Me while studying: how the hell am I supposed to remember all this school shit for exams after break

Me after watching a tv series: *understands every detail known to man can quote every character from every seasons every line*

Carl is NOT dying / Theory

Scott Gimple is playing the game on The Talking Dead the EXACT same way he did with Glenn’s “first” death. He refuses to say Carl was bitten by a walker. He uses simple yet evasive words describing Carl’s future. He says Carl’s storyline is important moving forward which just fuels my theory. Going the comic route, Carl was bitten, yes…..but not by a walker.

He was bit by a person in walker skin. 

Probably back in the forest with Siddiq when he was struggling with the walkers on top of him. That’s why he wrote the note for Rick and sacrificed himself briefly to Negan. Because he thinks he was bitten by an actual walker. Little did anyone know, as we fight the Saviors, the Whisperers have been already lurking in the shadows.

School: here’s homework, make sure it’s completed by tomorrow

Me when I get home: hello Netflix I missed you what shall we watch today?