TV Tokyo’s official website for the Gintama anime series announced on Saturday that the new anime series will premiere on January 8. The series will technically premiere on TV Tokyo, TV Hokkaido, TV Aichi, TV Setouchi, and TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting on January 9 at 1:35 a.m., and then will premiere on TV Osaka on January 10 at 1:05 a.m. The previous Gintama anime series aired on TV Tokyo and its affiliate stations at 6:00 p.m.

source: animenewsnetwork


JunSu finally get’s his hwaiting! After more then a decade he gets it! He doesn’t have to say it himself!

Then there is SoulMate that looked so goddamn confused afterwards like “Did we actually just say that? Did that come out of our mouths?!”


160606 Jackson Answering Online Fan Questions for Mango TV

Q: Wang Jia Er when will your self-produced songs be released? 

J: This.. will probably have to wait until JYPE authorizes it before it can be released right? Right.

Q: Wang Jia Er, your self-produced song sounds really good. What was your inspiration for creating it?

J: This self-produced song was (created)… approximately six months ago. Actually, I never really learned how to produce. Never learned how to create. But I really like listening to hip-hop, really like listening to just uh… Trap songs. I was very curious. So when I was young I started slowly making my own music on the computer by myself. 

Q: Gaga why did you dye your hair black this time? What hair colour do you like?

J: I’ve considered um… the colour grey-blue. Because in Korea I participated in a variety show called 진짜 사나이. Real Men. Real Men. To go to the army you have to have your cut really short and dyed black. So I dyed and cut it.

Q: Does Jia Er want to act in movies? What kind of role would you like to challenge?

J: I feel… I really want to to act in movies. Since I was young I wanted to - if I were to act in movies - I wanted to play a character like Spiderman. If there’s anyone who wants to do a Barbecue-man (He Jiong’s superhero name from the Crime Scene episode Jackson guested on) movie, you can ask me to play the role. The Chinese version. China’s first Barbecue-man. If there are any friends who want me to act, you can call our JYPE’s phone number. Please call me!

Q: If the female leads were Wang Ou jie (Black Widow from Crime Scene) or Gui Gui (Detective from Crime Scene), who would you want to partner with?

J: I want to partner with both of them! With Ou jie, we’ll go assassinate other people - just bang bang bang bang bang! That kind of, that kind of, Action! Action movie. With Gui Gui jie, it’ll probably be… we’ll be a family! Or something. Uh… uh… just a family comedy, do you know (what I mean)? That kind.

Q: What was your first impression of He gege?

J: My first impression seemed to be.. just from the beginning when I saw gege - just he really took care of me a lot. It was a familiar/cordial feeling. Is it called love at first sight?  

Q: If you were the murderer (referring to Crime Scene), would you have been able to last until the end? He Teacher would probably be able to see through you with one look right. 

J: I feel if I were to do it, He gege would be able to tell with one look! That’s how I feel.