in honor of today being the last pll day ever, here’s the powerpoint i finished like five days ago i keep forgetting to post. this post is for humorous purposes, please don’t take the salt pouring out of my veins seriously

complete credit to all of the people who made the funny posts on slide 10: @therightsauce, @twistedlittleliars, @prettylittleliarsxxxx, @teamendgame, @spencerweedstings, @mayaisredcoat, @howtogetawaywithpll, @amandadhs2012, @hashtagpll, @pinkdrinkhanna, @shaolinbynature, @hastingsmitchell, and of course @prettylittleliars because when that hotline bling what better thing to do than write a tumblr post about it

edit: new link here with better pictures :) for some reason it’s marked nsfw, maybe because i cursed, idk


I recently hit 2K followers and I just wanted to thank you all for following me. It means a lot, especially those of you who support the gifs/edits I make and put a lot of time into. You all are the best and I appreciate every single one of you! I’ve made quite a few friends having this blog and it’s been a great way to talk to people who I have common interests with. I wanted to give a few people a shoutout because I’m so grateful that we’ve connected and I love them all dearly. Everyone I mention here whether I talk to them or not is definitely worth following and you should check out their blogs. :)

Special shoutout to my cousins @mandiiigurllll and @simplylaurahollis who are the reason I have a tumblr and who I consider sisters at this point. They mean the world to me and they’re some of the best people I know. I definitely recommend following both of them.

@cavanaughstobias: Elena, I love seeing you on my dash. I relate and agree with so many of your posts and I love the Spoby gifs you make. You’re hilarious and awesome, don’t ever change.

@danielle-panabaker: Bonnie, you know how much you mean to me but I’m so glad we’re so close and I love talking The Flash and everything else with you. You’re the best.

@disbemyshit: Lizzy, we may not talk like we used to but I still wanted to include you on here because I miss you and how close we were and I will always want the best for you and hope you’re well.

@dylanobrienstyler: Tracy! We’ve been following each other for a looong time now and even if we don’t talk often, I always enjoy when we do. I’m so glad that we not only have Spoby in common, but now Snowbarry and I absolutely adore your writing. You’re an amazing writer, no matter what couple you’re writing for and I hope you know how extremely talented you are. And last but not least, an absolute sweetheart. :)

@graintgustin: Bruna! I will forever be in awe by the edits and gifs you make. They’re so pretty and you’re so talented. I’m glad we’ve gotten to talk a few times and I love how much you love Grant and that we can bond over our love for him. You deserve all good things in this world.

@hastingsandcavanaugh: Susannah, we’ve been friends for a while now and even though we met on Twitter, I’m glad you have Tumblr too. I always enjoy talking to you about everything and even if we don’t talk as much as we used to I still think you’re amazing and so sweet and nice. Talking to you about Keegan and Spoby is always something I enjoy doing. :)

@iwasalwaysaromantic: Aurelie, even if you aren’t into PLL anymore or into Spoby as much I will always enjoy the gifs and posts you made when you were. You were one of the first Spoby blogs I followed on here. Even if you have different interests now, you’re super sweet and make pretty things and I like seeing you on my dash.

@owcnhunt: Ana, there’s so much I can say about you but I’ve probably gushed about you already enough to last a lifetime. ;) We’re Sana, simple as that and even if we don’t talk as much as we used to because life gets in the way, I will always love how much we have in common and how quickly we connected. You were an instant friend and always will be no matter what.

@shyesplease: Ashley! There’s so much I can say about you honestly but the main thing is that I’m so glad you messaged me that one day over me getting anon hate because ever since then we’ve pretty much talked everyday and I’m so lucky to have you in my life now. Getting to talk to you about all things Flash and everything else has been amazing and I feel like we just get each other and have so much in common. You’re a talented writer and just an all around awesome person and I’m so happy we’re so close and hope it stays that way. You’re the best.

@sparklebubbleblonde: My name twin! You’re also someone I talk to a lot, mainly on Twitter but I love how you just DM me about the randomest things at times. I love talking Spoby and PLL with you and even if you ship you know what, I still think you’re awesome. ;)  Thank you for also always requesting gifs and giving me ideas to make gifsets out of, you’re the real MVP for that.

@spobyficstalker: Laura, we’ve only talked a few times but I’ve always admired you from afar, mainly for your amazing Spoby fanfic but also because I would always see you answer questions about Spoby/PLL in such an elegant way and you were always able to put into words how I was feeling about certain things. You’re so sweet and a talented writer and I enjoy seeing you on my dash.

I love every single one of you, thank you for following and interacting with me!

To my mutuals who I haven’t really spoken to/aren’t that close to, thank you for following me and hopefully in the future we can talk and become close because I adore all of you!

@bartholomewallen , @chylerlwest , @dracoharry@eccacia , @felicityssoliver , @jake-riley , @miavita-bella@ravenn-reyess , @royalconsortkillian , @shepherdsgrey , @spencerstobias , @vanessaschandler

And last but not least, these are the people I follow that I enjoy seeing on my dash and recommend following. All great blogs.

@airsay58259 , @caitlinsncws , @camimendes , @captainheroism , @chasingblue57 , @chris-woods , @christophers-wood , @drsnow-allen , @emilyxmj , @grantgustinnews , @gustsgrant , @laurelcasfillo , @martinlydias@onceland , @phebobuffay , @politeandnotgay , @safe-place-to-land , @supercanaries , @ttinycourageous , @twistedlittleliars


Hi! ❤️

I wanted to do a follow forever when I reached 2K but that’s not gonna happen anytime soon so I decided to do a follow forever now that 2016 is ending soon!

I want to say thank you to you all for following me and I know I haven’t talked to many of you but the people that I do chat/talk with here I’m so glad to be able to talk to you!❤️ You are awesome! And to everyone that I follow you have made my dash look awesome and I adore you all and I adore all my followers!! ❤️❤️ 

2016 has been a crappy year, a lot of bad things happened in the world - brexit, trump becoming president, orlando shooting, terrost attacks and a lot more and  also a lot of great musicians and actors died 😔😔😔

So let’s hope 2017 is gonna be much better because 2016 was not a nice year! So happy new year and stay safe! ❤️ Love you all!! 

All the awesome people that I follow are listed under the cut! (I probably forgot a lot of you so if I forgot you it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you ❤️)

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Super late but: Happy New Year to my PLL SQUAD♡

I know I haven’t been so active lately and I haven’t talked in a while with of you guys but I wanna you know that I remember you and I consider you an important part of the PLL fandom. I wish you a pretty good year for you and your loved ones! I send you a pretty big hug from Mexico City! And remember that in 4 months we’ll got the last of PLL! OMG! ♡ 

-Love, @ezrafrootgerald

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To the lovely ezria squad:

Guys, 2k17 is the year where ezria get married! yay! ♡

@ezbaefitz @ezparia @ezrafitzgerld @ezrafitzjerky @ezrafltzgerald @ezras-turtleneck @ezraschickpeas @ezraspies @ezraxaria @ezria–forever @ezria-always-blog @ezria-b-26 @ezria-fanfiction @ezria-forlife @ezria-trash @ezriagame @ezriaisbaepll @ezriaismylife @ezriaismyship26 @ezriajournal @ezriastand @ezriaspll-blog @ezriasupport @ezzy-fitzgerry @fancy-fitz @fitzandmontgomery @fitzgeraldaria @fitzsexy @haleandharding @hardinghalebenzo @ianmharding @lucyhardin @lucysshale @lucysxhale @teamezria53098 @stanakvtic @pookiebearandz

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I have officially reached over 2,000 followers, and I honestly cannot believe it. I was amazed when I literally had 20 followers! Thank you so, so much for following me! Joining this community has brought me so much happiness and that’s all because of you! <3 As per usual, I wanted to list some of the blogs that I love seeing on my dash. I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone, thank you again! -Sarah <3 

A-E: @alisonbilaurentis @alisondilasaurous @allensbellisario @ariashastigs @baellisariotroian @bilaurentis @blackveilsociety @brightyellowsummer @buterabenzo @carpentertobes @cavanaughandhastings @cestlaspoby @countryhale @deputytoby @dilaurnts @emilyandali @emilysempanadas @emisob @emisonisforever @ezbaefitz @ezrafrootgerald @ezriaisbaepll 

F-J: @fitzsexy @fitzsimmuns @fiverosewoodliars @fuckyeahprettylittleliar @fuckyeahsarashepard @fuckyeslittleliars @futuremrsfitz @fyspoby @halebotp @halebslovechild @hanna-spencer-or-me @hannabananarivers @hannabananasundae @hannavandermariin @hannnarivers @hastingsandcavanaugh @hastingsemily @hastingspencerr @houseofhastings @howtogetawaywithpll @immortalitymydxrlings @iwasalwaysaromantic @just-assume-its-sparia @justdoingsometutoring 

K-O: @keegscavanaugh @laurelsalexis @liars–pretty–liars @liarsforlife18 @liarsloveletters @lidseymorgan @lucvhale @maximuff @mogo28 @mrs-hannamarin @nateschucks @owenhnut

P-T: @pictureperfectpll @pll-215-owls-b26-paris @pllrose @pookiebearz @prettylittlehopeful @prettylittleliarsa @prettylittleliarse @prettylittleplum @prettylittlepug @prettylittlespobyyy @prettylittleworldoflies @queenshastings @redcoatblackveil @riversmarins @rosewood-fever @safe-place-to-land @safeplacetoblog @safeplacetolandd @sashapeiters @sashapieterrse @sashaslies @sassyemison @seriouslyspoby @sp0bae @sparklebubbleblonde @spencer-stilinski @spencerhastixgs @spenceroswald @spencersalison @spencerstobias @spencervanderwaal @spezriona @spoby-19-1 @spoby5everr @spobycavnaugh @spobyficstalker @spobyforeverfan @spobyisbaepll @spobyisinmyveins @spobysdilaurentis @spobysfrench @spobyteachyoufrench @spxbyslays @stewartmary @stilinskilis @takeanempanada @team-girls-rosewood @thefaketeam @thelifeofapllsuperfan @thispllisburied @thousandtimesovers @tobespence @tobys-buttchin @tobys-durag @tobys-little-liars @trobellisario @troianbellisaros @troiancoolsario @troianforever @troians @ttommycalligan @twistedlittleliars 

U-Z: @vanderyeezus @vanessaschandler @vicktoriadawns @whodafuqisa @wrenischarles @wrenkingston @wrensaysspencah @wrxnkingston @xxariax 

Hey guys!!!! I am so, so, so happy to announce that I officially have 300 followers! This couldn’t be achieved without all of your support and kindness :) thank you for making 5 months on tumblr worthwhile.

I follow so many amazing blogs, and I’d like to mention each and every one of them below:

#-E: @2cankeepasecretifoneofthemis,
@addictedtoprettylittleliars, @adelaides, @alis-personal-pitbull, @alisonbilaurentis, @alisonddilaurentis, @alisonfields, @alisonsdilaurntis, @allensbellisario, @allissondilaurentis, @alyciadubnamcarey, @amazingprettylittleworld, @ariashastigs, @beallamy, @beautifulspoby, @bensoncohan, @benzisario, @blackveilsociety, @blairwaldorves, @blakeilvely, @butikeepcruising1989, @captainprettylittleliarsfanposts, @carpentertobes, @cavanaughspencer, @chluciferdeckerstar, @chxrleskingston, @clarkebellamy, @clarkegriffinblake, @clarkegroffin, @clearlandwonderland, @coliversyndrome, @crazyplltheory, @daniels-gillies, @devilishly-handsome-captain, @dilaurnts, @disneylandelight, @edwestwikcs, @emisonislove-emisonislife, @emmaswansprincess, @emmawswan, @escapingrosewood, @ezraschickpeas

F-K: @farklesrileys, @fiverosewoodliars, @fuckyeslittleliars, @fyeahbellarke, @halfasleepinthegardn, @hannacaleb, @hannarivers, @hannascookie, @hannasrivers, @hastingsandcavanaugh, @hastingss-marin, @hedamontgomery, @houseofhastings, @howtogetawaywithpll, @huntsyangs, @itsalwaysprettyinrosewood, @itsgomezsel, @iwasalwaysaromantic, @justspencersluttinitup, @kttniss, @kurtsbastians

L-P: @lady-arryn, @ladybellisario, @lanasfeather, @leksas-subject, @lexicgrey, @liarsforlife18, @lidseymorgan, @littlebookliar, @littlenewyorker, @lovewilllighttheday, @lucvhale, @lydiaugowithstiles, @manna-vandermarin, @mcrksloans, @miss–montgomery, @mogo28, @nadiahilker, @nateschucks, @newromanticss1989, @oberlin, @octavaablake, @officer-toby, @once-upon-a-captain-swan, @one-lost-liarr, @owenhnut, @owenhunter, @pllobbsessed, @pllrose, @pllsphere, @pookiebearz, @pretty-little-misery, @pretty-littlemontgomery, @prettyandlittlesecrethints, @prettyfacesuglylies, @prettylittlegreene, @prettylittlehopeful, @prettylittleliarsxxxx, @prettylittleomg-its-a, @prettylittleomgits-a, @prettylittleplum, @prettylittlesavages, @prettylittlespencerhasting, @prettylittlespobyyy, @prettymysticfalls, @psychopierce

Q-T: @qweensasha, @r-e-d-c-o-a-t, @raphaelsanteago, @ravenclarke, @redcoatblackveil, @reveringashley-benson, @riversmarins, @rosewood-fever, @rosewoodconspiracy, @rosewoodslittleliarss, @royalswan, @rvenclaws, @safe-place-to-land, @safeplacetolands, @sailorkillian, @salsvatore, @scalpel-superstar, @seriouslyspoby, @shavsmitchell, @shumsharry, @simplyhaleb, @sixliars, @sociapathic, @spaceraven, @sparklebubbleblonde, @spemilyslutsitup, @spencer-baestings, @spencerstobias, @spencervanderwaal, @spencexhastings, @spezria-cobra-awesomeness, @spobyismylife, @spobysfrench, @stilesobviously, @sulietsexual, @swanliarwolf, @swanspiratekillian, @takeanempanada, @taylahswift, @taylorswiffs, @taylrs, @the-brit-he-lies, @the-unknown-girl08, @thefaketeam, @thelifeofapllsuperfan, @thepunsiher, @thequeenofpll, @therosewoodpll, @thousandtimesovers, @tobespence, @troianbellsario, @troianforever, @troiann, @troiastings, @twistedlittleliars, @twoammemoriesstart, @tylalovestaylor

U-X: @ultimatepll, @univcrse, @wearemadeofstarlight, @welcomebackmona, @whips-and-arrows, @whitemothtoaflame, @whodafuqisa, @wrenkingston, @wtfemison, and @xxariax

Thank you all so much😊 I love you all❤️❤️❤️

[Follow The Liars]♡♡♡ Thanks for 1000 followers.

I was meant to do this like a few days after I got 1K followers but I just didn’t, not because I didn’t want to it’s just that I don’t really talk with any pll blogs that much and I don’t know…but I figure that this had to be done because I know so many amazing blogs that I really really like and appreciate so much. So here we go. PS I might forget about someone so I’m really sorry in advance. 

@aprettyhiddensecret @a-teamofficial @addictedtoprettylittleliars @aestheticspoby @analyzinga @pretty-littlemontgomery @wrenischarles @wrenkingsten @prettylittleliarsxxxx @prettylittleliarss @prettylittleliars-bitches @emisonpains @hashtagpll @hannacaleb @hannabananasundae @hannasrivers @hannascookie @emisonshowers @prettylittleplum @rosewoodspy @rosewood-clues @a-littleliartheory @a-teamleader @lily281 @ezriaxsparia @spariaisendgame @spencerscookies @spencerscaffeine @spencexhastings @spencersalison @spezriona @ezriagame @ezriaxsparia @troiann @troiancoolsario @troiastings @troiandaily-blog @dailypll @plldailly @pllgifs @pllismylife @pllrose @rosewoodslittleliars @spobyismylife @spobysextapes @spobyscavanaugh @sponahastings @tobycavanaughty @littleliardiaries @redcoatblackveil @redcoat-ale @blackveilsociety @dailytroian @emiilysfields @hannacaleb @hannacaleb @spencers-bleeding-purse @liars-secrets @prettylittle-fuckers @riversmarins @vandermarinfeels @exriaz @xxariax @prettylittlespobyyy @em-is-for-mess @fuckmarleneking @ezra-fitzturkey @ezrafrootgerald @why-not-pie  @spobyficstalker @lieskeepsusclose @spezriona @immortalitymydxrlings @pll-speculations @pllloverx @plllogic @nymphadora-rosewood @ezriapiespll  @deputytoby @aisforariapll  @pookiebearandz @pookiebearz @manna-vandermarin @plltheoriess @liars–pretty–liars @ashleybensonfashionstyle @ashbenzs @fancy-fitz @pretty-little-heart-surgeon @seriouslyspoby @lucyily @lucvhale @pepelovestippi @team-girls-rosewood @ianshardin @ianstagram @happyprettylittleliarsday @emisonshowers @sweetlittlehale @crazylittlemona

@crazyplltheory @liarsforlife18 @pllsphere @hannasrivers @spariaslays @gif-pll @spemily-emison @missariaiskiller  @ariafitzsgerald  @aria-ezra @ariathekiller @theliarsgifs @ezriavslucian @ezraschickpeas @montgomeryhasstings @bitchcankeepasecret @pretty-little-misery @spobyscavanaugh @prettylittleliarsfans-a @prettylittleliarsfan901 @pllslays @halebslovechild @halebmonster @shayspieterse @prettylittleliarsquestions @twistedlittleliars @fuckyeslittleliars @prettyliargif @cavanastings @troianforlife

@troianforever @troianbellisariogif @troiann @ thisliarisonfire @pretty-little-benzo @alisonredcoat @2cankeepasecretifoneofthemis @futuremrsfitz @sponahastings @troianupdates @monnavanderwaal @monasvanderballs @monavanderdoll  @dailylittleliars @sophers @troianbellisaros @sassy-hanna-rivers @jasontrashfan @fiverosewoodliars @jenna-cant-hear-shes-blind @tobespence @keeganallennews @imteamhaleb @littlebookliar @pllcloset @ezrialoves @prettymysticfalls @prettylittleswiftsalvatore @prettylittlehopeful @alisonbilaurentis @takeanempanada @6plls @dailypllconfessions @ezria—fitz @heybenson @buttahtoherbenzo @tyshleys @tylerblackburndaily @spencexhastings @sashapeiters @spencerssauce @fiverosewoodliars @twistedlittleliars @dilaurnts @prettylittleliartheorie-s @prettylittleliarss 

Okay it’s the first time I try to do something like this, but I reached 3k followers and this is a big thing for me! I never thought that I’d go this far when I started this blog (less than a year ago).

So I feel like making a follow forever to thank everyone of you for appreciating my blog ♥
Here’s the blogs who make my dash a lovely place! (I apologize if I forgot someone)

A - D

@adoringezria  @ale-la-pazza1  @allhalelucykate  @ariaezratrash  @ariafitzsgerald  @ayeezria  @bettertoflee  @chickpeasandboysenberrypie  @countryhale  @dailyliargifs  @dailylittleliars@dailypll  @dreaminliars


@endgamezria  @ezbaefitz  @ezra-aria-wedding  @ezrafitzgerld  @ezrafrootgerald  @ezrasrosewoodliars  @ezras-turtleneck  @ezraxaria  @ezria4life  @ezria901  @ezria-b26-pll
@ezria–forever  @ezriaforlifexxx  @ezriagame  @ezria-harding-hale  @ezriaisbaepll  @ezriaisinfinite  @ezria-is-literally-life  @ezriaismyship26  @ezrialove  @ezrialoverpll @ezrialoves  @ezrialove-timetested​  @ezriamontgomeryfitzpll  @ezriapiespll  @ezria-pll  @ezriasmiles  @ezriasunshine  @ezriasupport  @ezriaswedding  @ezriatrash  @ezria-trash

F - M

@fancy-fitz  @fitzandmontgomery  @forever-ezria  @fortheloveofezriapie​  @fuckyeahprettylittleliar  @fuckyeslittleliars@futuremrsfitz  @future-mrs-fitz  @fyianharding  @fypllgifs  @giadaharris  @hardinghalebenzo  @ianharting  @ian-hrding  @ianmhaarding  @ianspainharding  @ianssmoothies  @iheartezria  @ilovelucian  @im-so-fitzy  @just-assume-its-sparia  @lieskeepsusclose  @lily281  @littleliardiaries  @lovemehard-ing  @lucxhale  @miss–montgomery  @montgomery-ezria  

P - X

@pigapples  @pllandezriaisendgame  @plldarling  @pllezrialove  @pookiebearandz  @pookiebearz  @pretty26ezria  @pretty-little-fitz  @prettylittlehopeful  @reckless-harding  @redcoatblackveil  @rosewoodlliars  @secretfitz  @sjelllovespll  @skinnydomino  @soapezria  @spencerssauce  @spezria-cobra-awesomeness   @teamezria53098  @theezriashipper  @theliarsgifs  @thisisliterallyjustezria  @trustnoone-a  @turnupon-a-tuesday  @twistedlittleliars  @weareallplls  @weloveezria  @why-not-pie  @world-ezria  @xariaezrax 

and a special mention goes to the resources blogs I follow, I really appreciate your wonderful work and I wouldn’t be able to use Photoshop decently without you!

@artcolorings  @chaoticresources  @colouringshit  @drunkandcoloring  @fuckingphotoshop  @fytutorials  @prettylittlecolorings  @reblogresources  @subtlepsds  @throwing-psds  @yeahps


I can’t believe I’ve hit 200 followers so quickly!! Just want to say a quick thankyou to all of my followers and followees who make this fandom the wonderful thing that it is.

Going to do a #FollowForever to mark my 200 followers ❤️

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vanderyeezus we-love-pretty-little-liars-a welcomebackmona weneedspencer weloveezria whatwouldspencerdo whothefckischarles who-tf-ischarles wrenischarles wrxnkingston wtfspemily x–pretty-little-liars–x xxariax youneedpll your-little-tine you-look-like-my-forever

Sorry if I have missed people out, my phone got laggy towards the end. Once again, THANKYOU!! 💟🅰

Hey gays guys, so today I woke up and saw that I hit 3k so i’ve decided to do a follow forever!! I’m shook tbh, I never thought I would ever get 100 followers let alone 3k and I’m grateful for every single one of you. I love you guys so much!!

Kik squad *go follow them rn*: I love you guys so much!! Thank you all for being the greatest friends I could have ever asked for!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! @kinjongdae @blackveilsociety @futuremrsfitz @jasundilaurentis @bellamieblaike @benzolicius @spencerssauce @lisamanobanz @jesusjason @ianssmoothies @tokillamockingliar 

Fandom Friends *go follow them rn*: Honestly thank you so much for putting up with my trashiness (is that a word idk probably) I love you all so much and thanks for being my friends and making my time on tumblr a great one (cheesy af but true) @sophers @slightly-addicted-to-pll @spezriona @ezria-trash @waverlyswan @shayspieterse @im-so-fitzy @emilyseggs @not-a-renegade 

Awesome people you should go follow rn (Mutuals/Faves in bold): @3facedmirror @addictedtoprettylittleliars@adelemorav @aliciaclarksflannels @alisemily @alisondilasaurous @alisonfields​  @alisongaylaurentis @alisonisuniverse @alisonlovesemily @annabellisario @benzisario @bilaurentis @bitch-chipped-us @captainprettylittleliarsfanposts @dilaurentisfields@drink-your-sauce @e-m-i-s-o-n @eddieordie @eemersonm @emalison @emilyalisons @emilyandali@emilyandalisonforever @emison @emisonandchill @emisonbitchhh @emisonblogin @emisondifields @emisondilaurentis @emisongray @emisonisforever @emisonislifeok @emisonpains @emisonslut  @emsion @ewmushysquash @ezriaisbaepll @fuckyeslittleliars @hashtagpll @heathersapples @howtogetawaywithpll@ilykriz@immortalitymydxrlings@jellybeanfreak@justemison @justspencersluttinitup @keepingupwiththedilaurentis @liarsloveletters @littleliardiaries @lmunion @lostintheshapelessclouds @miss–montgomery @monavanderslayy @mr-cavanaugh @parisianmermaid @pinkdrinkhanna @pllrose @pretty-little-misery@prettylittleliarsxxxx @queerpuff @qweensasha @rosewood-fever @shqymitchell  @simplyemison @spariadically @spencerspookiebear @subjectx17 @sweetparie @takeanempanada @twistedlittleliars @wrenkingston

Sorry if I forgot you or if we’re mutuals and I didn’t put you in bold, message me & I’ll fix it!! Thank you so much for helping me reach this goal before the Summer Finale, I’m so grateful for every one of you!! Ily guys!!

I decided to make a follow forever because I have now reached 210 followers!!! Thank you all for following me it means a lot to me :)


@ariashastigs, @ariascompassion, @ariahastngs, @alisonddilaurentis, @alisonqueendilaurentis, @ale-la-pazza1, @benzburn, @bitchcankeepasecret, @buterabenzo, @buttahtoherbenzo, @bensonsashley, @bitchwithwi-fii, @bzoburn, @cavanaughspencer, @cavanastings, @cavanaughty, @calebaerivers, @cavanaughandhastings, @crazyplltheory, @confusedpll, @chickpeasandboysenberrypie, @chxrleskingston, @clarkegroffin, @dailypll, @dilaurentisfields, @dilaurentisliar, @dilaurnts, @dailylittleliars, @dangerous-g-a-me, @drinkyoursauce,


@ezriagame, @ezriasupport, @emswift, @evilqueened, @ezra-fitzturkey, @ezraschickpeas, @ezras-turtleneck, @ezraxaria, @ezrafrootgerald, @ezrafitzgerld, @fitzandmontgomery, @fitzmontgomery-addict, @fitz-n-love, @fitzgeraldaria, @fuckyeslittleliars, @fuckyeahprettylittleliar, @fuckitykidneys, @futuremrsfitz, @fancy-fitz, @gabrielholbrooks,@houseofhastings, @hannacaleb, @hannabananasundae, @hannascookie, @hannas-calebs,


@iwasalwaysaromantic, @ianshardin, @itsashbenzo, @justdoingsometutoring, @just-assume-its-sparia, @jasondilaurentrash, @jason-hastings, @keegscavanaugh, @keeganallennews, @kalebrivers, @lucyhale, @lucyhardin, @lucyily, @lucvhale, @ladybellisario, @littleliardiaries, @littlebookliar, @lucxhale,


@monasvanderballs, @martinnski, @martinskki, @marinshannas, @marinhastingsforbes, @novelty-keeper @octaviabhlake, @otpprompts, @ohyeahprettylittleliars, @prettylittleliarsxxxx, @prettylittleliars-bitches, @prettylittleliars, @pookiebearandz, @prettymysticfalls​, @prettylittleliarsa


@queenshastings, @qweensasha, @rosewoodsecret, @rosewoodspy, @rosewoodslittleliars, @rosewoodslittleliarss, @spencexhastings, @sexyvanlis @spencerscookies, @sweetlittlehale, @shaymitchdailyy, @shay-daily, @spencerstobias, @spencersalison, @shewantsanolderman, @stydia, @troiann, @theliarsgifs, @twistedlittleliars, @troiastings, @troianbellisaros, @troiancoolsario,


@ultimatepll, @unleashing-a, @vanderyeezus, @welcomebackmona, @wren-dilaurentis, @wrenkingsten, @wrxnkingston, @xxariax,

If I forgot you I’m so sorry.

All of you are really amazing!

Brittany aka @pookiebearz


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WOW!!! Thank you all so much for following me! I never thought I would ever be this popular lol! I hope my blog makes everyone happy, because being a part of this community definitely makes me happy! 
































































































(P.S. Sorry if I missed some people or put your username wrong, I can’t keep up with all of y’all changing your names lol!) <3

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I forgot to do one for 1.5K so here are my first ever followed and some of my faves.. I’ve missed so many😩 thank you guys❤️❤️❤️

First follower: vanderyeezus
First few: cavanaughty fuckyeahprettylittleliar you-look-like-my-forever iansquared wrenisstillaidgaf tokillamockingliar immortalitymydxrlings iamaweirdokid bitch-chipped-us twistedhastings yassiee3 wastedhastings
More faves: montgomeryshastings prettylittletrxian drinkyoursauce prettylittletroian irlspencer hastingsandcavanaugh prodigiousliar emisonhopes safeplacetolandd troianlove just-assume-its-sparia cjalter hastingscentral hxnnamarin slay-mitchell takeanempanada cavanaughttoby prettylittlespobyyy hastings-troian alisondilxurentis allensbellisario baellisariotroian cmonwereteamsparia crazymonahastings theprettylittlejason ashbenzo-xo ezzy-fitzgerry fuckyeah-troianbellisario prettybiga yassiee3 xxariax xdreamingofwonderlandx wtfstroian wrenischarles troian-a-b toribellisario tobytomyspencer thisliarisonfire the-brit-he-lies spobyisinmyveins spencersforbes spencerhastingsfever spence-slutting-it-up sluttyspencer monasvanderballs manna-vandermarin crazylittlemona x-crush-on-mister-fitz-x ladybellisario king-cavanaugh rosewoodzs jasontrashfan hannasrivers gameovercece fuckyeahspencer fuckyeahprettylittleliar fuckyeahprettyianharding sashapieterses ariashastigs prettylittleliarsxxxx pll-fuckyeah iwasalwaysaromantic unleashing-a twistedlittleliars troianbellisaro rosewoodd redcoatblackveil ezbaefitz emisonisforever welcomebackmona whothefckischarles

Yesterday I hit 3k followers, and since I didn’t make a 2k ff here it is :)

fyi: my main blog is @playedsymphonies. :)

Special thanks to my bae no. 1 and wife @shwhunters i love youuuu! 😘

A-C @a-littleliartheory @a-teamofficial @addictedtoprettylittleliars @alisonddilaurentis @alisondilasaurous @alisondilaurentis-official @alisondilxurentis @alisondliaurentis @alisonqueendilaurentis @alisonredcoat @alisonsdliaurentis @allissondilaurentis @alwayslittleliars @ariashastigs @ashbenzoholic @ashbzo @bitchcankeepasecret @bitchesofrosewood @blackveilsociety @caroforbes @countryhale

D-F @dailycelebritygifs @dailylittleliars @dailypll @dailypllgifs @dailysashapieterse @dangerous-g-a-me @di-laurentisqueen @dilaurentisfields @dilaurentisliar @dilaxrentis​ @emilyandali​ @emisob​ @emisondilaurentis​ @emisongay​ @emisonisforever @emisonjauregui​ @emswift​ @ezbaefitz​ @ezra-fitzturkey​ @ezrafitzgerld​ @ezraschickpeas​ @ezraspies​ @ezraxaria​ @ezriaisbaepll​ @ezriasupport​ @fallforhale​ @fitzandmontgomery @fiverosewoodliars @fuckyeahprettylittleliars​ @fuckyeslittleliars​ @futuremrsfitz

G-I @gif-pll @gomezinghaler @halebmonster @hanna-marin @hannabananasundae @hannacaleb @hannascookie @hannasrivers @hannnarivers @hashtagpll @hastingsemily @heybenson @hotdogfitz @houseofhastings @ianshardin @iiswhoiis @immortalitymydxrlings @itsalwaysprettyinrosewood @itsashbenzo

J-L @jenna-cant-hear-us-shes-blind​ @justspencersluttinitup​  @kalebrivers​ @kesha-rose​ @lesliexknope​ @liars-secrets​ @liarsforlife18​ @liarsinravenswood​ @liliescollins​ @little-addicted-liars​ @littlebookliar @littleliardiaries​ @lucvhale @lucxhale​ ​@lucyhale @lucyhardin​ @lucyhle​ @lucyily

M-O @manna-vandermarin​​ @marinshannas​​ @missariaiskiller​​ @mona-the-liar​​ @monasvanderballs​​ @monavanderdoll​​ @montgomeryshastings​​ @mrharding​​ @mrs-hannamarin​ @occtaviablake​​ @ohyeahprettylittleliars​​

P-R @phobetonkins​​ @phosephone​​ @pll-is-life​​ @pllawesomeness​​ @pllcloset​​ @plldailly​​ @plldarling​​ @plleek​ @pllmysteries​ @pllonfreeform​ @pllrocks​ @pllrose​ @pllsphere @pllspobylove​ @pookiebearandz​ @pookiebearz​ @pouseywashngton​ @prettiest-liars @pretty-little-liars-team​ @pretty-littlelesbians​ @prettybiga​ @prettyliargif​ @prettylittledirtyliars​ @prettylittleliars @prettylittleliars-bitches​ @prettylittleliars-lovers​ @prettylittleliars-queen​ @prettylittleliarsa @prettylittleliarsbiga @prettylittleliarsfans-a @prettylittleliarswerk @prettylittleliarsxxxx​ @prettylittlelrs​ @prettylittlemelanie @prettymysticfalls​ @prettyxlittleliarsblog​ @queenalidilaurentis​ @rdcoats @redcoatblackveil​ @revealingpll​ @rosewoodslittleliarss​ @rosewoodspy​ @rvsewood

S-U @sasha-daily​ @sashapieterrse​ @sashapieterse​ @sashapieterseismyqueen​ @scarlettjohanson​ @seriouslyspoby​ @shavsmitchell​ @shay-daily​ @shaymichtell​ @shaymitchel​ @shaymitchell​ @shayspieterse​ @shwhunters​ @slay-mitchell​ @sophers​ @spencerargent​ @spencercavanughs​ @spencerhastigns​ @spencerscookies @spencexhastings​ @spobyislife​ @sponahastings​  @takeanempanada @team-pretty-little-liars @thatisimmortalitymydarlings​ @thatsinmortalitymydarlings @theliarsgifs​ @thelifeofapllsuperfan​ @theplliars​ @thispllisburied​ @tokillamockingliar​ @troianbellisaros​ @troiancoolsario​ @troianforever @troianhastngs​ @troiann​ @troians​ @twistedlittleliars​ @typicalrosewoodliars​ @tyshley​ @ultimatepll

 V-X @vanderyeezus @welcomebackmona​ @whatwouldspencerdo​ @whothefckischarles​ @wren-dilaurentis​ @wrenisstillaidgaf​ @wrenkingsten​ @xxariax

Once again, thank y’all so much, and sorry if I missed someone, ily!


Thank you guys so much for following me! I’ve only had this blog for  few months but I constantly feel the love everyday! I have tagged all of my favourite blogs and also the people I see in my activity a lot! I really recommend you follow them if you aren’t already! If you’re not mentioned I probably forgot but I love all you guys! 

@a-littleliartheory @a-is-4-aria @addictedtoprettylittleliars @aestheticspoby @allthingspllallthetime @ariashastigs @beautifulspoby @bitch-chipped-us @blackveilsociety @carpentertobes @cavanastings @cavanaugh-lies @cavanaughandhastings @cavanaughspencer @cavanaughttoby @cavanaughty @dauntless-spoby @deputytoby @dilaurentischick @drinkyoursauce @ezbaefitz @exriaz @ezriaxsparia @flawlessly-spoby @fourlittleliars @fuckyeahprettylittleliars @fuckyeahtobyspencer @fyspoby @fuckyeslittleliars @halebslovechild @haleb-secrets @hannavandermariin @hannarivers @hastings-troian @hastingsandcavanaugh @hastingsecrets @hashtagpll @hashtagvanderwaal @hastingspence @heartspobyy @houseofhastings @hushxhushxsweetxliar @ilovepllandbooks @immortalitymydxrlings @immortalityspencer @irlspencer @iwasalwaysaromantic  @jasondi-laurentis @jenna-cant-hear-us-shes-blind @justdoingsometutoring @justspencersluttinitup @keeganallennews @kalebrivers @keegscavanaugh @keeganallenspain @keegscavanaugh @ladybellisario @littlebookliar @lovinemison @lovingbenzopll @manna-vandermarin @marinhastingsforbes @missariaiskiller @monavanderdoll @monavanderslayy @mrandmrscavanaugh @mrs-hannamarin @never-had-a-safe-place-to-land @now-that-is-immortality @ohmyprettyliars @pll-215-owls-b26-paris @pll-aisforanswers @pllawesomeness @pllemisonsparia @plliars-spoby @pllrxsewood @pllspobylove @precious-little-liars @pretty-eyes-ft-spence @pretty-little-reblog @pretty-little-liars-team @prettylittledavidcooklover @prettylittledeadtheories @prettylittlehopeful @prettylittleliarsreign @prettylittlespooby @prettylittletroian @queenshastings @safe-place-to-land @safeplacetolands @safeplacetolandd @seriouslyspoby @sp0bae @sparklebubbleblonde @spencercavanughs @spencerstobias @spencersforbes @spencetobyspoby @spencerssauce @spoby-18-1 @spobyisinmyveins @spobyficstalker @spobyismylife @spobyscavanaugh @spobyovereverything @sponahastings @stelenaspoby @takeanempanada @thelifeofapllsuperfan @think-of-rosewood @thisliarisonfire @thousandtimesovers @tobespence @tobys-durag @tobias-a-cavanaugh @tobycavanaughty @treeganinthegardn @troianbellisaros @troiancoolsario @troianforever @twistedlittleliars @twistedhastings @wastedhastings @xxariax

I have decided to make a follow forever because I have reached 408 followers!!! Thank you all for following me. I love you all!!!


@ariashastigs, @ashbzo , @ariascompassion, @alisonddilaurentis@alifields, @alisonqueendilaurentis, @ale-la-pazza1, @benzburn, @bzoburn, @bensonsashley, @bisexualmonas @caroforbes, @cavanastings, @chickpeasandboysenberrypie, @dilaurentisliar, @dilaurentisfields, @dilaurnts


@ezriasupport, @emswift, @ezrafitzgerld, @ezraschickpeas, @ezra-fitzturkey, @endgamezria, @ezrafrootgerald, @fitzandmontgomery, @farklesrileys, @fuckyeahprettylittleliar, @fuckyeslittleliars, @futuremrsfitz, @fancy-fitz, @hannabananasundae, @hannacaleb


@jasondilaurentis, @keegscavanaugh, @lucyhale, @lucvhale, @littleliardiaries, @littlebookliar, @lucxhale


@monasvanderballs, @martinskki, @marinhastingsforbes, @manna-vandermarin @novelty-keeper, @occtaviablake, @prettylittleliarsxxxx, @prettylittleliars-bitches, @pookiebearandz, @pookiebear-z, @prettylittleliarsa


@queenshastings, @rosewoodsecret, @rosewoodspy, @rosewoodslittleliarss, @spencerscookies, @spencexhastings, @sexyvanlis, @sweetlittlehale, @swifthales, @twistedlittleliars, @troiastings, @troianbellisaros, @troiancoolsario @troybells, @takeanempanada


@vanderyeezus, @welcomebackmona, @wrenischarles, @wrenkingsten, @wren-kingston, @wrxnkingston  @4littlelyingbitches

600 followersssssss <3

Soooo, I love each of you so much and I am so happy to say I’ve reached 600 followers as of last Thursday or Friday. I haven’t had access to a computer until now so I’m finallllly making this. I can’t believe I’ve actually gained 52 followers since then but thank you so much! I honestly never thought I would reach 100 followers but to have 600+ is honestly the most amazing thing in the world. You are all appreciated and I seriously love each and every one of you. So, here is my follow forever of my absolute favourite blogs that I follow.

First and foremost, addictedtoprettylittleliars
You have become more than a beloved mutual whose blog I adore, you have become my friend. You are so kind and caring and even though we don’t talk all the time, I know I can always come to you if I needed you. You are amazing. Thank you a million times over for all that you are.

Secondly, blvcksacrfices
I talk to you on a regular basis and I honestly love knowing that I can always message you. Thanks for never getting annoyed of me, I know that I’ve found a friend in you and you definitely have found one in me. Always.

Thirdly, prettylitttlelovers
We’ve only recently started talking but you are honestly such a sweetheart and I’m so glad we’ve gotten to know each other a little bit. I hope we can keep talking because you seem like an amazing girl.

Okay, here goes:

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This took me absolutely forever and I’m sorry if I missed everyone.. Thanks x a million and one to all of my absolutely perfect followers, you guys are all amazing and I can’t express my appreciation enough. I love you alllllll <333

Thank you, thank you, thank youu, 

xox, C :-*

I probably won’t be online much over the holidays but I will definitely be back after the hiatus! Feel free to message me whenever because I’m sure I’ll be checking that! Also, please let me know what your favourite Christmas songs are! I really need to get into the Christmas spirit FAST and I need to make a playlist! I wish all of my 3K followers a Happy Christmas and I hope that you are all safe and well! Enjoy the new year! Love Chloe X

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