O come on with that chapter and all the innuendos! especially king at the end there! and he is looking right at it which doesn’t help at all! I’m fucking dying of laughter I’m so immature! XD and howzer OMG SO CUTE he is still just a little boy in my eyes and now he has so much responsibility! WHERE IS MY GILTHUNDER! AND ARTHUR! AND BAN YOU NEED TO KNOCK THIS CRAP OFF WITH ALL THE BRO SHIT! I CAN’T TAKE THE HEART BREAK! Meliodas thanking his friends is the cutest shit I have ever seen! and congrats to Escanor for getting to (can we call it this?) second base? 

An mein früheres Ich

Hey Little Boy,

Es tut mir leid was ich aus dir gemacht habe. Es bricht mir das Herz zu wissen was du für Ziele im Leben hattest und ich habe sie alle zersprengt.
Es tut weh zu wissen deine kindlichen Gedanken nie wieder erfahren zu können.
Dieses süße ehrlich glückliche Lächeln hast du eines Tages verloren..

Sag mir früheres Ich
Wann hast du Angefangen traurig zu sein ?
Wann hast du Angefangen Dinge aufzugeben die dir wichtig sind?
Wann bist du still geworden ?
Wann hast du Angefangen dich zu verletzen ?
Wann hast du Angefangen den Anblick deines Blutes zu lieben ?
Wann hast du Angefangen zu lügen um deine Sucht zu schützen ?
Wann hast du aufgehört zu beten?
Wann hast du Angefangen bei den Gedanken an den Tot zu lächeln?
Wann hat diese tiefe Verzweiflung Angefangen?
Wann hast du aufgehört zu lächeln ?
Wann hast du Angefangen Menschen dein Herz zu schenken denen du nie nah sein kannst ?
Wann wurde deine Musik so düster ?
Wann hast du Angefangen den Tot als einzige Lösung zu sehen ?

Ich bin du und du bist ich
Ich habe dich damals auf diesen Weg geführt und wenn wir mal ehrlich sind, dann ist dieser Weg kurz und endet früher oder später mit einen Knall.
Sterbe ich, dann reiße ich dich mit in den Tot..das will ich nicht, du warst ein gutes Kind, bis ich dich zerstört habe.

Ich wünschte deine Ziele wären alle wahr geworden.

Es tut mir Leid, dass ich dich vernichtet habe.
Es tut mir leid , dass ich dein Leben so stark verkürzt habe.

Ich vermisse dich früheres Ich.. du warst mein Gleichgewicht..

Es tut mir leid wie es für uns beide Enden wird..

KakaSaku Week 2016 Day 1: Salty

“I have to do what?”

Kakashi gaped at the smirking doctor before him. Tsunade’s smirk widened innocently.

“Physical rehab, Hatake,” she tutted, her eyes glinting maliciously behind her glasses. “Therapy, to heal that atrocity you call a spine. You’ll be at the centre Monday morning, 9am sharp.”

She scribbled on her clipboard and ripped a piece of paper off, handing it to him impatiently.

“This is your therapist, and this one won’t let you off easily, so beware,” she warned. “Now, out. I have an idiot patient coming in who might be as reckless as you are.”

He didn’t need to be told a second time, so he shoved the little piece of paper into his pocket and got to his fee. Grabbing his crutches with just a touch of exasperation, he left with less grace than he usually would have had. It took more time than he’d have liked to get down the damn stairs and out into the parking lot, and although he tried not to think about the throbbing in his temple or the numbness in his right leg, they seemed to smash their way to the front of his overly preoccupied mind.

Physical rehabilitation, huh? He’d skip the appointment if it wasn’t for the threat of permanent paralysis from the waist down looming over his head.

Still, he could make it just as unpleasant for the therapist involved…


Monday arrived far too quickly, and the more he ignored the time, the faster it seemed to pass. He finally heaved himself off the couch at 9h45 and ambled down to his car, spending another 20 minutes on a trip that would usually take him 10. Finally, at 10h20, he walked (well, hobbled, really) into the rehabilitation centre next door to the hospital, sighing in resignation. He approached the front desk and realised that he didn’t know the name of the therapist he was supposed to be seeing. He reached into his pocket, but hadn’t even begun to remove his hand when an all-too familiar voice sent dread down his injured spine.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t my old sensei.”

He lifted his gaze to the door behind the front desk and saw that his worst fears had come true.


“That’s Dr. Haruno, to you,” she grinned. Kakashi sighed and smiled; no doubt Tsunade was in cahoots with the pinkette before him and arguing wasn’t only pointless, it was downright dangerous.

“So, this is what Tsunade meant when she said she was sending me a peace offering,” Sakura said slyly, rounding the desk and beckoning him to follow her through to the examination rooms.

“Peace offering?” he asked in apprehension. She hummed.

“Tsunade owed me for covering at the hospital while she was hungover and Shizune was on maternity leave. Didn’t know she was hiding you up her sleeve.”

She patted the pristine white linen on a bed and waited for him to sit. She stood in front of him, hands on the back of his neck.

“How are the headaches?”

“Aching,” he supplied. She clicked her tongue and moved to stand behind him, her fingers gently poking and prodding the small of his back.

“And the numbness?”

“Comes and goes.”

Her hands disappeared and she returned to his front, her hands now on her hips.

“You have been doing the exercises Tsunade prescribed for you, right?”

Her voice was threatening but he could hear she already knew the answer. So he shrugged.

“You know, if you weren’t injured right now, I’d beat you senseless!” she huffed in annoyance, snapping the medical gloves off her hands and folding her arms across her chest. He raised an eyebrow; she couldn’t see the tiny smirk on his face thanks to the mask he never removed, but he wanted her to know he was quite amused.

“Don’t you cock an eyebrow at me,” she threatened half-heartedly. “Grab your crutches, old man, I’m putting you through the wringer.”


Kakashi had so far spent seven hellish weeks in physical rehabilitation, in close proximity to the last person he needed to be around. Throw in the fact that his numbness had been exchanged for aching muscles and an extended range of motion, it was no secret that Kakashi was physically and emotionally drained. He supposed the rehabilitation wouldn’t be half as bad if it wasn’t with Sakura, though he could only blame himself. Who had given him the right to develop a deep and unrequited affection for his former student?

He cursed his poor choices as he eyed the plate of green… stuff Sakura had just placed in front of him.

“Why do I have to eat this?”

She glanced up at him, her green eyes boring into his without shame and frowned.

“You’re not half as active as you were a few months ago, so your body needs to be kept healthy,” she explained. “If you eat whatever you want and laze around all the time you’re not here, you’ll gain weight that your back just can’t support right now.”

He poked a piece of broccoli with his fork in distaste, cringing at the thought of actually eating it.

“Don’t be a baby,” she teased, her smile just a little brighter than usual, if that were possible. “I want that finished by the time I get back.”

She walked off into the gym where there lay countless multi-coloured mats and bosu balls and dumbbells. There were just a few mirrors, and even more padded benches. Kakashi sighed and wondered if he was slightly masochistic. He’d spent an increasing amount of time at the rehab centre over the past few weeks, holed up in her office mostly, allowing himself more time to watch Sakura as she worked with other patients, listen to her constant scolding, and of course experience sharper pangs in his chest.

Today, she was helping a child with spina bifida. Though he watched her every move, he couldn’t recount what she’d done, and very soon she was approaching him with a wry smirk on her face.

“You still haven’t touched anything,” she pointed out needlessly. He didn’t bother looking down at the plate of rabbit food in front of him, and kept his eyes on her instead, watching as she dragged a chair over and sat beside him. She smiled at him.

“Okay, how about we make a deal? For every bit I eat, you have to eat,” she offered, pulling out her own, much better looking salad. He frowned.

“Yours looks like it tastes better,” he said. “That’s cheating.”

“Fine,” she laughed. “If I taste this and say its okay, will you eat it?”

He nodded mutely. She grinned and stuck her fork into his plate. His eyes never once left hers; he’d catch her if she was lying to him. She munched on the greens and swallowed, looking at him expectantly.

“Well, how’s it taste?” he demanded.


She reached forward and pulled his mask down, pressing her lips against his for a few fierce seconds before pulling back. She laughed at the shock that clearly showed on his face.



This whole comic turned out to be a huge color + technique practice! It was pretty awesome to draw and color the whole thing. I also understand Apple much better than before thanks to this comic that was not meant to be more than a doodle(what it still is tho TuT). I wanted to draw Eva and Wens so badly since they were huge part of Apple’s life + they are interesting people and I would like to go deeper into their characters!  I wrote more specific info of this comic but then you need to Keep reading……(btw, I am sorry about the typos and grammar errors. English is not my first language.)

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anonymous asked:

How do you draw figures? I am trying to figure this out and i can only do heads?

it helps to have a good pose thought out first!!! (i hav e like 3 default poses bc im uncreative but u can do better bprobably)

mostly its just, blocking out simple shapes and getting a general idea of mass (remember Kiddos the main difference between skinny and chubby characters is Angles) 

the main thing is to get ur proportions right and try 2 ignore tuts that r like ‘the body is 5x the height of the head’ bc ur gonna end up w stiff poses and not a lot of body diversity. the main things i remember are that the legs are ½ of the total body length and hands come abt 1/3 of the way down the thigh. other than that! practice is the main thing, even if it looks like asse. u will get it eventually. good luck!!

Senmisin AŞKI böyle güzel kılan….
… Yoksa AŞKLA herseyi güzelleştiren …
Uyut beni YÜREĞİNDE..
Çok YORGUNUM rüzgarlara karsi gelmekten..
Tut ellerimi BIRAKMA.
TUT ki …..!
Kapatayım GÖZLERİMİ Seninle, KORKUSUZCA…!!!

Al fin termine el regalo!! :‘DD , solo falta hacer un sobre y ya TuT
Me duelen las manos de tanto recortar son como 60 o 70 :vv

anonymous asked:

Wurde dir schon mal das Herz gebrochen? Also so richtig? Dass du denkst, du stirbst? Mir geht es gerade so. Ich versuche das Schöne aus jedem Tag heraus zu holen. Aber jeder Tag tut so weh. Die Zeit ist Freund und Feind zugleich.

ja wurde mir, mehre male von dem gleichen Menschen. Ich weiß genau wie sich das anfühlt, ich hätte es nie gedacht, aber eines Tages ist im Grunde nichts mehr von dem Schmerz da. Ja klar denke ich daran nicht gerne zurück, da es die Gefühle immer noch hochholen kann, aber man wird wieder glücklich, egal was du jetzt denkst. Mach einfach weiter, lenk dich ab, so viel es geht, aber lass den Schmerz auch zu, du musst ihn verarbeiten, um voran zu kommen. Du schaffst das!

Dostum ol, tut beni..
Bu hayat yalnız yaşanmaz,sarsmazsa bir el gövdeyi..Belaltı özgürlüklere, vesikalık mutluluklara inat, Bütün doğruluklarına inat soysuzluğun;Bırak, apaçık yanlış olsun hayatımız..Dön bana yüzünü, gör ne çok yaması var hayatımızın ne çok yalan yaşıyoruz..Ölüyoruz durmadan, yalancıktan ölür gibi..Öldürmeyen her yara, hayata bileyliyor yüreğimizi..Yaşamak, bir ırmağın akışı gibidir denize;Çarpa çarpa, bulana durula, çatlaya köpüre..Yola çıktıysan bir kez, ummayacaksın dostluktan başka azık..Yüreğinden başka bir silah kuşanmayacaksın..Duruşuna şahitlik edecek, yürüdüğün yol,Gölgesinde konakladığın ağaç,yüzüne çarptığın su..Her insan, kendi hayatının kahramaın, öbürünün şahididir.Sen!!Dostum ol, tut beni!Sars beni ki, bileyim yalnız düşmeyecek gölgem toprağa..Düşersem, sen düşürme yüreğinden..Unutursam, sen unutma..Kin gütme sakın,zulmetme, bana değil kendine bile..Yenik düşürme adaleti öfkene..Sen şahidim ol, sen işaretçim..Mutedil düşür öfkeyi kalbine..

@clxopatradenile yeah it’s my art! thank you! almost everything I post on this account is my art - mostly because there’s really not much in the way of fanart for tutenstein ^ ^;; i’ll definitely draw cleo and tut together pretty soon. i’m so thrilled that you like this idea, i wasn’t sure what you’d make of it.

he probably hates being called “tuttie”, but only really in public, and secretly is kinda charmed by it. warmth isn’t the most notable trait of the ancient egyptian royal family, so he’s probably like, slightly pleased when it’s used affectionately. but yeah he wants respect, so mostly he probably avoids a lot of situations where cleo could totally embarrass him with a snap of her fingers. he tries so hard to keep his cool but cleo totally knows about all the times he failed miserably with magic or embarrassed himself at the sed festival or accidentally sentenced the wrong person to death or whatever… too many stories to count. i’m not sure if he would come to her for help or not… maybe only if he’s really desperate. he likes his social independence.

i have to believe that, as much as tut might admire and even have affection for cleo, he’s totally not above thinking of ways to do her & nefera in someday - if necessary. it’s not personal, he just wants that throne so bad, his favorite classes are definitely poli-sci and comparative government. probably on the debate team and everything. aspires to be homecoming king someday. a very ambitious little mummy. getting to know cleo might make him a little less set on the murder part, though.

as ruthless as he might be, it’s just an ancient egyptian royalty thing. he’d never be competitive with cleo for the sake of being competitive like her sister is. tut’s kinda into the whole solidarity thing, and would just really feel comforted having her around. he’s not easily threatened, he just demands the best because he’s royalty, and because cleo is royalty too he doesn’t feel like he deserves better than her, he’s just happy to have someone to complain with. he doesn’t exactly make friends easily, it’s nice to know he has a cousin nearby. & he’s quite happy to do favors for her if called upon, also he probably begrudgingly accepts her seniority as the reason for her to get first pick of things & order him around a bit (but just a bit ) haha.

also is your fc AKASHA?! just when i thought your blog couldn’t get any more perfect omg…