The voice that came out of nowhere had the male halt in his work. His back straightened up and he tried to see any type of reflection in the bottle before his eyes. He knew the voice, but he was not trusting his senses after all this time, so he just stood straight, his usually narrowed and outlined eyes wider than usual and his hands holding a glass and a towel. He turned around in the end. Still not composed, and eyes still unbelieving, and lips slightly parted. “For the sake of—” he let out while a wide smile stretched along his face. “And could I get an ‘I’m back!’ first?” he walked towards the bar, restricting all of his will to just ditch his work for a few minutes and walk about the wood and marble wall between him and his friend and greet her properly.

A smug grin pulled at the corners of her mouth as she saw him take his time to turn around and notice her. She knew damn well he knew who he was speaking to but the shock factor was always amusing. Athena hadn’t seen such a wide smile on his face ever before, and knowing it was because of her left a lovely warm feeling inside of her.

 “Surprises are always lovely, 

                            so I decided to have a little fun and not be a plain Jane about my arrival.”

She watched him simply walk to the bar, forgetting that the counter was separating the two. Glancing down, she shook her head. 

                                                             “This can’t do.”

Her small feet shuffled over to the small opening that connected the inside and outside of the bar and invited herself in. Athena didn’t care, the building was still technically under her name and she was still secretly making a bit of money off of it as well. She didn’t care that what she ordered was not in her hand, she wasn’t there for the alcohol obviously. Her arms quickly circled around the other male.

                                                  “I missed you the most.”