Use only song titles from one artist/band to answer these questions and tag 15 people.

I was tagged by reptiliaesthetic (:

Pick your Artist/Band: The Strokes
Are you male or female: Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men

Describe yourself: I’ll Try Anything Once

How do you feel: Hard to Explain

Describe where you currently live: Machu Picchu 

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Welcome to Japan

Your favorite form of transportation: Juicebox
Your best friend is: Trying Your Luck
You and your best friends are: Two Kinds of Happiness

What’s the weather like: Under Control
Favorite time of the day: Evening Sun
If your life was a TV show, what would the title be: You Talk Way Too Much

What is life to you: The Way It Is
Your relationship: Between Love and Hate

Your fear: Killing Lies

OKay, i tried to be funny but i feel like this sucked. I’m tagging buzinezdog crunchpunchmyface casababe deathcab-for-alex stjustice sonic-hiighways ev-eningsun five-dollar-words fkatwg h-ooliganss juliancasablancassecretlover juliancasablancasfrenchkiss lamepvnk modernstrokesgirl nikoji nintend0-bl00d officialcasablancas turnerandcasablancas unofficialcasablancas vadababe where-no-hawks-walk whenwewasyoungoh

thanks to the radiantly beautiful fkatwg for tagging me (lov u!!!!) to spell my name with songs and tag 10 people!!

Melody Calling - the vaccines
England - the national
Giving Up the Gun - vampire weekend
Headlines - drake
Anna Sun - walk the moon
Nowhere - sir sly

I tag likearealaristocrat baiomeetsworld thefloralshirt ezraramen echoscope interfaithpaintball 2020bythevaccines stsvincent baio-wulf icecreamdamon okay thanks 💖✨


No Greg answers his call.

Wirt, the boy who returned into the Unknown, remains helpless, cold and alone in the darkness of the woods