February 5th excerpt:

Dean slipped in first, his hand on the hilt of his knife for security. Sam followed quickly after, letting the wallpaper fall back down as though the passageway didn’t exist.

Jacob stared at the spot they’d disappeared for several seconds. He could just barely make out where the wallpaper pulled away to admit them into the wall. And that was only because he’d just seen it happen moments ago.

I don’t like Emerald redemption because RWBY isnt just about good and evil

TWF was good and now they’re terrorists

But they’ve always been against the SDC, who are also once good, now corrupt

And yet the SDC is the family of one of the protagonists

Who is friends with a former White Fang member

Who is in turn a hero

And even the heroes have questionable morals, like James or Qrow

And like

Emerald, if she chooses to leave

Will never be good

She helped Mercury kill Tukson and took the chance to laugh at his death

She may have stolen to survive but being a victim doesn’t automatically make her good

The White Fang are all victims, but also attackers

The SDC is also victims, but also attackers

Let Emerald be BAD for herself

Let her be her own person instead of being forced to side with RWBY like a cheap children’s show character holy shit like if you really want Emerald to be good let people see other options instead of insisting oh well she’s good ™ now

Derek Hale - Memories (Part 1)

warnings ; none 

 request ; Young Derek where the reader takes place of Paige and is Derek’s first love. Some sweet fluff and drama. She’s from the future where she’s best friends with Scott and Stiles and disappears back to her time and part 2 is older Derek and her are reunited? 

 prompt ; in which you are derek’s first love from when he was younger, and you tell the story of your love to scott and stiles.

 a/n ; so, i was struggling with figuring out how to write this, but i finally realized how. basically, you’re telling the story of you and derek to scott and stiles, your friends. italics = the past (your stories). without further ado, sorry for the long wait, but i hope you like it anyway! 

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