i lost all of my innocence by champagneboyband

Louis doesn’t know it yet, but years from now, he’ll still associate Harry with fireworks. Not because of any clichéd reason like the way it feels when they kiss and not because of some overplayed song lyric, but because of this, because of the distant light of sparks flying over the London Eye and the way Harry’s face looks when he comes apart in Louis’ arms for the first time. For his own private, secret reasons, tucked away in the back of his memory and safe from the prying eyes of the rest of the world, Harry and fireworks will always make sense in Louis’ mind.

x factor weeks 4-5 || part two of an ongoing canon compliant series

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Da wir versuchen wieder regelmäßig Videos hochzuladen, hier unser neustes :-)

Viel Spaß dabei!


[Future Sting admits he couldn’t save his Rogue and has wanted to see him just once more in the past era.]

Bakasayu : I read some of your guys tags and I’m sorry if I killed your Koroko’s!! TW T I won’t delete the draft one just in case anyone liked either ones better lol

The Trouble With... Chapter 7

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The trouble with friends is that they’re even nosier than grandmothers


22 July 2015

“I don’t know why you’re so annoyed, you look great in all the pictures,” Heather shrugged as she looked down at her phone.

Or, more specifically, photos of me in an article from some teeny-bop website she’d pulled up on her phone.

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I gave it to him and he listened to it. He was smiling like silly the whole time! He was really impressed with it and said it was fantastic. Mentioned to him you had a lot to study on his material and he was really happy to hear. Line was piling up so I shook his hand and tossed him your Youtube channel. Then, one of the ladies in line asked about it and James answered it was a motion-comic and she was like “Wait, LordMegatronG1? I follow him on tumblr! He mentioned about it! Holy shit!
—  My friend Martin after showing James Roberts a snippet of our MTMTE dub