The Silent One - Part Eleven

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Synopsis: You and Negan take a little trip to Alexandria

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,698
Warnings: Curses, Violence

You woke up in the back of a dark truck. You could hardly see your hand in front of your face. You felt a throbbing pain in your head and a trickle of liquid fell into your mouth and left a metallic tang there. You attempted to sit up but as you did the truck ran over something -presumably one of the dead- and the truck bounced upwards so you hit the floor again with a harsh thud.

You attempted to remember what had happened for you to get here, in the darkness that reminded you of the days you spent in the torture room at the Sanctuary, known as the dark room.

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Preference "How they react realizing you left some hickeys on their neck"

(So yay more preferences :3 i’m a little busy this week and thought it was better to just write preferences for this week! Hope it’s okay! Yay for our faves being all 😏, well most of them XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners)

Negan-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d check himself out for a good long while and get kinda turned on by them. He’d spend his time touching the marks and would see them as a sign of your possessiveness. He’d totally loved it that you were able to feel that way for him and wouldn’t mind at all for the world to see it, he’d probably even brag about it.

Daryl-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d feel all warmhearted and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling about it. He’d look at it and remember what had happened for him to be left with them. He’d grow to like them even more knowing for sure you had did it to show how much you loved him and because of that he wouldn’t even bother to hide it.

Rick-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get a slightly hot and bothered and wouldn’t stop thinking about it. He noticed it in the morning, when he was getting ready and as he stared at it, he got turned on. He’d spend the day, thinking about it and glare at you lustfully just to see if you would notice him.

Merle-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be impressed and would definitely want to get back at you by doing the same. He’d spend some time looking at them while getting ready in the morning but the more he did, he just couldn’t let go until he did the same to you. So he’d walk back to your bed and climb on top of you to get his “revenge”.

Glenn-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d feel as if he understood your feelings for him and would smile whenever someone asks about them. At first, he was shy to show them off but as someone asked him, he wouldn’t hesitate to tell then it was from you and by then it didn’t even matter if everyone saw them.

Carl-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get all nervous and pop his collar up. He liked that it was a sign of your affection and all but he’d definitely be scared to be scolded by his dad and Michonne, so as soon as he saw them, he had decided to button his plaid shirt up completely and even going the extra mile by popping his collar.

The Governor-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d smirk and would think about them all day. He loved the fact that for once, you were the one making sure he was yours and that everyone knew, and just thinking about it, he’d want to come back to you to do the same. He’d even wear his shirt with the first few buttons unbutton to remember.

Abraham-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d find it silly and cute of you for being so affectionate toward him. It didn’t even bother him if anyone saw them, so he walked out wearing his normal white tank top and as they would point them out, he’d look over at you to tease you and just start to talk about how you spent your time making him “yours” in the end.

Eugene-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get all awkward but would act oblivious about them. He hadn’t noticed it until people looked at him weird and as he saw them, he gasp and pulled the collar of his shirt up. However, when he sees you smiling and all, he’d stop and just wanted to be as casual as you so he’d try his best to act like he just didn’t knew what people were looking at.

Ron-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be proud about them and would just think about you. He’d enjoy spending his time noticing them one by one and even more when other would point it out to him about them. It just made him smile to know that you had made him yours and basically showing it to everyone.

Jesus-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be stunned to noticed so many of them and would probably spend his time counting them all. He had noticed them all until he walked passed a mirror and saw a few and gradually saw them all. He’d then count them and remember the last night, he’d then just be stunned by how much time and effort you had put it for him and just think about you.

Dwight-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d take his time to look at each of them and trace them as he’d remember about how it all happened. As he’d be washing his face in the morning, he’d noticed them and would look at himself in the mirror, realizing how much he meant to you and gradually start to smirk thinking about last night. He’d then call you over.

Morgan-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d cover them up by spending the whole day with his jacket completely zipped up. He thought it was endearing of you to show your love that way but as he walked out earlier, Rick had noticed the marks and he instantly got shy so he decided to just wear his jacket out.

Shane-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get all excited about them and be completely casual. He’d notice while putting in his shirt and suddenly the more he saw them, the happier he felt and just couldn’t stop looking over at you. He’d then just decided to wear his shirt even more unbutton than usual just so everyone could see.

Milton-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get startled and always try to distract people away from looking at him. He wouldn’t notice them until he saw you smirk at him and once he knew, he got nervous. As he just had no time to change, he’d just decide to to change the subject whenever others would notice his neck.

Aaron-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d jokingly get angry at you and complain to you. He’d realize it as he was getting ready to go recruiting and although he liked them very much, he just had to make you realize your fault. He’d then promise you’ll get your fair share once he gets back home and that you’ll be the one out embarrassed tomorrow.

Gabriel-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be delighted but then get embarrassed as he couldn’t hide them. He’d try to rub them off but when he realizes it wasn’t useful, he’d end up spending most of the day in your room while sulking at you. Whenever someone would look for him, he’d awkwardly hide behind the door and lie about being sick.

The Wolf-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d laugh and push his hair away from his shoulder to show them off. He didn’t even realize them until he looked down his neck and saw some “bruises” as he touched them, he didn’t feel anything and understood it was from you. It made him happy and he just casually moved his hair away.

Noah-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d nervously chuckle and always move awkwardly to try to cover them up. Once he realizes so many of them, he’d get gradually nervous and the more he noticed the stares from the others, the more unnatural and awkward his movements and attitude were.

Simon-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d whistle and look over at you at like he’ll get back at you. He’d just notice how many of them there were when Negan would look at him wide eyed and asked him what was with the “bruises”. He’d look at them and understand what had happened so he’d look back at you with lust and start to ramble on about his night with you and all.

Ezekiel-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d spend the day teasing you about your feelings for him and wouldn’t bother to hide them. He’d see them while getting ready and just had to look back at you like he was preparing something to get back at you. That’s when you’d notice him wearing his lighter shirts and every time he’d look your way, he’d just get closer to you to tease.

Benjamin-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get embarrassed and would spend the day casually holding the collar of his shirt with his mouth. He didn’t have any turtleneck so that was the only solution he found. When people would ask, he’d just act as if it was a strange habit of his and try to brush it off as much as he could.

Caesar-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be satisfied and find it hot that you had spent so much time on him. He’d see them early in the morning, as he’d wake up in bed next to you. Seeing how many they were made him just want to do it again with you, so he’d stir in bed and as you’d wake up, he’d give you a look and just get on top of you.

Spencer-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d spend the day following you and ask about your feelings. He’d see how many they were and was just so glad he just had to be sure if you really liked him. So he’d walk around anywhere with you and ask you what they meant.

Michonne-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d act in disbelief despite actually loving them. She’d see them and enjoy the care you took in giving her so many but realizing she had to go out and all, as well as seeing you being happy about it, she’d just had to start blaming you and make you self conscious about your “mistake”.

Maggie-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d bite her lips and be all satisfied until you’d walk in. She’d love seeing all them and just thinking about your feelings made her giggle and all. However, as she’d hear you in the room and all, she’d get flustered and try to get your attention on anything else than her staring at her neck.

Andrea-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d be reminded of last night and would be distracted by her thoughts. She’d noticed them as someone would point it out to her and as she’d look at them, the thought of you came back to her mind and she’d just suddenly get quiet.

Jessie-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d find it lovely but way too embarrassed to go out exposing them. She’d look for any kind of clothes able to cover so much and just end up wearing a scarf despite the weather and just act as if she was really sick just to avoid questioning.

Beth-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d blush and be all shy about them. She’d get prepared in the morning and as she saw them she’d be reminded of what you both did and get shy. She’d then try to find any piece of clothing able to hide them and just spend the day being awkward.

Sasha-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d go to you and try to find a playful way to get back at you. She’d only notice them once someone would point it out and feeling embarrassed, she’d go look for you and call to you. Once she sees you, she’d drag you over and tell you she’s getting “revenge”.

Rosita-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d be really pleased and think about you. She’d be reminded of the night before and just be happy. However, when people would noticed, she’d glare at them and start to act all offended, by asking them what they were looking at as well as tell them to mind their own business.

Enid-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d freak out a little and spend the day with her hair always around her neck. She’d see them while in the mirror and try to get them to rub off. However, as it wouldn’t work, she’d realize her only choice was to not push her hair back so she could hide them at least a little bit.

Tara-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d get all flustered and nervous, as she only noticed it once someone pointed it out to her. She’d be pretty oblivious but as soon as someone said something, she’d be reminded of the last night and start to sweat and get all red, ending up just not answering the questions


#35 “Let me go.”
#41 “Oh hell. You’re in love with her/him.”
#98 “Have you lost your fucking mind?”

With a small smile on your lips you stand on the porch. The reason for it, and your comfortable fast beating heart, are Negan and Judith.
In the first second you were shocked and ready to fight him, but then you saw the smile on his face which was different than the ones he sent Rick … and you.
You take a deep sigh and look down at your shoes. The crush you’ve on him is dangerous and really ridiculous.
But you always were attracted to men with such a dominance.
You shrug as someone pulls you in the house. “Let me go.”
As you turn around you look directly in Rosita’s angry eyes. “Were you staring at this hijo de puta?”
“No, I was looking if Judith is ok.” You defend yourself with red cheeks.
“Oh hell..” She mumbles in disbelief. “you’re in love with him.”
You’re taking two steps back and open your mouth at the same time as she does as suddenly the door opens.
“Ladies.” Negan grins before he goes to Rosita and whispers her something in the ear.
With each word of him she seems to get angrier and becomes paler.
“Would you fucking excuse us?” Negan asks and wordlessly she leaves the house.
Insecure you press yourself on the wall as Negan comes to you, looking at you like a hunter to the hunted.
“So, and now to you.”

Watched (Negan x Reader Smut)

Originally posted by qothams

Synopsis: Reader has always loved public sex and Negan decides to take it one step further

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Voyeurism

A/N: Thank you all for your support! Sometime tonight a Simon/Negan threesome will be posted and tomorrow I will most likely be done with the requests. I love you all :)

It wasn’t the first time you had engaged in public sex with Negan, the idea of being watched always aroused you. The idea of being caught and lusted over by someone that could never have you was the ultimate feeling. It was overwhelming and incredible. So when Negan told you to meet him on the factory floor, you assumed it was for sex. Never had you expected what came after.

Here you were, naked, on your knees with Negan’s cock in your mouth in front of the Saviors. Negan growled out words of appraisal and pushed your head deeper onto his member. Your hand moved to his shaft, moving the skin up and down with the time of his thrusts. “You’re mine, this mouth is mine,” he called out, making the Saviors know who you belonged to. Your agreement was muffled against him as your mouth slid down to his pelvic bone, pulling off with a gasp you looked up at Negan, “Sir, may I please taste your cum?” Negan’s laughter bounced off the walls of the factory, “See? She’s begging me for my cum, she fucking feeds off of it,” his attention turned back to you, “You haven’t earned it yet, babygirl. You gotta earn your fucking keep.”

You groaned in annoyance, gaining a pointed look from Negan, “Now honey, you aren’t disobeying me, are you?” You shook your head. Negan continued, “Get on your hands and knees and face me, make sure they can all see your perfect ass.” You complied, presenting your ass to the men behind you. You could hear the rustling of fabric and a groan from the crowd of men. Negan squatted down to your level, “Do you know how much they want you? Right now they’re all wanting to jack off to the thought of fucking that pussy.” You moaned at his words, feeling your arousal dripping from your thighs. His hand rested against your head before he pushed it down onto the floor, “Face down, show them that fine fucking ass, darling.”

The dominance he was presenting sent fire through your veins. Your clit ached, begging to be touched in any way possible. Negan stood up, walking to your ass, intending to make an even better show out of this. “Do you see her?” he asked the crowd, “She is all mine, that mouth is mine, that ass is mine, that pussy is mine. You all better remember this moment because that’s the closest you’ll ever get to fucking a fine ass woman like this.”

He turned back to you, standing to the side of your bare ass, squatting back down. His hand rubbing on the skin there. Negan’s hand moved off, only to come back down with a resounding slapping sound. You let out a strangled mewl and squirmed in place, he was so close to your heart, you were dripping in apparent need for him. “Do you like this, Y/N? Knowing every man here is lusting after your body?” He asked. You nodded silently, knowing if your mouth opened it would just be a moan. “Look at you, my little whore.” He finished his words with another slap, sending another shock of arousal straight through you. “Yeah, you fucking love this, put on display for all these fucking men.”

His hand moved down your ass, finger dripping into your wet entrance, and yelling out, “Jesus, you’re so fucking wet. It’s like a goddamn waterfall holy shit. All this from me slapping your ass?” You breathlessly nodded, “M-more please.” He smiled softly, “Of course darling.” His digit shoved into your pussy, curling inside of you. A moan tumbled out of your mouth in desperation, you needed more. “Cum, show them how easily only I can make you fucking cum,” He groaned, palming himself as he fingered you. The sound of his gruff voice threw you over the edge and you came onto his finger, with a beautiful moan and a soft whimper.

He pulled his finger out of you, slurping your juices off of it, “That is fucking delicious, too bad none of you motherfuckers will ever taste something this fucking good in your sorry lives.” Negangot on his back, and called to you, “Get on my fucking face and look them, I want them to see your face when I make you cum for a second time.” Immediately you moved to sit on his face.

His tongue licked a long stripe along your folds, you let out a desperate moan as your hands moved to grip your breasts, playing with your mipples. Negan growled into your pussy, tongue circling your clit while his hand slapped your ass. Your hips undulated against his face, trying to get more of that delicious friction. You forced your eyes open to watch the men in front of you, all of their eyes intent on your naked body, trying to remember it for later. You could feel their eyes raking over your body, taking you all in. You smirked to yourself, feeling proud to have their attention and knowing that your lover’s cock was so much larger than any of theirs.

Negan’s tongue brought you out of your reverie as it left your clit to plunge into your depths. His hands gripped your ass with force, pulling you down to grind harder against his face. Biting your lip to contain your scream you came onto his face. Your chest was heaving as you rolled off of him. The older man smirked at your tired form, gaining pleasure from knowing that he was doing that to you and no man in the crowd could ever please you like he could. It wasn’t enough, he still needed to be inside of you. “Get on your hands and knees and face them sweetheart,” he told you.

You flipped from laying on your back to your stomach, lifting your body up in shaky hands. You wondered how you looked, with your legs shaking from the anticipation moaning for Negan to enter you. Judging by the way the men’s eyes never left you, they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

You could feel Negan get on his knees behind you. You bit your lips in anticipation as his gloved digits kneaded your ass, pulling it into his crotch. His hand grasped his throbbing member before poising it at your entrance. He dragged the shaft through your fold, allowing the tip rub against your clit. Your hips bucked backwards into yours, desperate to have him inside of you. YOu could feel your release building up with each rock of his hips.

His mouth leaned down to your ear, “You’re so desperate for me, aren’t you? Even when all my men, the men you work with, are watching you. You have no fucking shame, do you?”

“P-please, Negan. I need you,” you mewled as his fist wrenched your hair, forcing your back to arch.

“Tell them who you belong to and what you want, then you can have it, babygirl,” his dominance sent another rush of arousal through your body.

You looked to the men, red flooding your face, “I belong to you, Negan a-and I want you to fuck me.”

“Good girl,” Negan moved his cock back to your entrance, slamming inside of you. The force sent a jolt of pleasure through you body and you let out a strained cry. He was so big, you thought, the wonderful stretch lighting a fire deep in you belly. Each thrust sent a river of delicious pleasure, your body quaking. You loved the feeling of all the eyes on you, it made you feel untouchable, like a fucking queen. They could see the effect that Nega had on you, from your shaking muscles to your slack jaw pleasure.

You moaned aloud, pleasure outmatching any embarrassment you could have had. “Negan, I need to cum, please let me cum,” you begged. You needed him to touch your clit, to throw you over the edge into a glorious orgasm.

“You want to cum?” he asked. Your head fervently nodded yes, desperate to cum. “Then say it. Look at them while I make you cum.”

His finger moved to the bundle of nerves between your thighs, pressing light circles into it. Screaming, you called out, “Negan!” Your eyes never shifting away from the men that stood in front of you.

Your body collapsed as you came, torso hitting the pavement of the factory floor, unable to keep yourself up as pleasure wracked your body. Your hands searched desperately to hold on to something and failing. Your mind was scrambling as wave after wave of pleasure moved through your, juices flowing freely on his cock..

Negan’s hips continued hammering into yours, desperately chasing his own release. The feeling of your warmth clenching around him, pulling him deeper and deeper, sent him over the edge. His hand tightened around your hair, forcing your body upwards as his own orgasm rushed through you. He released his seed with a deep goran, cumming inside of you.

The room was silent as the two of you bathed in the afterglow of your orgasm.The air felt heavy, as the men eyed you, each wishing that it was them in Negan’s place. Negan, content with his performance looked to the men and yelled, “Get the fuck out of here!”

Once they cleared the room, he picked you up and whispered, “You’re mine, always and forever.”