The evening after Miyusawa dropped the bombshell and came out to the public

Eijun reading through the warzone that is the comment sections of a bunch of articles on them

Eijun: “Wow, you sure are popular.”

Miyuki: “You just realized?”

Eijun: “Shut up, you!!”

And then Miyuki joining in because what the hell is this boy doing lol

Miyuki: “What are you even reading?”

Eijun: “People saying nice things about..you know.”

Miyuki: “Hmm..things like ‘miyuki s fcken faggot y do girls like that guy?’”

Eijun: “Wha- no! Not that you idiot! Look at the replies.”

and then there’s hundreds of replies and comments protecting them saying: 

“Just because they’re gay doesn’t make them any less great at baseball you dumbass!”“Because he’s a fucking beautiful guy unlike you!”“So what if they’re gay? They’re both pretty darn hot!”“They look cute together too…”


LOL MAKING MIYUSAWA HEADCANONS WHEREIN I CAN INSERT MY ACTUAL SELF IN that was me, I was the one who said they look cute together..