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Remembering The Past

Request: Hi i love your imagines! I was wondering if you could do one where they meet a girl in the scorch that is super badass and jorge knows her because she was part of his group, and then newt remembers her from his past or from when they were together in wicked; and she remembers him as well because they were in love but she acts all tough when he’s around? And then they kiss or smthing? Idk… kay bye 🙈 thankyouu

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word Count: 1809

Warnings: Swearing, a little bit of spoilers for The Scorch Trials book, and a bit of angst.

A/N: As said on Twitter, I was so giddy when I got my first request! I’m sorry it’s not exactly what you were asking for, but I hope I did your idea justice, anon. Hope you enjoy!

The first time I saw him again was when Jorge was leading his group to find their friend.

I was walking in the Scorch, scavenging for food, hoping somehow, even though I had checked yesterday, that there would magically be more food there. I sighed, seeing there was still no food. Stupid, I thought. You checked there yesterday, it’s not like it’s gonna magically be there.

I realized that I’d probably have to move my base, because I had scavenged the area and found nothing. I grabbed my things, which was only the bit of food and water I had left, and headed out of the area and towards a city. I hoped there would be at least something there. I couldn’t survive long on the food and water I had.

I avoided the Cranks in the city, which wasn’t hard because I fit in. I was dirty and had blood on my clothes from the last person, no Crank, I had to kill. It wasn’t as if I wanted to, he was stealing my food when I was asleep. That’s why I had only a small amount of food left. Bastard.

Apparently I had grabbed the attention of somebody, though, because I saw a man who I thought looked familiar, and a group of boys behind him. I realized the man was looking at me, squinting his eyes in the sun.

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The Death Cure (Official Trailer)

IT’S HERE. I mean, it’s been here since yesterday, but I wasn’t able to post at that time. Honestly, if your eyes didn’t tear up at the end of the trailer (please tommy please) then…please tell me why. I’m excited that the day is coming closer but I’m not excited to see a huge part of my life come to life and end, once and for all. I’m not ready to see Newt die. These characters and actors/actresses are so beautiful inside and out.

Watch the trailer again or if you haven’t yet here!