Though I want to hold you so
close night doesn’t become
day, the moon makes promises
the sun can’t keep & darling,
these kisses weren’t meant to
break bones; doubt is the
precursor to falling we dance
with softer than your name
across my lips. I am the sadness
you should avoid, but dreams
give longing passion & fire only
dies when you look away;
forgive me, there never
seemed to be too much of
anything until it

came to loving you

It comes in waves. 
This heavy weight of hurricane,
this sadness accustomed to skin.

This tsunami is no stranger 
to my body. It tries to fill the cracks
of my memory in apology each night. 

I am folding my teeth into
tongue, to hold back the flow 
of flood, of flashback, of reliving
my pressed palms against a past
always threatening to commit suicide. 

How do you know when your sadness
is still shaped into lock and key, is still
learning to set itself free from a fire
that never once blackened your hands?

When the salt still scars.
When there is still salt left to begin with.


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Supernatural AU, demon hunters, established RS | POV: L


who needs sleep tonight…
when we have music and dreams
and now…
notes keep falling…keep swirling…falling
your fingers still mesmerize
and I…
I’m caught up in the afterglow
like a night of endless stars
notes keep falling
you remain orchestrating at your piano
I’m caughtup in a symphonic sea
the way you play for me
…won’t you play me
stay with me…
notes falling
I heed love’s poetic calling
…of your music all night long
only you and your piano
and I…
am caught up in the afterglow
I’m in rapture…
caught up in your afterglow

People, But

People are thrilling
And full of surprises
Rich of ideas and
Stories and guises

But people take time
They tax and they cost
They disrupt your flow
They drain and exhaust

But people are sexy
And people are fun
That’s what makes it hard
To stick with just one!

But people are jealous
They lie and are rude
They’re hard to predict
And challenge your mood

But people are trusting
They’ll give you their heart
But share with them yours
They might tear it apart

But people are helpful
But people are grand!  
But people are hard
They misunderstand!

So what is this need then,
This troublesome feeling?
Why must I find people
So damn appealing?

Time ticks away
as seconds turn to
hours, yet silence
does nothing to
ease the tension
of a room full
of souls.

I am tired and
flawed, yet persistence
allows the body
to remain awake
when all the mind
wants is sleep.

Perhaps it will
come easy, and perhaps
I may wake on the
middle of the

But for all it’s worth,
I will follow my
madness to the
brink of


hair: romy by runaway

goggles: street way goggles by contraption 

scarf: leather scarf by cerberusxing

arm armor: hax armor by le morte

glove: the saboteur’s claw by contraption

gun: stash house - silent gun black by bueno (gacha!)

top: urban fallout - bikini dark by foxes (gacha!)

leg strap: assassin legband by r3volt

socks: garter socks by vale koer

shin guard: the avocet shin guard - cammo by the forge (gacha!)

boots: black boots by =[darkside]=

face bruises: boy by the white crow



  • flottante puppy. milk

remarkable oblivion (gacha!)

  • junkyard dogs - muzzle RARE

the forge (gacha!)

  • salvage axe - dark

bad unicorn (gacha!)

  • elm horror set - nailed duffle bag RARE

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