“Turning them into fighters? That’s not like you.”
“Yeah, I used to believe that, too.”


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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader

Prompt: You finally get asked out on a date that both of your brothers knew you had been excited about, only for the guy to cancel on you an hour before he was picking you up for another girl.

Warnings: None. This same thing just happened to me and I need some older brother Dean in my life haha.

Extra: Y/N/N: Your Nickname.

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(Daeva- half angel, half demon)

Dean- You guys ready?

Sam- Yeah, Cas?

Castiel- Yes. Lets just kill the Daeva.

When they pushed the door open they expected to see a full grown adult but were surprised to see a kid.

Sam- We can’t kill the Daeva.

You- Mister. What’s a Daeva?

Sam- Uh. Nothing. Do you live here alone?

When you nodded the three strange men exchanged a look

Castiel- We cannot just leave the Daeva here.

Dean- Son of a bitch…Well kid. Pack your bag, we’re going on a road trip