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Mambo number five- I mean, Ten Faced with a jazzy twist!

Secrets ~ Ashton Smut

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I’ve been wanting to write a smut like this for a while but never got around to doing it till now lol part 2 of Tumblr Love should also be up like maybe tonight or tomorrow btw! I guess thats all haha enjoyyyy
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~ Krissy

Ashton Smut ~

"Sh, be quiet." You panted shoving Ashton along with his clothes into your closet.

"[Y/N]?" Calum called.

"Yeah? I’m in my room!" You yelled back.

Quickly you grabbed the towel from your earlier shower that was still in your room and wrapped it around your bare body. Calum’s footsteps became louder and louder until he was right in front of your door. He twisted the knob walking in as you tossed your hair up into a bun dismissing the messiness of it from your precious actions.

"[Y/N] what the fuck why aren’t you dressed?! We need to leave for mom and dad’s dinner in like 10 minutes!" Calum whined.

"Shit that’s today?" You bite your lip.

"Yes." He rolled his eyes.

"Go wait in the car i’ll be right out." You said.

"Just hurry up." He said.

Once Cal left the room you locked the door behind him muttering a quiet fuck under your breath. Going over to the closet you opened it to see an already mostly dressed Ashton.

"Such a buzz kill." Ashton chuckled.

"Tell me about it." You rolled your eyes.

"This wouldn’t be a problem if we weren’t sneaking around." Ashton said.

"You know there’s no way Cal would be okay with - this." You said pointing between the two of you.

"If he knew how much i cared about you it shouldn’t matter." He said.

"I know but you look at me the wrong way while he’s around and he jumps into over protective brother mode." I sighed.

"Hurry up!" Calum yelled from downstairs.

"I’ll come by later once you’re home. Leave your window open okay?" He pecked your lips.

"Okay." You smiled.

Just like that Ashton was out of your bedroom window and hopping over the fence into your neighbors yard. You did your best to get ready as fast as you could but that still wasn’t fast enough for Calum.

"What time does it start?" You asked, scrambling around your room looking for your earrings.

"5." Calum said. His tall frame was leaning against the doorway of your room.

"Fucking shit Cal it’s only 4! You gave me a heart attack!" You lightly hit his chest with your wristlet repeatedly.

"I need to stop by Ashton’s to pick something up before we get there and we need to get there earlier anyway so get a move on." He said.

"Ashton’s?" You questioned.

"Yeah is that a problem?" He asked.

"N-no." You stuttered.

"Good now hurry." Rolling his eyes while gesturing with his hand he made his way downstairs.

Closing your eyes a sigh fell from your lips. Without a second thought you grabbed the flannel Ashton gave you to use as a light weight jacket and made your way out to the car before Calum had a hissy fit. Again.

"Is that Ashton’s, flannel?" Cal asked.

"Uh yeah… When he was over the other day he left it so i figured since we’re going over there we should bring it back, to, him?"


"It’s just inside the garage." Ashton said. Calum proceeded to get out of the car leaving the door propped open. "Hey [Y/N]." Ashton winked leaning into the car.

"Hey." You smiled.

"I’m gonna use the bathroom real quick mate." Calum said.

"Alright." Ash nodded.

Once Calum was out of site Ashton got in the car. Slipping into the driver seat he pulled you into a kiss. Your hands found his cheeks, running your thumb over his jaw. Ashton broke the kiss much to both of your dismays nervous Calum could be back any second and catch you two.

"You look fucking hot in my flannel babe." He chuckled.

"Calum thinks i’m giving it back because i said you left it over our place the other day." You said.

"I’ll just tell him you can keep it." He smirked.

"Ash where are you?" Calum said.

"Fuck. I’m right here man your sister was giving me my flannel but she can keep it i have plenty." He said getting out of the car.

"Alright well we gotta hurry i don’t want us being late." Cal said.


"Don’t forget to lock the front door and no parties." Calum said.

"Okay dad." You said.

"I’m just looking out for my little sis that’s all." He said.

"Calum i will be spending the night in my room doing nothing as always. Being home alone isn’t going to change that." You rolled your eyes. "Also i’m 18 i’m not a little girl anymore."

"If you need me i’m just a phone call away." He smiled.

"Goodbye Cal." You pushed him out the door. "Finally!" You sighed.

As you made your way upstairs you managed to strip down to just Ashton’s flannel and your underwear. Leaving your bra, dress and shoes in the hall on your way. Falling onto your bed you smiled texting Ashton to let him know you were finally alone again.

"You didn’t think i was waiting at home for you to text me did you?" Ashton chuckled coming through your window. "Oh jesus." He took in your appearance.

Climbing onto the bed he placed a hand on either side of your head. Making his way up your body like a lion stalking its prey. A chill ran down your spine as his eyes looked into yours. Leaning down his lips brushed against yours teasingly. Your hands snaked to the back of his neck pulling him down into the kiss.

"You look fucking hot in my shirt princess. God damn." He groaned as you started kissing down his neck.

"I put it on just for you." You winked.

"H-how long do we have?" He asked.

"Um, i don’t know a while i’m assuming he’s going out with Luke or something somewhere." You said.

"Good because i have a little someone who missed you." He smirked.

Stripping down to nothing. Ashton’s member slapped up against his stomach. The tip was bright red with pre cum leaking from the slit. He hissed as the cool air of the room his his member. Your eyes sparkled at the sight.

"Holy fuck Ashton." You licked your lips.

"I’m still hard from earlier babe i couldn’t get off when i got home." He whined. "Help." He pouted.

Switching places, Ashton laid his head back on the pillows. His thighs clenched at your touch as you raked your nails across his skin lightly. With your hands placed on his lower stomach you pressed kisses from base to tip. Using your tongue now and then to lick little spots. You watched as he squirmed under you.

"Stop being such a fucking tease!" He whined.

"Oh you don’t like little kisses?" You giggled.

"[Y/N] please it’s killing me." He cried.

"Alright baby alright." You cooed.

You slid your lips down around the tip of his cock, going down as much as you could. Ashton gripped the sheets tightly, shutting his eyes releasing a breathy moan. Hollowing your cheeks you began bobbing your head slowly. The thick vein on the back of his length pressed against your bottom lip. You could feel his stomach tightening under your touch.

"That f-feels fucking amazing baby girl." Ashton whimpered. He always called you every pet name under the sun and you loved it.

Removing his member from your mouth with a pop he let out a whine. You took his length in your hand and began slowly pumping it. His eyes were shut tightly, his biceps flexing as he held onto the sheets like his life depended on it.

"Where do you wanna cum? Hm?" You asked. You licked a stripe over his slit making his hips buck upward.

"Your mouth, fuck your mouth." He growled.

You nodded with a smile taking him back into the warm, wet cavern of your mouth. You bobbed your head even faster than before and started massaging his balls. Loud whines and moans tumbled from his lips along with a list of profanities occasionally with your name thrown in the mix. It was like music to your ears. He began to twitch in your mouth letting you know he was close. You grabbed the base of his cock firmly while sucking harshly on his tip.

"Oh fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" He cried. His body twisting while he came hard down your throat.

You sucked every last bit before backing away. Using the sleeve of the flannel you wiped the corners of your mouth clean, smiling wide as Ashton laid there a panting mess.

"How was that baby?" You asked innocently while rubbing your hands up and down his thighs.

He blinked a few times. Rubbing his hands over his face trying to control his erratic breathing. Another small after wave of pleasure coursed his body making him jerk upward a bit. You giggled as you watched him come down from his intense high.

"Come here," he giggled. His hand caressing your cheek before he pecked your lips.

"Please fuck me before my brother gets home and kills both of us." You chuckled against his lips.

"I think i should treat you first." He nipped at your earlobe.

Ashton’s long fingers danced down your sides. Slipping their way into your underwear he ran a single finger down your slit. Your eyes fluttered shut, lips parting slightly while his finger grazed your clit. A satisfied chuckle left Ash as he took in your reaction.

"You’re so wet for me baby." He cooed.

"A-Ash," you mumbled, he hummed in response. "Take them off already."

Before you knew it he had your underwear removed from your body and the buttons of the flannel open exposing your bare chest. His fingers made quick circles on your clit causing your jaw to drop open from the direct contact to the little bundle of nerves. Ashton attacked your neck with kisses, slowly but surely making his way to your chest. No doubt leaving marks behind you knew you’d have to explain later.

Your heart was beating in your chest rapidly. It could’ve been spur of the moment, excitement, adrenaline - or the fact you were madly in love with one of your brothers best mates who you were sneaking around with behind your brothers back. Either way the feeling was electrifying.

"I wanna ride you so badly babe." You mumbled through heavy breathing.

"I’m so down for that." He smirked.

Reaching over to your nightstand drawer he grabbed a condom. With your assistance it was easily put on in seconds. His member decently hard once again. Pumping himself a few times he grabbed you by your hip lining himself up with you.

Slowly you dropped your hips down onto him. Ashton’s head rolled back onto your pillows while you arched your back letting your head fall back as well. Ashton’s hands remained on your hips. Guiding you up and down at a steady pace. The feeling of him stretching you out was like any other and it was something you could never get enough of.

"How are you always so fucking tight!" He moaned. "Maybe i need to fuck you more." Both of you laughed.

"I have no complaints over that." You smiled.

Your hands were steadied on his toned chest. Nails raking down to his stomach every time he hit just the right spot. He began thrusting upward meeting your movements quickly. Pleasure coursed through your body all the way down to your toes, them curling and turning white.

"Oh Ashton fuck!" You whined. "Right there!" You moaned.

"Does that feel good huh princess?" He growled.

He was now pounding into you. The only sounds of the room was slapping skin and muffled screams. Leaning forward you bit down between his neck and shoulder. Ashton’s large arms wrapped around you pulling your body down tight and close to his. The knot in your stomach started to form feeling like a fire pit that could explode at any second. With a shaky arm you reached down and began to rub your clit.

"I’m s-s-s-o close baby!" You stumbled over your words. Head spinning with euphoria.

"I feel you clenching around my cock baby girl - fuck." He hissed.

"A-a-a-Ashton, holy shit!" You screamed.

One final harsh thrust and you were sent over the edge. Your body shook and collapsed on top of Ash while he continued sloppily pounding into you. Your sweaty bodies were now tangled together, his thrusting prolonging your orgasm. His movements finally came to a halt as he released into the condom, a throaty groan leaving his lips while little whimpers and pants left yours.

"Oh my god, oh my god!" Another voice that didn’t belong to your or Ashton filled your ears. Once you realized who it was your heart sank. "What the fuck is going on here?!" Calum yelled.

"Oh fucking christ." Ashton groaned into your ear.

Your hands tangled into his sweaty, matted curly hair - pressing a kiss to his neck. Not even caring you were almost totally naked in front of your brother. A small chuckle fell from your lips but neither boy really found the whole thing as entertaining.

"[Y/N] put clothes on now. Ashton i’d like to speak with you in the hallway." Calum’s voice held anger, betrayal and disbelief.

"Baby," you whispered in Ashton’s ear. Tears now brimming your eyes.

"I’ll handle it." He whispered back.

Carefully Ashton slid out of you. You held back a moan since Calum was still in the room. Lifting the blanket you got under it so you could button your shirt without Cal seeing anything. Ashton got up and handed you your underwear before putting his boxers and pants back on.

"You stay there," Calum pointed to you before disappearing into the hall with Ash. You got up to listen through the door anyway. "Seriously my sister?!" You heard Calum yell.

"Can you let me explain." Ashton defended.

"I walked in on YOU FUCKING MY BABY SISTER!" Calum screamed.

"She’s not a baby anymore Calum she’s 18!" Ashton yelled back. "Look Cal the only reason we went behind your back is because there’s no way in hell you would let us be together and whether not you like it i love your sister." Ashton said.

"You love me?" You asked coming out of your room not caring you were told to stay put.

"Yeah, i do love you." Ashton said.

"I love you too Ashton." You said. Running into his arms he kissed you, it was long, hard and meaningful like you both thought it would be the last time.

"Alright alright fine. You guys can be together. But you get her pregnant and i’ll fucking kill you!" Cal huffed.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" You cheered running to hug Calum. "You’re the best."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now i need to go shower i feel gross, i’ll never get that image out of my head."


Absurd Creature of the Week:

The Adorable Mexican Mole Lizard Has a Disgusting (and undeserved) Reputation

by Matt Simon

The myth:

Should you be foolish enough to drop trou and answer the call of nature in the wilderness, you’ll find the beast will “enter your body by the most unspeakable means,” said Carl Franklin, a herpetologist at the University of Texas at Arlington. “And it’ll rip your guts, shred them to pieces.” The death is slow, not to mention embarrassing…


The creature, a reptile called the Mexican mole lizard (Bipes biporus), is in fact totally adorable and completely harmless—but it sure is a powerful myth. A few years ago Franklin was driving through Baja with his wife searching for the critters, and pulled up to two cowboys. He handed them a picture of the mole lizard and asked if they’d seen any lately, and “they just twisted up their faces in disgust, and they went over and saw my license plate is from Texas.” They then proceeded to admonish him for coming to their country for such things…

(read more: Wired Science)

photographs by Carl Franklin

True Love’s Kiss

In the middle of the kiss, Anna jerks in pain, while yet another streak of her hair turns white. Hans looks at her in disbelief, realising that the kiss had not worked; she was still dying.
“Then there is only one alternative left…” He stands up and turns for the door. Anna, recollecting herself form the pain, whispers:
“Hans…. What do you mean to do?” He was already by the door. He did not dear to look at her.
“I am so sorry, Anna. I have no other choice.”
“What?!” Anna falls to the floor. “Wait! Please, don’t hurt her!” But he was already gone.


Alternative “twist” that I thought of while watching Frozen for the first time. This was actually really, really hard to manipulate! So many layers!! :o

"Hey guys we should totally color coordinate and wear black and white outfits so we can look matchy but still put our own individual twists on it"

"but no one tell calum"

anonymous asked:

Could you please list a couple of true crime books that you think are worth reading? :)

This one isn’t entirely “True Crime” but if you’re at all interested in cults/Warren Jeffs, it’s a great read.  I couldn’t put it down.

This is one book anyone interested in True Crime should read.

This is just a ridiculous page turner.  You can’t believe Hadden Clark exists while you’re reading it.

One of my personal favorites, about The Hillside Stranglers.

Really rare and difficult to get, but if you’re ever able to PICK this book up.  Dodd was one twisted person and although this book is hard to stomach, I really enjoyed it because it was written by him.

I enjoyed this one mostly because this case was really interesting to me.

FvF Cooks: Banana & Cherry Muffins

For the third instalment of our Afternoon Tea Series with the Berlin-based creative couple of food blog Our Food Stories, we’re going for gluten-free Banana Cherry Muffins – a vibrant twist on a much-loved classic.

Head over to Freunde von Freunden to get their cake recipe and a step-by-step guide and find out how Nora & Laura give the typical banana muffins a new lease of life.

Explore more delicious recipes from our international network in our FvF Cooks Series.

Thank you Emma Winterschladen!

fun Facts again.

Although Gabe’s character design was a recycled concept from Mikes first draft, the look itself was inspired from Henry Townshend from Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Richard was originally supposed to be a twisted, sinister character. However the concept was changed quickly once mental conditions were introduced, making him a complicated character that resulted mixed feelings in the eyes of the viewer.

Before taking any kind of interest in FNAFs, the artist ( myself ) had a dream where Mike was instructing her on how to set up decoy traps for the Animatronics. The outfit is the same you see today, but a shadow covered his face due to his hat.
The artist failed in following the instructions and got cornered by 4 of the robots.

Jeremy is Left handed.

The child who was stuffed into Freddy didn’t trust the man in the Golden Suit. Although the kid wasn’t invited, they still followed the younger children to keep them safe…

The reason for Charles and Richard growing was just in case Charles really was the killer. Than Richard would of been his split personality that Charles hallucinated all this time.
Luckily this is no longer the case.

Fritz was originally supposed to be white with blond hair. But he looked so generic and uninteresting. So his color scheme changed to make him stand out more.

The concept of Gabe being religious was an idea from a friend, suggesting that someone with a Holy Spirit might set the souls of the children to rest.
What are the odds in that, eh?

Lyra was originally Oriental, but the idea was scrapped after the concept art was drawn out.

Margaret is half Scottish.

Richard originally had hair in his concept art, but was quickly changed afterwards.

Although not colored in yet, the Boss is of Hispanic Origin.

The concept of Gabe cutting himself whenever he sins was taken from the movie ‘Doom’. One of the characters would cut a cross into his arm if he took the lords name in vain.

You are adorable. It’s canon.

Pairing: Jaspidot

Summary: Peridot and Jasper share a history together. A long, annoying history together. Hurtling towards the earth, Peridot thinks back on her partnership with Jasper, and what could have been.

Content: Pretty safe.


Okay, this is basically a test run of a fic idea I’ve been toying around with. Depending on if people like the idea or not. A slow burn fic of how Peridot and Jasper became partners and something closer.

There’s a tense moment in which Peridot clenches her eyes shut tight, ducks her head down against her chest and waits. The booming sound of catastrophic explosions dies with the seal of the escape pod sliding into place, but she knows she isn’t out of danger yet. Movement jostles her, forces her face first into the inside of the pod. There’s a low hum. A beep from somewhere behind her.

She’s free.

Keep reading

Faucet Shaped Phone Charger

With the faucet shaped phone charger you’ll be able to control the flow of electricity like flowing water from the sink. A twist of the handle results in either a red LED light indicating you have cut off the flow or a blue light that indicates the opposite.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

myaluv4ever asked:

So I don't know whether or not ticket and/or other 1D products sales have gone up. What I do know? My mom just bought me and my sisters (all fucking five of us) tickets for the concert. (We live in Canada so it's a while away) O.O She also finally caved and bought my two little sisters FOUR. And if my mom did that? There's probably a ton of other parents who did that too.

The level of hype they’ve managed to achieve with this stunt does usually translate into a sales spike. Just imagine what might happen if a certain fella miraculously returned? 1D’s team has to be aware of this. 

I think part of the mission of this stunt is an attempt to avoid the boyband curse. Because they know this is about the time in the boyband life cycle that the kiddies start to lose interest. But if they create a real life soap opera with several plot twists for the fandom, then maybe 1D won’t start to hemorrhage fans. They gonna go big or go home. Stay tuned.

plot twist this whole wedding is a cover and i am actually getting married to josh dun sorry