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Tyler Black as Satan
[October 15th, 2005]

As soon as I get done laughing, I’ll type a caption….

…ok, it’s been 6 hours. Fuck it. Seth Rollins, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, in his Tyler Black days as Satan. This is a promotional photo for Joey Eastman’s Totally Tool Wrestling, in which regular wrestlers would do differing gimmicks for the entertainment of wrestling fans new and old. For example, Justin Credible wrestled as Baldo Montoya and wore a jockstrap on his face (which is… I mean, pretty much what Aldo Montoya did). 

You can get this specific show on DVD here, which also features Baldo Montoya, Larry Sweeney, Arik Cannon, and more.


Terrifying Tolkien Week, 3/?:   T H E   B A R R O W   D O W N S

The Barrow-downs, or Tyrn Gorthad, was an area of low hills to the east of the Shire and the Old Forest, and west of the village of Bree. They were made by men in the ancient days of the Northern Kingdom. Many of the hills were crowned with monoliths and barrows, whence comes their name. They served as resting places for the men of the north, as well as the Dunedain, until evil spirits that were sent by the Witch-king of Angmar began to inhabit them. [x]


Well folks, the time is finally here! Team Train-Wreck is ecstatic to announce the release of Episode #1 of our Transformers: More than Meets the Eye Motion-Comic! It’s been a long time coming…

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Through the Window (Part 18)

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Part 18
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(Technically it’s Friday for me, so have this now.)

“What makes you think I’m going to untie you?” You ask, raising an eyebrow.

“Well I don’t want to be selfish. This isn’t all about me. Let me return the favour.” He purrs, winking at you in what you supposed was meant to be a seductive manner.

“You know what. Fine. But I think I can resist. I’m stronger than you.” You say, whilst leaning forward and unlocking the handcuffs.

As soon as he is free, he sits up and spins you round so you are on your back. His weight pushes down on you, as it’s his turn to pull your arms up and handcuff you to the bedpost. You feel your breathing quicken when Bucky sits astride you, his eyes roaming your body.

“Damn it.” He mutters to himself after a few seconds.

“What?” You ask, confused at his face of disappointment.

“I didn’t take your bra off before I handcuffed you.”

“Quite a pickle you’ve got yourself in.”

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We’re excited to announce that Episode #1 of our Transformers: More than Meets the Eye motion-comic has entered its’ final stage in production! However; We here at Team Train-Wreck are still noodling out bugs and working hard to provide you- our viewers, with ‘best-seats-in-house’.

That being said, we feel that a token of gratitude is in order for all the kindness and support you kind folks have given us during these past few months. 

We hope that you’ll enjoy this very early, very brief excerpt from Episode #1



The Paths of the Dead was a haunted pass through the White Mountains and the route by which Aragorn traveled from Rohan to Gondor. When Sauron attacked Gondor in S.A. 3429 and Isildur called upon the Men of the Mountains to honor their oath, they refused. Isildur then cursed them and their king, proclaiming that they would have no rest until the oath was fulfilled. The Men of the Mountains fled before Isildur’s wrath, hid in the mountains away from other men, and dwindled away. Thereafter their haunts, the hill of Erech and the Paths of the Dead, became places of terror to living men. [x]

Through the Window (Pt 19)

Part 18
Part 19
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TTW Masterlist for all other parts

Sorry this took so long folks, I’ve been slowly adding to it during my uni stuff. I have my final deadlines on the 27th so after that hopefully this should be uploaded more regularly! I know I’m not uploaded on a normal day, but I figured you’d waited long enough :)

(Also shoutout to @winterwidowfondue for the help with the Russian translation. I haven’t put a translation at the bottom into English for you, as you will find out next part what it means! Or you will probably guess. Or look it up yourselves. Hey ho.)

After you tackle Bucky, you roll around on the bed for a while giggling, just enjoying being in each others arms.

“So, you know I have no idea what I’m doing.” You say after a while, you lying on the bed with Bucky next to you.

“And you think I do?”

“I’m the virgin here!” You protest, rolling onto your side, Bucky doing the same.

“Yeah but the last person I slept with was a guy.” He says, raising an eyebrow.

“How different could it be. You just put it in a different hole.” You say, Bucky grinning.

“Well clearly you’re the expert here.”

“Bucky.” You say slowly, knowing it was the wrong time to bring it up, but also knowing you were going to bring it up anyway.

“Yeah?” He asks.

“What did you say to me earlier?”


“When I was leaving your room to go home and get ready.” You say. Bucky pauses for a moment, then realisation spreads across his face, and his cheeks flush red.

“Nothing.” He says, unconvincingly.

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