Paypal Help

 Alright I ment to do this a few days ago but I was waiting on some other artists to reply but either they are swamped, tumblr ate them, or who knows what. 

I need some help with my paypal. I recently accepted to take on a digital commission from a friend, and we decided to go ahead and use paypal to send/receive payment. The problem is whenever I go to send the invoice it always asks her what about her address and shipping. I’ve no intention of doing traditional commissions anytime soon and just want to stick to digital work. (I’m opting for invoices since this is actually buying/selling goods and have no problem with the fees and wish to keep the proper business records for the future. So NO simply request the money and skip the invoice please!)

That being said my question is. What do i have to do in setting to get it to stop asking for shipping confirmation/address and just allow her to pay the invoice? I know it has something to do with the shipping preference but I dont know which one to check off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  ???

Trans Selfie Tuesday Guidelines

All identities are accepted! No nsfw photos, they will be deleted. You can put any caption you wish as long as it is appropriate, and preferably stating your gender/ and or pronouns in the caption and tags. Include your url in the post if you would like. Only use the tags that apply to you. Please only submit new photos the day before and on Tuesday so that our submissions box isn’t flooded.

Those are just the simple guidelines for tomorrow and Tuesdays in the future. If you have any further questions feel free to ask. Submissions are already open, if you wish to go ahead and submit tonight you can just remember the won’t be posted till tomorrow. Can’t wait to see all of your lovely faces tomorrow! Happy submitting!

-Carrie <3

Trans Selfie Tuesday

Just a few things regarding TST

-TST submissions will be open fairly early on Tuesday morning, possibly even late Monday night. This is to try and cater for multiple timezones and to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to submit.

- At the moment there is no set time for when we will open submissions for TST, however, it will probably be late Monday night/early Tuesday morning for those of you in the US, Canada, UK (I think) and all the other locations with similar time zones. For those of you who are closer to the Australian time zones (AEST to be specific) it will be early Tuesday afternoon, possibly late Tuesday morning.

-I hope to be able to post something an hour or so before its opened just to give everyone a heads up and what not. There will definitely be a post when submissions are opened.

-Remember, if you can’t submit but still want to join in on TST tag us in your photo and we’ll reblog it. We will also check #binary-or-naw to make sure we don’t miss anything.

If you have any questions about TST, or about anything at all, send them in.

Also, I just wanted to thank transgenderteensurvivalguide for giving us permission to do this. So many people enjoyed participating in TST over there so I hope you all enjoy it here as well.

(I hope that made sense. I’m very sorry if it doesn’t, please let me know if it is confusing/a complete mess of a post/just makes no sense at all)


The new Official Trailer for The Scorch Trials!


A lot of our friends died for us to get this far, we can’t give up.