Bts wanting you to ride their thigh Part 2

I’m just going to leave part one down and continue writing.

Part 1


Hoseok’s biggest turn on- overstimulating you. There was nothing, nothing that could replace the face you made when he was turturing you in different ways, most of which resolted in you cumming at least two more times.

Since he was too lazy when he came back from the long long tour, Hoseok thought of a genuis idea. He gave you your phone and opened the ‘bts smut’ tag on Tumblr. Not knowing why he did this, your eyes were becoming curious and curiouser. He simply smirked at you. “I finally thought what to do with you. You know, the routine gets quite boring. So this is what I thought about. Instead of having the pleasure of my cock inside you, you’ll be a good little slut and read this to yourself. As an exception I will permit you to touch yourself. But, I don’t want anyhting to come out of your mouth. Was I clear enough? No toys, no voice. You’ll only have the privillage of your fingers and your phone. So go on. Daddy will be in the kitchen. I’m hungry.” And so he just left. 

You couldn’t disobey him and to be honest the smut really made you feel something. As if he choose it really carefully. It represented the situation you two were in right now. You, touching yourself and doing a wrong move only for Hoseok to punish you by making you cum on his thigh. So, it was a play and not a reality. Hoseok wanted to overstimulate you, by you sitting on his thigh.

Fast, wihtout even touching yourself, you moaned Hoseok’s name. “Y/N!” The door was kick-opened and a furious Hoseok was standing on the frame. “So, you caught up, you naughty girl!” he smirked evily. “Come here Daddy. You’re princess wants you thigh. It’s going to be my trophy, for being a smart princess.” “Good. I’m all yours.”


He had found his way of fucking you when he was really lazy. You were a little whiny, always needy baby. So, he was giving you your phone, a Tumblr app, a smut section and his thigh. Boy has huge thighs, so when you really wanted to fuck, but he didn’t want, all you did was sit on his thigh and move your clit on it.

It was pure heaven for both of you. Most of the times Jimin layed back and enjoyed the show. You’re naked form on top of him, without the need for him to move even. Sex was taking a lot of effort, which he sometimes lacked. So, everyone were happy. 

He was jolting his thigh form time to time, making you explode with emotions. All those emotions resolted in you cumming, once, twice, three times.

Most times when you cummed more than once, Jimin snapped, fliped you on the bed and fucked you into oblivion, until you couldn’t remember you’re name.


Kim Taehyung had two sides of himself - a puppy and a daddy. Depends on his mood he was either making ove to you or making sure you won’t be able to walk for days.

He had the first one when he arrived home. Happy, in all ways. So happy to hug you again, to hold you in his arms. Guess what happend when he heard your moans from the door, then when he saw you touch yourself on his bed, moaning his name like a mantra. He snapped.

Daddy was in charge. He watched you for a little while, until he was so hard, he couldn’t take it. Tae Daddy bursted into the room, scarying the shit out of you. Without saying anything, his hands wrapped around your ankles, pulled you to him, lifted you up and put you on his thigh. “Finish off yourself fast. I don’t want to intrude in the middle of someone’s business. Finish. On my thigh. No where nearly against my cock, darling. Nowhere near there.”


It was a punishment. Jungkooks ego was hurt and boy got really angry over the fact that you choose to read fictional stupidities instead of having the real deal.

For the first time since you were in a relationship, his eyes shouted danger. “You haven’t met my alter ego. I thought I will never have to use it. You think I can’t be rough, that I can’t leave reminders on your body of who I am? I can Y/n. And you will see it now. Undress. Fast. And don’t make a sound am I clear?” “Yes, Kookie.” “Yes what?” “Yes, Daddy.” “Good girl.”

Undressed, you were sitting on the bed, excited and waiting for your man’s next command. 

“Sit on my thigh.”

Your looked at him in shock. So he knew. He knew that you secretly always wanted to try coming off his thigh. Fast, without other questions, you found yourself moving eagerly on his thigh. Everytime he jolted his thigh, the friction got better, your brows knitted together and Jungkook only smirked happy that you won’t read those stories again.

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Bts reaction to you having nipple piercing

Request: Bts reaction to you having nipple piercings.

Request 2:  Hi! Can I request a bts reaction with them finding out you have nipple piercings?? Thank you!


I believe he will be above all surprised. You have never raised the topic of piercing so it was quite shocking to him when he undressed you for the first time.

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He will trully like it. Without a sexual meaning. He just likes the fact that his girl is brave enough to do something like this.

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Namjoon also really likes it but he also has sexual meaning behind it. Boys really likes to turture you by having the cold metal in his mouth gentlely tugging on your breast.

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Hoseok will be soo hyped about it. Boy will always want you to walk around the house without a bra. It really turn him on.

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He actually got worried first, before he liked it. He would ask you if it hurts sometimes? If you have to clean them? How do you wear bras? He’ll be generally very curious.

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We all know he is special. So when he saw your piercings, he decided he also wanted to pierce his nipples, so you’ll have matching couple nipples.

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Like Namjoon, Jungkook liked them, but also found sexual meaning in them. He really liked seeing them bounce when you were on top of him. Which didn’t happend often.

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!Au / Angst / Smut / Drabble series

Rated M for mentions of violence, blood, death, mature themes

Word count: 2k

Synopsis: It’s never easy when a vampire holds your heart in his hands, but maybe Jeon’s love is enough to stand together, even if blood ends up staining both your lips and bodies.

Author’s note: another drabble series yay! Now we have vampire!Jeon aka the beginning of @wolfjeon’s lil turture :-)

part 1 // part 2 // part 3

III. Rebirth

The first four months after Jungkook’s transformation were – and will always be – the most sorrowful of your whole life.

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!Au / Angst / Smut / Drabble series

Rated T for mentions of violence, blood, death, mature themes

Word count: 1.8k

Synopsis: It’s never easy when a vampire holds your heart in his hands, but maybe Jeon’s love is enough to stand together, even if blood ends up staining both your lips and bodies.

Author’s note: another drabble series yay! Now we have vampire!Jeon aka the beginning of @wolfjeon’s lil turture :-)

part 1 // part 2 // part 3

I. Safe lies

“How many, this time?”

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Sehun Smut - Let Me Teach You

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Genre: Smut

Pairings: Sehun x You

Words: 2073

Warnings: Rough sex, Grinding, Dirty Talking

Summary: Sehun teaches you his sexy dance in Artificial Love.

Author’s Note: This is the first smut I ever written so bare with me… hope its not that bad!


His hips…that stare…everything about him on that performance made you shiver. You have watched that video hundreds of times but seem to never get bored of it and it’s been a long time since Sehun paid some atention to you. You don’t blame him, after all, your boyfriend was an idol, and apparently, a really busy one. 

His dance, the music, the lighting, everything was so perfect. It just made you imagine the last time you had been with him. The way he touched you, the way he kissed you, the teasing that always made you even more soaked wet for him. He knew how to play you, and you knew he loved it as much as you. 

You haven’t told him that you have been craving him sinse the last time you two had sex and how you were missing his touch like crazy, you knew he had other things to care about other then your desires. By this point, the back of your phone was burning, and your fingers were sweaty, just like your entire body that was asking you for your biggest addiction, Sehun. 

You were so mesmerized by what was happening in the video that you didn’t even noticed Sehun arriving home and spotting you immedeatly in the leaving room. 

You felt a sudden presence behind you, and when you were about to stand up from the chair you were sitting in, a strong hand layed on one of your shoulders and kept you sitting. His other hand played softly with your hair as you felt his wet lips on your neck. 

- Stalking me again, baby? - He whispered softly in your ear, still behind you, and holding your shoulder tight.

 - “Fuck”. - You thought to yourself as you tried to hide your phone, in a hurry, under the table.

It was the second time Sehun caught you watching his dance. You got away with the first time but still never recovered from the embarassement. And now you were a blushing mess as Sehun ran his hand from your shoulder, down, slowly through your arm and taking your phone away from you.

You finally got the courage to look at him in the eyes… those hungry and lust-filled eyes. 

 - This is not what it loo- You tried to explain, but Sehun gave you this smile that was enough for you to know he wasn’t going to be fooled again so you decided to shut up and wait for him to do domething about it.

He ran his tongue around his lips and made you gulp, your cheeks were burning at this point. 

- I know you like that dance. - He stepped back looking at the screen of your phone while the video was still playing. - I promised to dance it just for you.

- You did. - You whispered really silently, making sure he didn’t heard you. You felt guilty for being so needy when he was busy, but you couldn’t help yourself either. Since he said he would give you a “special” version of Artificial Love’s dance you have been dreaming about it.

- How about now? - He started to slowly unbotton his super sexy black shirt, that looked amazing on him, causing your breath to get out of control. He stopped on the fourth button and got closer and closer to you, till he softly grabbed your chin to meet his lips with yours.

The kiss didn’t last long as he got back to your phone. You tried to look over him to see what he was doing, but decided to remain on the chair after a failled attempt on peeking.

He left your phone under the table as soon as “Artificial Love” started to play. Listening to that song again brought the memories of Sehun’s super sexy dance that you were just watching before he came, and now, Sehun was in front of you, with naked chest and hungry eyes.

Sehun bit his lip before starting the dance. And as soon as he started you held yourself as much as you could to not moan or sigh at that beautiful view.

- S-Sehun … - You begged. It was amazing seeing him performing on stage but the feeling of him dancing right in front of you was too much for you to handle.

He smiled at how needy you were and stopped dancing to get back into kissing you. This time he grabbed your wrist and helped you to get up.

- This is too boring don’t you think? - He stopped the kiss, cupping your face with his big hands. - I have a better idea. 

Your heart was racing at this point and dying to feel his heat once again, confused at what is plan was. He grabbed your phone, this time to increase the volume of the song, who was still playing in the background, then, he grabbed your hips and leaned his head so your forheads were now touching as he looked down at you.

-Let me teach you. - He finnaly said. His voice was so deep it sent shivers down your spine. - Let’s dance together.

He turned you around so your back was feeling the heat of his bare chest and crossed his arms around your waist as he guide them to grind on him at the rhythm of the music. You closed your eyes as you let him guide you, and let out a little moan when he leaned to kiss your neck. Even if you wanted to learn the choreography it was impossible at this point, cause’ all you were thinking about was the friction between your hot bodies.

The song was almost at the end and you were now facing Sehun, still grinding and looking each others intensly in the eyes as you danced in the most dirtiest way, even more dirtier then in the performance. He promised you it would be a “special version”.

You felt Sehun growing down there as he rubbed on you. He left a sigh next to your ear, sending vibrations through your entire body. He wasn’t holding it anymore, he was just as crazy as you were. But he wanted to finish the song who seemed to be going on for ages. He liked to tease you, but today, this dance was messing with all his thoughts. His moves weren’t rithmic anymore, he was just craving you and holding himself to not rip off your clothes.

Suddenly, the entire room was filled with silence and desire. The song was over, the dance was over and the only audible sounds were your desperate moans.

You looked at him, glad that the turture was over and he smirked at you with dark, scary eyes. Sehun picked you up grabbing your thighs around his waist and slammed your back on the wall to get some support, you whined at the sudden impact.

He attacked your lips once again, taking off your clothes in hurry and sending them flying somewhere. His kisses were now more slopy and needy as you helped him to take off his shirt leaving him just with his pants. Sehun slid your body down so you could feel how hard he was for you, making you whine his name between hot kisses.

- The dance is over but we are not. - Sehun stopped kissing you to recover his breath and to give you a devilish smile while he took you to the coutch, laying you on your back.

He, then tried to take off your bra as you did the same with his pants til you were now only in your panties as Sehun positioned himself between your legs and started to give you rough kisses and bites all over your new exposed skin.

He opened your legs slowly and poke you with his fingers, over your panties. You squirmed under him just at his little touch and looked up to see him smirking as he rubbed two fingers up and down your folds, still panties on.

- Baby, you are dripping wet for me. - He said smiling at your desperate reactions. Sehun took his final remaining clothes, making his member jump straight and you leaned your head back at the sight of pre-cum dripping down his cock. You didn’t even knew your name anymore.

You were needing him inside of you like crazy and had enough of his teasing so you reached for your panties and tried to take them off but Sehun didn’t let you.

-I will do it. - He held your hand and looked at you like a hungry lion to his prey. You obeyed and let him do is thing, yet when you were expecting him to slide your panties down he’d rip them off in anger.

You left a little scream in surprise. Sehun had never done something like this before, he was always pretty domminate but not to the point of even tearing your clothes like that.

As soon as what was lef from your panties was on the floor, your boyfriend placed your legs on his shoulders, finally feeling your taste and having the chance to devour you.

You grabbed his hair with your hands as he was between your legs, and tried to keep him away as you moaned loudly because of how much pleasure he was giving you just by using his mouth.

-You taste so good Y/N… - He’d get his lips out of your pussy to go place them into your lips again, as his member was now poking at your entrance, making you both sigh in anticipation.

Sehun was planning to eat you for longer, he loved your sweet, he loved to make you feel good but he wasn’t holding it anymore. He needed to be insinde of you.

You two were kissing so rough that you had his saliva dripping down your chin. He caught you in surprise by placing the tip of his member in your entrance suddenly, and slowly sliding it into you.

-S-Sehun… d-deeper… - You begged for his mercy between kisses.

He didn’t think twice and started to go deeper and faster into you as your moans grew louder together. He stopped suddenly, and flipped you over, so you were now on all fours, while he slammed his dick hard into you. You were now screamming from intense pleasure as he slid off and on on you. 

- You feel so good, baby… - He said between grunts and panting. You loved the way he dirty talks, and as he continued to whisper naughty things to you he’d make your orgasm come closer.

Sehun leaned to grab your breasts and to kiss your neck as he felt like he was getting closer. To this stimulation, your walls clenched around him as you started screaming your boyfriend’s name, not caring who might hear you.

- Ahh, so thight… - Sehun closed his eyes and humped you one last time, stronger, harder and deeper then before, as you came all over him just seconds before he did inside of you.

You fell on your your belly, still panting as he kissed your back, smiling in satisfation. He reached for some tissues and cleaned the cum that was still dripping down your pussy. You moaned one last time at the cold feeling and hugged him when he layed next to you.

- I am sorry that I have been busy recently… - He kissed your nose, making you smile.

- It’s ok. I am proud of you. - You knew you had the best boyfriend in the world and you never complained about the time he spent working because you knew how focuses he is and how much he loves what he does.

- I am always thinking about you when I am not with you. - Your eyes grow big as you sit to look straight at him in the eyes. You knew Sehun loved you, but he didn’t tell you that very often, he was more into showing his love for you through his actions.

- Sehun… - You smilled at those words and he pulled you back in his arms, to cuddle with you a little more as he kissed your head.

- We should dance more often … - He said making you both laugh and gave you a last kiss, soft, short and loving.


I hope you like it sweet anon ~~ 

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!Au / Angst / Smut / Drabble series

Rated M for may God forgive my sins mentions of violence, blood, death, mature themes

Word count: 1k

Synopsis: It’s never easy when a vampire holds your heart in his hands, but maybe Jeon’s love is enough to stand together, even if blood ends up staining both your lips and bodies.

Author’s note: another drabble series yay! Now we have vampire!Jeon aka the beginning of @wolfjeon’s lil turture :-)

part 1 // part 2 // part 3

II. Winter nights

Winter nights with Jungkook are anything but cold.

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