February 7th excerpt:

“I’m gonna be feeling that one in the morning,” Dean gasped out as he managed to finally sit up, letting his arms fall limply across his legs. He coughed, trying to clear up his throat.

That was when he finally realized that he was sitting in a hand, and a familiar one at that. He twisted around, staring straight up at the human that was looking at them both. He gave Jacob a wry grin. “Guess we coulda used Godzilla with us this time,” Dean tried to joke.

superwarhammer13 asked:

While I haven't watched the episode yet, I have managed to learn enough via reddit to know what happened and I do agree with your thoughts about Adam. They wasted a lot of potential with his character, could have played up the 'betrayed friend on two different sides fighting the same war' angle but instead they went with the abuse one. Its extremely disappointing to see RT fuck up so badly.

I’m not gonna say RT fucked up just yet. I’m going to say that their portrayal of Adam was has been largely inconsistent and whether or not it was on purpose or not, the effects of it are still hard to look at mostly because they set up the Faunus as this group akin to groups oppressed by racism or homophobia, and having TWF- the only group so far we’ve seen invested in Faunus rights- appear even for a moment to be the “bad guys” has some really disturbing implications to it. 

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Derek Hale - Memories (Part 1)

warnings ; none 

 request ; Young Derek where the reader takes place of Paige and is Derek’s first love. Some sweet fluff and drama. She’s from the future where she’s best friends with Scott and Stiles and disappears back to her time and part 2 is older Derek and her are reunited? 

 prompt ; in which you are derek’s first love from when he was younger, and you tell the story of your love to scott and stiles.

 a/n ; so, i was struggling with figuring out how to write this, but i finally realized how. basically, you’re telling the story of you and derek to scott and stiles, your friends. italics = the past (your stories). without further ado, sorry for the long wait, but i hope you like it anyway! 

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