Through the Window (Part 23)

Sorry it took so long folks! I got there in the end! Hope you enjoy it.

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Part 23

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“If it makes you feel any better.” Loki says from the doorway. “I still love you.”

“I ruined it.” You whisper, almost falling over your chair in your haste to follow Bucky out of the door.

Wrenching open the front door, you pause and see Bucky storming down the path. Hesitating only for a split second, you chase after him. He doesn’t turn around when you call his name, and shakes you off when you grab his arm. He just continues to walk away. Eventually, you give up, turning back to your house. Loki is standing in the doorway, clearly trying to hide his delight.

“Well now he’s out of the way-” He starts to say when you reach the house, but you cut him off.

“You need to leave.” You say, not looking at him.


“Now, Loki.” You repeat, turning and pointing at your still open front door.

“Fine. See you later. I’ll call you.” He says, walking out the door and turning back to look at you.

“I changed my number.” And with that you slam the door in his face.

Your parents are standing in the hallway, looking at you anxiously when you spin around. You ignore them, moving quickly up the stairs and into your room. Without stopping to think, you grab your phone and call Darcy. It rings, but she doesn’t answer.

Slumping down on your bed, you glance around your room, unsure of what to do. As much as you wanted to go and find Bucky, you were scared he wouldn’t want to see you. Finding him and him not talking to you, would be worse than not finding him at all.

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If you have any interest in Tabletop RPGs like DnD or Pathfinder, and you enjoy laughing your ass off, then I highly recommend you check out The Third Wheel’s series, Thrilling Intent!

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Wait. What? WAIT What is this story that you've created ML? It's true? Bye bye little me....

DUDE NO TTW TT I only draw ML fanart I am not as awesome as Thomas Astruc o)-(

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When you move into a new house for the umpteenth time, you weren’t expecting it to be any different. New school, same cliques. You had gotten used to being invisible. But this time, someone sees you. Steve is the popular boy next door, quickly becoming one of your best friends, and perhaps more. That is, unless Bucky can do anything about it. 


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(Also major props and full credit to @yourbuddyyourpalyourbucky who created our beautiful new Through the Window header as seen above. Their watermark is on the picture and I’ve tagged them so check them out everyone!)

Being the idiot I am, I forgot to say the poll had ended.

The poll has ended. 

It ended yesterday actually but I completely forgot to post the results!

Steve won with 17,021

Clint came second with 11,417

And Bucky came third with 4,267

So those three will most definitely be staring in my next fic! 

This fic is going to be another AU (you all know how I love those), and all I will tell you is that it’s going to be a work AU.

I won’t be starting it until I have finished TTW (and I know how many parts until it’s finished now) so you won’t get it for a little while. But it’s something for everyone to look forward to :)

Thanks everyone for voting!!!

Ttw one of your male coworkers is just manifestly brilliant and I need his help with something and it’s just soooooo tempting to act “girlie.”

(Oh and he’s super cute so yeah.)

General Update

Just checking in folks regarding the lack of writing uploads recently. Kezia and myself have been super busy with work, and my housemate coming to stay for a week as you may have seen. Sadly we haven’t been able to fit time in for writing.

However, my housemate is going home tomorrow so hopefully TTW will be back on track soon. I plan on writing a load tomorrow and over the weekend, so you should get a new part soon enough.

We’re also hoping to get some more YouTube videos up soon, so hopefully you guys will enjoy those too!

Thanks for sticking with us everyone coz

(Ps, soon I’ll be posting more photos and hopefully a video from Madame Tussauds and ZSL London Zoo, two of the places I visited this week)

Too many pictures and thoughts from this weekend to capture them all, but it was amazing! Getting to fly with Primrose, getting to be at CA Fun Day, getting to meet all my TTW girls, getting to FINALLY meet sibs and break our curse, getting to meet Mom (Ojai) and Dad (Laughlin), getting to welcome our (surprise) new club puppy Yoshi, and just being a part of the loving, supportive community that is GDB is such a blessing!

I was really anxious about going, especially the flying, because Primrose came off heat confinement the day before we left, and it was her first time flying, though she has been to SEATAC on an outing. So, anxious about such a big outing so soon after heat, and anxious about flying. We just weren’t quite sure yet what a post-heat Primrose would be. I’m happy to say, she did such a phenomenal job this weekend. I am so proud of her! Every moment she rocked it, from calm and confident demeanor, to obedience, to alertness. I just cannot say enough good things!

I sent my Leader a series of texts throughout the weekend that basically consist of what a delight she was, how hard she was working, and how confident and proud I am in her. She still has her Eval on the 30th, but scuttlebutt is maybe an end-of-August recall date. It’s too soon! I’m not ready to say goodbye to this one quite yet!

Ttw you’re watching a lovely bit of trans gal porn and you’re like, wait, I’m pretty sure I’m Facebook friends with that one girl. Oh my! I think I know the other girl also. 

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I LOVE TTW SO MUCH!! I don't know what to do with my self-waiting for the next part is so haaard. 😭😭😭😫 ~C.C*

Hopefully it shouldn’t be too long! Not many parts left now though

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Oh Myyy .. The new part is so brilliant. TTW is one of the best stories I ever read! Honestly! And I read a lot of stories. You are simply amazing! I wish I could write like you. I'm looking forward to read more stories from you:)

Oh well aren’t you lovely. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it

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Ahh, I need to catch up on TTW! I've been gone for so long and now I'm really hyped because everyone is saying it's awesome and I'll bet money that it is!

Haha well I hope you enjoy it. I’m working on the next part atm so hopefully it’ll be up soon :)

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I have to say, I really, really appreciate the way you write dialogue, especially in TTW. It just feels so natural and realistic and funny to me, exactly the way I would talk to my boyfriend if I had one. So many fan fictions have this weird, unnatural dialogue that makes me nervous but this feels like it could be a genuine conversation. The same with the first time not being perfect. Although, I admit I did laugh when Bucky guessed the reader's bra size as 32B, because mine are 34G. :D 😂

That’s great! I really struggled with dialogue when I first started writing, which is why quite often in my fics there is a lot of dialogue. I’m practising haha. I’m glad you think it’s natural though, it means whatever I’m doing is working!