February 8th excerpt:

Sam got on Jacob’s hand, planting his boots so he wouldn’t lose balance when it started moving. He gestured for the teen to lift it up. “We won’t let you down. Oh, and Dean?” He pulled out the rest of his salt, tossing the pouch to his older brother. “Just in case.”

Dean gave a jaunty salute with the salt, his trademark smirk in place.

jaynefray asked:

people that support it claim thus: -Neo recognized Raven/was scared of her -Cinder was talking to someone in ep.7 -"She told me". -Cinder used same portal to summon the bug I personally don't really see this, because -Raven could be just a powerful TWF member -we don't know who Cinder was talking to -same here -portals might be just a way of transportation via dust

Honestly despite the lack of receipts considering this week’s episode I’m willing to believe anything about this show, I don’t even care anymore, just turn Raven into a villainous sociopath too without any depth to her characterization I came here for the rad fights and Renora, as long as I get that I’m happy

Derek Hale - Memories (Part 1)

warnings ; none 

 request ; Young Derek where the reader takes place of Paige and is Derek’s first love. Some sweet fluff and drama. She’s from the future where she’s best friends with Scott and Stiles and disappears back to her time and part 2 is older Derek and her are reunited? 

 prompt ; in which you are derek’s first love from when he was younger, and you tell the story of your love to scott and stiles.

 a/n ; so, i was struggling with figuring out how to write this, but i finally realized how. basically, you’re telling the story of you and derek to scott and stiles, your friends. italics = the past (your stories). without further ado, sorry for the long wait, but i hope you like it anyway! 

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