PSA: the-wiccans-glossary IS a transphobe, and non-binary people are NOT mentally ill*

* I mean, you might be, but the two are not mutually exclusive.

Your gender identity is not a mental illness.

This blog is open and kind to any and all, regardless of gender identity, sexual identity, or lack thereof. This blog is open and kind to those who are sure, and those who are not.

I am open and kind to those who are open and kind, to those who are gentle and those who are hard, to those who are religious and those who don’t believe, to those who know or do not know what they are doing.

Your gender identity is not a mental illness.

You do not have to stick around on a blog that perpetuates this horrible, horrible idea. There are hundreds of us out there with as much varied and in depth information as you can garner at TWG’s blog; you do not have to put up with bile and hatred, you do not have to put up with transphobia, to try and learn about witchcraft, paganism, wicca, or whatever else.

Your gender identity is not a mental illness.

Please, fellow witches, wiccans, pagans, jewitches, Christian witches, whoever the heck you are; if you support trans people on all sides and parts of the spectrum; reblog this, add other witches blogs and resources. Heck, even if you’re not a witch, if you support non-binary people, please let’s show the LGBTQ+ (witch) community just how much we care, and how minuscule and incredibly wrong people like the-wiccans-glossary are!

Your gender identity is not a mental illness!

To all of the non-binary people hurt by the-wiccans-glossary, I’m sorry that someone you looked up to hurt you and disrespects you. I’m sorry he doesn’t care. I’m sorry he is ignorant enough to think he has the world figured out enough to invalidate an identity that has existed for hundreds of years. I’m sorry that he reminds people of this far too often. This shouldn’t be any kind of ignorance we have in this community.

I’ve seen some frustration and worry that you won’t be welcome anywhere in the witch community, since on TWG’s page it appears like most agree with him, or respect his opinion more than they respect your existence. That won’t happen. There’s enough of us here that you will always have people who accept you. He isn’t the only source on witchcraft, there’s plenty of other excellent witch blogs that do not make the same ignorant mistake that can mentor you and help you. Please don’t let his ignorance turn you off from pursuing the craft. Part of being a good witch is knowing that there are things that exist outside of our very narrow worldview, and unfortunately many witches fail in that regard. That’s okay though, because you can become stronger than them. It just means you have an advantage.

The Signs as Types of Spells

Aries: Grounding Spells - Aries are powerfully loyal, thoughtful, and bright, able to see situations from all sides and approach problems rationally like a Grounding Spell ought to help you do.

Taurus: Bath Spells - A type of glamour spell, often used for self-love and self-care. They are the perfect spell for loyal Taurus to help in loyalty and honesty towards themselves.

Gemini: Banishing Spells - Expressive, quick-witted members of the Zodiac, Geminis can be symbolised in banishing spells to protect, guard, and ward oneself from negative social and emotional situations. 

Cancer: Friendship Spells - Cancers are so emotional and spiritual, making relationships of all sorts extremely valuable to them.

Leo: Job/Money/Success Spells - Leos are masters of ego and self-care, very high in view of themselves, and able to understand how to take care of their needs.

Virgo: Jar/Bottle Spells - Like a bottle or jar filled with ingredients for a spell, Virgos are outwardly calm and collected and inwardly a powerful mass of intent, thought, and emotion.

Libra: Chants - Spells of repetition and the cementing of intent into words. Chants are perfect for balanced, strong willed Libra.

Scorpio: Curses - Anyone who knows about the Signs should know not to harm a Scorpio. Be it for self-protection or the shielding of another, Curses are a Scorpio’s strong point. Curses take an exorbitant amount of energy and emotion and Scorpio has plenty to spare.

Sagittarius: Luck Spells -  Lovers of change, enthusiastic, and wanderers, Sagittarius’ represent luck spells

Capricorn: Emoji Spells - Whimsical, creative, Capricorn makes good use of small things and knows how to work well with limited needs. (This also makes them wonderful closet-witches when necessary.)

Aquarius: Glamour Spells - Usually the most creative of all spells, Glamour Spells change the physical perception of one’s body in the eyes and other senses of a chosen person or people. Aquarius’ are highly imaginative and artistic, making them masters of Glamour Magick.

Pisces: Dream Spells - Dream Spells often involve prophecy, divination, restful sleep, or warding of nightmares, and as such artistic and intuitive natured signs, Pisces are perfect for these spells.

The Wiccan’s Glossary

anonymous asked:

For Mack, thank for the post about nb and twg but you might want to know twg is actually trans 😓

Ah shit my dude lemme change that. Still fucking wow that’s some serious internalized transphobic shit

Types of spells

Banishing: To send and keep something away.

Binding: To keep something or someone in your will for it.

Cleansing: To clear of negative energy.

Glamour: Spells which work on physical appearance; usually for beauty.

Communication: To contact, sometimes summoning, spirits to speak to them.

Warding: To keep something back, usually for safety. Avoidance.

Curses: A spell with negative intent towards a person or object; see also, jinx and hex.

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Snow officiated court and Jason's wedding and yes hoechs was there//he was seated in the front row i think & there are pics of bryler dancing at the reception. we talked about it at the time on twg & atbt, but it wasn't all that interesting. Court is BS's bff & Hoech hung out w/him & Jason all the time. Hoech was also at their engagement party & a 'guys night' type of bachelor party too w/o BS. It didn't seem like a big deal.

I’ve noticed Hoechlin stans were very protective of him during the bryler years and a lot of stuff happened that has been conveniently forgotten. I saw some pics during my ig tornado and was like, why don’t people bring this up when we talk about no homo Hoechlin? I get it in a greater good sense but it just makes him all the more mysterious to me. Like, who is this boy?

All wanted yokai passwords for NA version, end reward is 10 of some coins.

Password Trophy Reward

asc Slither Trophy Large Exporb

Ank Hunger Trophy Brute Bracer

ojXr Meow Trophy Speed Bell

HhZ7 Granny Trophy Silver Doll

cTvth Horse Trophy Mega Exporb

z4jy3 Mane Trophy Blue Coin

ERGddj Hood Trophy Lunar Ring

8RMtS9a Wrinkly Trophy Reflector

YKz58zb Katana Trophy Holy Exporb

cXBmoYmv Papa Trophy Vampiric Fangs

fkcKmC9o Tengu Trophy Fiend Badge

tjG Cicada Trophy Yellow Coin

NaIx Mochi Trophy Cheery Coat

TwG Bird Trophy Tough Bell

rQYqwf Wannabe Trophy Restraint Belt

mJBJK Gambler Trophy Golden Doll

C3j5rBs Good Job Prize Big Bottle

rAzkFDUV Wild Trophy Fiend Charm

HzK Cool Hair Prize Orange Coin

hNcD Flutter Trophy Spell Bell

srsvv Shogun Trophy Turnabeads

2rBkYbb Kids’ Trophy Sun Bracelet

uSF Daze Trophy Monkey Circlet

cJxR Sack Trophy Beefy Bell

enyQKc Kimono Trophy Nail Bat

kHfynh5Y Glasses Trophy Fiend Band

WdF Buzz Trophy Holy Exporb

dqu Kappa Trophy Reversword

zDCJ Guardian Trophy Ritzy Studs

Eqyf Heart Trophy Meteor Badge

FPKZj Master Trophy Thick Specs

F3FAcW9G Snake Trophy Pink Coin

AkLdjF3 Bottle Trophy Heavenly Sash

cjUwfYN Lion Trophy Sleepillow

xDRt9n84 Cloak Trophy Venoct Gauntlet

Afx Hat Trophy Sleep ‘n’ Study

JSGpG Stilt Trophy Die of Fate

MkE Stylish Trophy Green Coin

h4QRad Stag Trophy Iron Plates

sPFE Cupid Trophy Purple Coin

Fxw4SnF Comedy Trophy Ancient Scale

LWjsEP Beetle Trophy Cicada Sword

WakHxN5X Darkness Trophy Guard Gem

xyg Toothpick Trophy Red Coin

KsBP Eel Trophy Ski Mask

HtXLA Shark Trophy Galaxy Charm

T6hQXwz Demon Trophy Crystal Ball

gkH Seaweed Trophy Sticker of Hate

KwPS Dragon Trophy Light-Blue Coin

trzSf Shell Trophy Golden Doll

rFFP8m Triclops Trophy Holy Exporb

zbMk2Cph Cyclops Trophy Fiend Ring

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Wrong, anon. TWG /IS/ a reasonable person. They sit down and they debate logically, and you just jump to emotions. How did we get to "anyone they don't like is mentally ill and they're transphobic as fuck"? You do plenty of excusing solo all by yourselves just because they're on the right side of history in your eyes but TWG is NOT an asshole. You're making things up at this point



And a good friend, who’s leaving for Japan for her new job this month, gave me a sample of this tea from TWG called “Voyager’s Tea” which not only has a beautiful name but also a lovely scent! She wrapped it up so prettily for me too, with a card and all. These little gifts are the best.

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I saw some pics during my ig tornado and was like, why don’t people bring this up when we talk about no homo Hoechlin?//other than here it doesn't really get brought up tho & there are very few Hoech stans that check this blog. And we aren't secretive, we just keep to ourselves bc twg used to give us hate about too many bryler posts, so it was all atbt which was just stan territory. There's a lot that's just old news now & people move on too.

Ahh, I see.