Friendly reminder that we have a whole lot to look forward to, regarding 710.

1. Daryl’s face when he sees Carol, after thinking she was dead or gone, and realizing what a miracle it is that he has found her once again.

2. Carol’s face when she sees Daryl. The shock that he has yet again found her, even after she’s isolated herself, even when she has convinced herself that she does not want to be found. I think this is when she’ll come to the realization that there is just no pushing Daryl away for her.

3. THE HUGS!!!

4. Two of them.

5. Seriously. Carol will seemingly let Daryl hug her (twice) and I think that is beautiful.

6. The “pretty sweet” goodbye hug, that will probably tell us that they don’t want to say goodbye.

7. The “very deep” conversations.

8. Carol and Daryl, alone together, in that house, sharing the same spacing, talking, hugging.

9. Their bodies touching.

10. As of this episode we’ll have FOUR Caryl hugs.

11. And who knows what else, because this is still really premature and there could be many more little touches and hugs that we just don’t know about yet.

12. Two long, full body hugs.

13. The progression and growth of their relationship after this episode.

14. Carol and Daryl interacting, touching – just being them.

The future will bring good things, friends.

I’m rewatching episodes of TWD I haven’t seen in a long time and I’m just about to finish season 4’s ‘The Grove’ and I’m mad as hell.

Tyreese was such a good fucking character with one of the biggest hearts on the show. He was so kind, gentle, forgiving and understanding. Not only that, but he and Glenn could’ve formed such a strong friendship and honestly it’s beyond wasted potential given the fact they had extremely similar morals and I’m just so angry at the way he was killed off seemingly out of nowhere. You don’t get many Tyreese or Glenn’s in TWD world and they could’ve been so important to each other. I feel they both could’ve used a friendship like that, especially in season 6. I feel like us as an audience could’ve used that.

I don’t know if there was a legit reason for Ty dying or whether it was added for shock value but I tell you right now, his character deserves to still be here regardless.

I mean honestly, I never liked the way they did Tyreese in the season 5 mid premiere from the moment it happened but this episode reminded me just how under appreciated Tyreese was / is. I miss him so much 💔


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update on my mom watching twd for the first time. she’s at  season 4 episode 2

she knows carol and daryl like each other she just doesn’t “ship it” yet. like, she ships glenn and maggie cuz their cute as hell interactions but she’s getting there for caryl (giving it time).

her favorite characters are daryl and michonne (duh). she has noticed rick  softening to michonne and i can feel it, she gonna ship it HARD soon.

oh and she hates the governor and disliked andrea (almost as much as me lol)

she also likes sasha (mainly because sonequa was on OUAT) SO IM A HAPPY DAUGHTER

(also, she’s talking zombies a lot SO THE INFECTION OF THIS SHOW HAS SPREAD)

‘Emily Kinney is very much alive. The last time most people saw the Nebraska native, Beth—her Southern belle-turned-postapocalyptic warrior— was zombie food, the latest in The Walking Dead’s long list of casualties. Since leaving AMC’s ratings juggernaut, the 31-year-old actress has appeared in The Flash, Arrow, Masters of Sex, and The Knick, while continuing to nurture her blossoming career as a singer-songwriter (her new tracks “Back on Love” and “Popsicle” will be available for download October 28). As she gets set to embark on her latest role, playing an eager-beaver paralegal in ABC’s fall legal drama Conviction, Kinney is a living reminder that it’s possible to come back from the dead.’

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Negan’s Match Part 108

I watched Negan as he sat in the chair across from me with Jackson in his arms.  His eyes didn’t leave Jackson’s face.  This huge, bat wielding maniac was infatuated with an infant.  His child.  Jackson was already his pride and joy. Negan was in love.  A love he probably didn’t understand much and is most likely scared of.  I chuckled to myself to think of how over-protective Negan was going to be over him. Every once in a while Negan would look at me and smile.  He would wink and I could almost see a glistening in his eyes.

“Well, my love, when are you taking us home?  I have been gone to long.  I want to go.”

“I know you do, but we need to stay a couple more days to make sure you are okay.  The doctor needs to be close by.  Just in case.  You just had a baby. You need to rest sweetheart. You have been through a lot lately.  You need to take it easy.”

Jackson started to cry in Negan’s arms.  He looked down at him and back at me.  “He’s hungry.” He stood up and walked to me.  He handed him over to me so I could feed him.  I lifted my shirt and Jackson latched on right away. Every time he did, Negan would chuckle “That’s my boy”.

I looked up at Negan and rolled my eyes.  “So, two days then?  I think that is sufficient.  Seriously Negan, we need to get back.  We have been gone for so long.  Who has been running things around there? The sanctuary may be in shambles by now.”

He laughed. “Most likely.  I have David in charge in my absence. I am sure it will be fine for a couple more days.  Dwight is going to head there today to make sure things are ready for us to bring little Jax home.  I have everything under control.  You need to stop worrying so much.  That’s my job.  Your job is to be my wife, take care of my son and of course, look beautiful as always.” 

I hissed at him which made him laugh even more. “My job is to get back home and get my body back in shape.  I need to get back in to ass kicking mode. These past months have made me soft.  We can’t have that now can we?” 

He shook his head.  “You need to rest. Don’t make me tie you up to the bed. The doc wants you to take it easy.  The cut he made was pretty big and if you don’t chill out it won’t heal. If it doesn’t heal, we can’t fuck.  If we can’t fuck, Daddy is going to be one grouchy mother fucker. So, your job is to heal up. That way, we can get back to really enjoying each other.”

Out of nowhere, my emotions shot through the roof.  I felt sweat bead across the top of my head.  I looked up at him.  “Well, if you can’t wait, maybe you can go back to fucking one of your old whores.  I am sure you won’t have a problem finding one to spread her legs for you.”

His jaw dropped and it took him a minute to find his words.  “Babe, what the fuck? Where the fuck did that just come from?  I said nothing like that. I just want you to heal up.  I don’t want to be with anyone else.  What the fuck?”

I shook my head and realized what I had just said.  I looked at him and almost felt like I wanted to cry.  “I am sorry Negan.  I really don’t know where that came from.  I think my hormones are out of whack.  I didn’t mean to say that.” He was still looking at me like I was crazy.  He just nodded and walked back to the chair he was sitting in when he was holding Jackson.  “Negan, I am sorry babe.  Don’t be angry.”

“I am not angry with you sweetheart, just a little stunned that’s all.  Don’t worry about it.  After you finish feeding him, you should take a nap.  I will take him for a little while so you can rest without any distractions.  We will stay close though.  I won’t ever go to far.  I promise.”

I just nodded.  Normally I would have argued with the two of them leaving but I didn’t feel like arguing with him.  Especially after my emotional outburst.  Plus, I was pretty exhausted.  “Okay, that sounds good.  Maybe you can go and check on Amber.  She must have had her baby by now.  I wonder how she is doing.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.  I will go check on her.  See how she is doing.  Make sure she doesn’t need anything.” He looked at me and tilted his head.  “I will get you something to eat too.  You probably need to eat something.  How long has it been since you have eaten?” I shrugged my shoulders.  It had been two days since I have eaten.  I had no appetite but I knew I needed to eat.  He stood up quickly. “I will be right back.  I am going to get you some food.” He walked over to me and kissed my forehead then walked out.  I was left alone in the room with Jackson.  

He just sweetly suckled on me.  I could hear his little shallow breaths between gulps.  He was so sweet, so innocent.  I felt bad for him.  I felt bad about the world he has to grow up in.  I remember feeling bad for Rick having Judith be so young.  She was carefree and innocent and has no idea the horrors that await her.  Jackson will have the same fate.  We don’t have to teach him to watch for strangers or to look both ways before you cross the street.  We have to teach him about walkers.  We have to teach him survival.  We have to teach him to be a killer.  The idea of this swirled around in my head.  I could feel myself starting to feel weaker by the minute.  I sat there and tried to breath deeply to calm myself.  Jackson finally released his hold on me and opened his little eyes.  They were the most beautiful and vibrant shade of green.  He looked around a bit. I moved him to my chest so he was upright and laid him like that. He was quiet and laid his face on my chest. His little black hair tickled underneath my chin but I didn’t care.  I loved it. 

Negan walked back in and stopped in his tracks when he saw me and Jackson. He shook his head for a minute and smiled. “How in the fuck did I get so lucky to have all this.  I am the luckiest man alive.  I just opened the door to my heaven.  You two are my forever.  Do you know that? I love you both so much.”

I smiled at him and he walked up closer to me with a bag in his hand.  With a softer voice he held the bag out to me.  “I got you something to eat.  It’s a couple of protein bars and a bottle of water.  I think it will tide you over until they cook dinner tonight.  Let me take him for a while so you can eat and get some rest.” He set the bag down next to me and held his arms out to take the baby. He was really gentle with him and walked around rocking him in his arms.  I opened the bag and grabbed one of the protein bars.  Without even looking at it, I ripped it open and scarfed it down.  I could feel the exact moment it hit my stomach and I felt an instant relief.  I threw the paper in the bag and grabbed the other one.  After I inhaled that, I downed the water which helped make me feel full.  I could feel the exhaustion run through me again and I laid my head back on the pillow. 

Negan walked over and kissed me as I slowly closed my eyes and fell in a deep sleep.