old ND Old Grand-Dads and I wish it was something we could still easily get today.
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The Famous Grouse is a brand that’s been around a long time and it has a loyal following all over the world… but it’s not my thing. It’s a bit cloying at times and doesn’t really do much for me. As a mixer it’s great, I’ve made many a cocktail with it over the years, but when it comes to a sipper I want something with a bit more punch to it.
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This pre 1994 Glen Garioch 15 is the kind of whisky that could open up and have most of its sulfur funk blow off over time. However, since it was a tasting, I don’t have the opportunity to see if that will happen to this bottle and so I have to score it based on the muddy sulfury character with rotting undertones that permeate this from nose to finish. Didn’t enjoy, wouldn’t buy, but still damn glad I got to try.

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