Ok, I am so done with the bullshit about Doctor Who TV Movie and those who compare it to the Kushing film.

Eight is clearly shown regenerating from an official Doctor. He is accepted despite all the sarcastic Lazenby remarks and denial. He is canon.

It’s 20fucking16,  I still come across the “Eight doesn’t count” and even “the NOTD is the only canonic appearance.”  

Oh, and “he’s not a part of Classic Who”. Hello! There is Sylvester bloody McCoy, you saw him, no? 

{not a word about the BF, it might traumatise the poor things}

i urge all Who fans to support the Blu-ray release (Sept 19th) of the TVM

yes, i KNOW, it’s upscaled and by all immediate appearances a bit of a cheap rush-job by the BBC… BUT… there are some signs this (more than the ‘true HD’ one-off of SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE) is a test-case for a range of future Classic Who Blu-rays which *could* contain true HD elements.

Think of it… a select range of classic Who stories, with improved picture quality on the video transfers AND (most tantalisingly) fully HD-rendered film scenes… making all those location filmed scenes crystal-clear perfect

So if you can afford to do so, please get this Blu-ray!!!