You just have to play the hand you’re dealt with. Kakashi? He’s an ace. Sasuke is my king up my sleeve. Tsunade is my old maid. Sakura is my queen. Sai is the instruction card you throw away. Shikamaru is a solid seven. Choji is probably, like, a two. And I’m obviously the joker.
—  Naruto Uzumaki


Sakura have all the possibilities to be pregnant when Naruto was already Hokage. Why?

-When Tsunade had the title of Hokage she waited at least 3 years to have her face incised in the wall…

-For the clothes… Characters keep the same clothes 2 years in Naruto and 3 years in Naruto Shippuden xD And These clothes at the end of the Last can be casual one?

-In The Last Boruto can widely have 3 years:

-And now, what in Chapter 700 or anywhere else it say that Naruto was Hokage after Boruto’s birth? Or Why not 1 year after Boruto’s birth? Sakura still can be pregnant of Sarada in this flashback when Naruto is Hokage.

-And then, those who thought that Kiba talk about Kakashi who just let his Hokage place to Naruto, you are wrong.

I just read my Shonen Jump, Kiba say: “七代目火影は降りたのさ。。。自らな”   Kiba don’t talk about Kakashi but Naruto… He talk about the “Nanadaime Hokage"  and it doesn’t mentions when Naruto obtained his Hokage title Kiba talk in the past but it doesn’t say that it was recent.

-Where it’s mentionned when Naruto obtained his title?


summary: the beginning of a fated love story

part one | part two |

If individual has not found true love by the age of 20, he/she will die.

Emerald eyes carefully glide over the words over and over until they’re engraved in her head. Her eyes leave the words and concentrate back on the picture. The black cherry blossom, looks exactly like her. She softly brings a hand up and delicately touches the spot on her dress where the supposed curse hides underneath.

Sakura was told by Tsunade that the mark on her chest was a birthmark, and that it is harmless; that she shouldn’t worry about it because it doesn’t mean anything, but she was still urged to cover it up, not to show anyone the mark.

Clenching her teeth, she abruptly stands and slips the book into her purse. She places her purse around her right shoulder and swiftly makes her way through the library towards the door. As her fingers brushes the handle, Sakura hears Shizune calling out to her.

“Sakura, you finished reading the book so fast?” Her eyebrows are raised with shock. She knows Sakura is an avid reader, but there was no way she could finish reading it so quickly.

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Sasuke/Boruto Full translation

His decision for the sake of surpassing Naruto. This is to seek out Sasuke as his master. ‘Shishou’ and “sensei’ have different connotations. Kakashi was the 'sensei’ of team 7, but the Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru were their 'shishou.’

Rest of the translation:

"So it seems. Driving in the "X” sign on Naruto’s face with a rebellious face is his son Boruto. He is rebelling against his father who reigns over the village, but in his heart he strongly wants to surpass his father Naruto, the man that is hailed as a hero. To fulfill this too big of a goal there is no one better to apprentice under than Sasuke, his father’s rival and best friend. As a man that knew Naruto since childhood, what kind of face (attitude is the best way to interpret this) will he show to his son Boruto? It definitely won’t be orthodox (lol) Hints for any other queries can be found if you read the limited run gaiden. Please check it out.“ 

While Boruto and his team may have a different teacher, the man that he will look to as 'master’ is Sasuke.

^Whole translation guys


- short animation (using manga caps) introducing konoha and my favorite scenes were:
> sasnar fight scenes
> sakura cutting her hair
> kurama + naruto

- lots of colored covers and spreads by kishimoto (they posted a lot of team 7 spreads)

- featured moments that affected naruto’s growth: iruka saving him in pt1, team 7 vs haku, rock lee vs gaara/rock lee’s past, when team 7 went after gaara, jiraiya and tsunade vs orochimaru, training with jiraiya

- a wall of (what i think) sasuke’s thoughts about team 7 which included (re: sakura)
> sasuke’s “what did she tell you”/chakra training, “sakura who did this to you”/FOD, “you’re so annoying/thank you”/181

- special section for team minato

- special section for naruto’s parents/minato and kushina

- another short animation/3-D display using manga caps of the famous battles which included:
> kurama’s intro, sakura and chiyo vs sasori, sasuke vs deidara, madara vs hashirama, pein vs jiraiya, pein vs tsunade, asuma vs hidan, sasuke vs itachi, sasuke vs raikage, sasuke vs danzo, taka vs killer bee, team 7 summoning technique vs ten tails (best part!! amazing animation. this > anime)

- special section about the different paths of sasuke and naruto

- they also animated the showdown between sasuke and naruto at the Final Valley. It was great. They even animated Sasuke’s tears.

- special section for 700

- special section for the latest chapter of naruto gaiden

- interview with kishimoto video

- character design for boruto the movie

- family portraits (sarada looked more like sasuke in that portrait)

Naruto Couples Gifs <3

Shikamaru x Temari

Neji x Tenten

Kushina x Minato

Naruto x Hinata

Sasuke x Sakura

Sai x Ino

Kiba x Ino

Sasuke x Naruto

Jiraiya x Tsunade

Karui x Chouji

Obito x Rin

Yahiko x Konan

Konohamaru x Moegi

Konohamaru x Hanabi

Utakata x Hotaru

Suigetsu x Karin

Asuma x Kurenai

Izumo x Kotetsu