Edition #33 Not So Hidden Fanfiction

We all have either read or have written fanfiction. Yet we from time to time wonder, what would happen if what or who they were about were read by the actor or character themselves. This week we have 3 stories, that tell you just that, dealing with Tom Hiddleston. SO ENJOY! 

On Fame, Fear & Friendship by @latestarter58

Main Characters: Actor!Tom and the author

Summary: The author (now a published novelist - this is pure fantasy) finds herself on Graham Norton’s sofa listening to the subject of her fan fiction reading some of it aloud. What seems like a nightmare soon becomes the beginning of the best kind of dream.


“I read your new book last night.”

“Did you?” I may have squeaked.“Yes.” He paused, and I assumed he was searching for something polite but honest to say. “I also read all ofAn Opera.” My head snapped up to look at him. He was smiling slightly, those unsettling eyes fixed on mine. I felt numb. “I had to, for preparation.”I thought back to our brief meeting in the green room before the show, and how charming and friendly andTom-Hiddlestony he had been. I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks again and the sofa under me seemed to be sinking through the floor. “Oh god…”

Discovery by @tinaferraldo

Summary: An Imagine story. What were to happen if Tom discovered your fanfiction?


“I … I …” Tom stammered, unable to form even the most basic of sentences.

“Do you like it?” she asked hesitantly.When he looked back at her, there were tears in his eyes. No one had EVER given him a gift like this.I couldn’t help but gasp as I was reading this passage.

 The author, this tinacita, had captured my reaction perfectly.By the end of this 1st story, I was completely captivated. Her writing was very genuine, and she seemed as if she was writing from a very real place.

You Shouldn’t Read That by @hiddlednlokid

Characters: Actor!Tom X Jennifer

Fanfiction Mentioned: “Four Hour Delay” on @ywmtbw

Summary: While on her bus, waiting to start filming again, Jennifer, co actor for Tom Hiddleston in a new film lets him borrow her laptop after his computer suddenly gives way. What he finds using it leads up to quite the confrontation.


Peering further around, I jumped as his eyes connected with mine then gesturing at the screen before him, “What’s this?” he asked as I realized what had been present on the screen.

It was a site, that was linked to an old fanfiction of mine that I had personally written out as a private fantasy of mine, explaining details of a random encounter with Tom himself, at an air port.

The fic was called “Four Hour Delay.” and I knew with the look he was giving me, he seemingly wasn’t impressed, or so I thought.

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rewatching FOTR made me think of The Last Goodbye because so many snippets of melodies and lines from FOTR are in that song, and I just can’t handle all the emotions
I love all of the original songs from LOTR and The Hobbit and most of them make me cry, but the one I love the most (and also the one that makes me shed the most tears) is definitely The Last Goodbye, because it’s bidding goodbye to Middle-earth, while at the same time reminding me of all the reasons I fell in love with this in the first place
And then I find myself in a puddle of tears

anonymous asked:

at the end of the hug gif, Ri's hand goes for Dae's and I die QAQ <3

the teeny weeny-ist bit of physical contact between them already makes me want to throw myself out a window, bUT WHEN THE GIF FINISHES RIGHT BEFORE THE TOUCH??? that’s a go n y pure agony 

(pained screaming)

Tattoo exclusiva do cristofer Andrews. Gratidão :)

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Flotsam and Jetsam by Anke Eissmann

“And you need not turn up your nose at the provender, Master Gimli,” said Merry. “This is not orc-stuff, but man-food, as Treebeard calls it. Will you have wine or beer? There’s a barrel inside there — very passable. And this is first-rate salted pork. Or I can cut you some rashers of bacon and broil them, if you like. I am sorry there is no green stuff: the deliveries have been rather interrupted in the last few days! I cannot offer you anything to follow but butter and honey for your bread. Are you content?”

“Indeed yes,” said Gimli. “The score is much reduced.”

The three were soon busy with their meal; and the two hobbits, unabashed, set to a second time. “We must keep our guests company,” they said.

“You are full of courtesy this morning,” laughed Legolas. “But maybe. if we had not arrived, you would already have been keeping one another company again.”

“Maybe; and why not?” said Pippin. “We had foul fare with the Orcs, and little enough for days before that. It seems a long while since we could eat to heart’s content.”

— The Two Towers

Mexico city. Back to work for 3 weeks. @estudio184 :) neurona!

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January 2016 Fitness

It’s been a rough start to 2016, but I am planting some seeds that will hopefully grow into beautiful plants.  I have started my Triathlete journey and have decided to improve my skills at 24 hour obstacle course races.

My training plans are taking me all over the place with regards to fitness.  Instead of just running ALL the MILES I am incorporating lifting, biking, and swimming into the routine.  My event schedule is also taking me all over the place quite literally as I plan to travel a lot for different races.

Before January runs away from me, here are the numbers for the first month of 2016.


  • Energy In: 73586
  • Energy Out: 62331
  • Weight Change: Gained 1lb.
  • Total Training Time (TTT): 29.3 Hours
  • Run, Bike, Swim Time (RBS): 17.5 Hours (59.5% of TTT)
  • Run Miles: 72
  • Run Time:  12 Hours (68.7% of RBS; 40.8% of TTT)
  • Bike Miles: 92
  • Bike Time: 5.5 Hours (31.3% of RBS; 18.6% of TTT)
  • Swim Miles: 0
  • Swim Time: 0 Hours (0% of RBS; 0% of TTT)
  • Lifting Sessions: 12
  • Lifting Time: 6.4 Hours (21.9% of TTT)
  • Body Exercises:
    • 2016 Push Ups
    • 843 Pull Ups
    • 620 Burpees
    • 1860 Core Moves
  • Body Exercise Time: 5.4 Hours (18.5% of TTT)

Explanations and analysis after the cut.

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Tattoo exclusiva do Cristofer. Gratidão

#linework #photographer
#photograpy #wolf #wolftattoo #photo #canon #nikon #darkartists #btattooing #onlyblacktattoos #blxckink #tattrx #blackworkerssubimission
#blackwork #linework #tattoo #bw #dw #blackartists #tattoos #blacktattoomag #ttt #blxckwork #blackart #darkwork #campinas #sp #campinastattoo #geometry #geometric #tatuagem @blacktattooart @blackwork_tattoo @blxckink @tattooculturemagazine @tattoo.workers @ink.life @tattoozlife @tattooartists @crazyytattoos @mindblowingtattoos
@inspiredtattoos @tattoo2me (em Los Almeidas Tattoo Studio)


four whole years goodness gracious! from the very beginning you guys have contributed to and supported this blog and made it what it is today. looking back at some of the first handful of pages is such a fun blast from the past. all the in jokes this “fandom” has had is ridiculous and i feel so lucky to have been a part of it for as long as i have. the old story goes that i was so amazed with the rapid hiddles fanbase on his birthday that that very night i made a little confession blog for him. and what a crazy ride it’s been kiddos! so in honour of ttt turning four years old today, i invite you to check out the blog for some reminiscence, nostalgia, embarrassment, laughs, and feels. go back to the beginning, or click for a random post, even check out the ol’ wut tag if you’re daring (and the only one in the room).

but most importantly: