I made a thing for you! :D I wanted to say that your comic is amazing, your art is wonderful and inspirational! And you should be proud! ^w^

amber: OH MY GOSH thank you!! Wow this looks amazing, this is so epic!! I love it! :D

anonymous asked:

I've been rereading Tumbling Together (amazing by the way) But I had a question, kinda like for an outtake scene, but I was wondering if Barry and Len ever went back to their bank, from chapter one, and if Barry kinda rubbed it in Raymond's face that he's dating Len? Just a thought that popped into my head, had to ask.

Hahahahaha, well, he wouldn’t do it deliberately. I mean, Barry likes to gloat, but that would be a bit petty even for him, considering he got his man.

He will eventually end up at the bank with Len more than once though, of course. One day they’re gonna probably open a joint account together, realistically, even if they don’t combine all of their finances? And they might have other appointments together. Can you imagine them getting a mortgage???

Haha anyway, they’re going to find their way back to the bank more than once over time, and Raymond is going to start out with shooting jealous looks at Barry for having so obviously charmed Len (who is 100% Raymond’s type), but after a few visits, Ray is going to be sending those appraising glances at Barry too, and more or less develop a minor couple-crush. 

Poor guy. It’s a shame both Len and Barry are as jealous and possessive as they are (and have to hide their identities) because he’ll never be invited for the three-way he daydreams about when they come in.