Sinto sua falta, muito mais do que eu deveria. Na noite passada sentei-me debaixo do chuveiro com meus joelhos no meu peito e minhas mãos sobre os ouvidos durante cinco minutos, tudo o que eu queria fazer era tirar você da minha cabeça, mas até mesmo a água excessivamente quente não pode lavar a dor que você deixou para trás. Talvez você nunca soube o quanto eu te amei, talvez eu não tenha usado as palavras corretas para demonstrar meus sentimentos por você, mas quais seriam as palavras corretas para tal? Eu sinto sua falta, muito mais do que eu consiga suportar. Eu sinto falta do jeito que você notou que eu estava triste apenas pelo modo como falei. Você me fez muito mais feliz, mas agora que você se foi eu estou tão triste que parece que todos os meus ossos estão quebrados e não podem ser corrigidos. Eu sinto sua falta, muito mais do que eu possa expressar. Eu gostaria de poder olhar em seus olhos novamente e sorrir, te abraçar e dizer o quanto eu ainda te amo, mas eu não posso. No dia que você partiu, você levou uma parte de mim, uma grande parte. Estou sem vida e estou sem você. Quero minha vida de volta, quero você.
—  Por favor, volte.
History (Newt Imagine - AU) Part 3

After we broke out of the kiss I was still pretty Stunned.

“Do you understand now?” Newt chuckled quietly. I nodded shyly as a smile grew on my face.

“I just don’t understand how we came from basically being strangers to kissing the second day we actually spoke.”

He sighed looking at me as I glanced everywhere around his room, avoiding his eyes.

“I wouldn’t really say we were strangers though,” he said slowly. I looked up at him again, narrowing my eyes in confusion. Then he continued, “I mean, yeah, we never spoke or had any contact, but I always knew you were Y/N and you always knew I was Newt. And I’m guessing that since I had a vague idea of what you were like - from what people would say - you also had an idea of what I was like.”

I stayed silent for a while, processing the explanation he put forward.

“I guess,” I replied finally.

He smiled again and then reached over his bed towards his nightstand in an attempt to grab something. In that brief moment, I couldn’t help but notice - what looked like a birthmark - on the side of his stomach. A strong rush of realisation and shock flushed my entire body. I immediately thought about the exact same mark on the exact same place on my own body.

“N-Newt…,” I stuttered quietly, frozen in the same position with my eyes on his now covered, stomach.


I focused my gaze on his eyes, before I reluctantly pulled my shirt up, just enough for the dark patch on my skin to show. He stared at it intensely for a few seconds.

“Oh my god,” he breathed, lifting his own top, once again revealing his mark. He looked back and forth between the two.

“They’re exactly the same.”

I nodded as he lifted his gaze on me again.

“I-I heard of this before,” he began, “it would explain that ‘strange feeling’ we felt around each other.”

I knew exactly what he was trying to say. A very small minority of people in the world are born with some sort of distinctive mark or defect, in pairs; meaning that two people have something very specific in common. Some call it a genetic defect, some call it a miracle, but no one has ever found out why it happens. Because of this an organisation, WICKED, started hunting these people down in order to examine them and find an answer.

“I know Newt, but, if it’s true… you know what can happen,” I whispered.

“We’ll be fine,” he stated with confidence, dismissing the facts. I didn’t reply so he hugged me tightly, “we’ll be okay,” he mumbled against my hair.


You Make it Okay

Pairing: NewtxReader

One where Newt gets hurt and you care for him. Kinda confusing, involves the vines but is not when he get’s the limp. Like pre-Thomas era but post-limp. Sorry if it’s confusing and has bad grammar. Crappy ending too, haha I apologize. Hope you enjoy! Love to take requests!

“Make way!” Minho was making commotion outside that was leaving the glade in a frenzy. Even from inside the Med jack hut, I could hear his uneven footsteps fall, crushing the dried grass underneath. Quickly as possible I wiped my wet hands on a clean towel and opened the door to see what was happening.
I gasped the moment Minho walked through the door with Newt draped across his arms like a rag doll, unconscious and broken.
“MINHO WHAT HAPPENED?” I tossed everything off one of the cots so Newt could lie down.
“Y/N I don’t know! Ben and I were just returning from our run and just saw him on the grass near the maze doors and I think something’s broken and he’s all bloody and just-“
“Just, please help him, Y/N” Minho sputtered out before leaving the room, a hard look on his face.
I hadn’t been in the glade for very long, 3 months tops. First female greenie was a bit of a shock to everyone, myself included. For the first couple of days I sat in absolute silence, not wanting to cause trouble, or do anything that would cause the boys to react irrationally. It was Newt who took time out of his day to coax my worrisome state which led to me eventually warming up to them all. Alby set up a couple of new rules here and there, certain exceptions (for example, no one, NO ONE, was to be in the general vicinity whenever I showered; basic rule). Other than that, I was accepted and welcome into, essentially, a family of rowdy, unruly boys.
I guess you could say I had taken a special liking to Newt, I mean, who wouldn’t. British accent and all, he was absolute perfection, whether he could admit it or not. He was gentle with me, always putting me forward like I was priority. In fact, he always put the other gladers first. If anything, Newt was the most caring. Alby would always be leader, that’s a given, but Newt seemed to understand the frailty of everything around us. And now, now that he was laying unconscious and torn in front of my very eyes, a tear escaped my eye, because he didn’t deserve pain, suffering, nothing, and it just wasn’t fair.
Letting the tear roll down my cheek I snatched up the bottle of antiseptic and put it down on the bedside table, careful not to spill any. Nervously, I tore off Newt’s already torn linen shirt and threw the bloody mess into the bin. His orange top was stained with even more blood, all soaking through. With shaking fingers I cut it off and tossed that in along with the shirt. (insert gif 1)
I had been chosen to be a med jack because of my small, nimble finger but now, I was beginning to question that decision. To see Newt like this almost literally broke my heart, not to mention made my hands shake uncontrollably. The antiseptic did its thing as I ran a cotton pad over the bloodied cuts and purpled bruises that littered his torso. I felt his warm skin under my hand and suddenly was very much aware of the fact that he was shirtless. His chest rose with each breath he took, my cheeks getting warm as I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander a little, over his small but still muscular frame and pale body. If Newt didn’t have injuries scattered throughout the expanse of his body, he would’ve looked like he was sleeping, really. Tussled dirty blonde hair, furrowed dark eyebrows. His face was made up of sharp edges but a smooth expression. Even when he was angry he was very human.
I let my eyes scan across his body once again and breathed a sigh of relief when I noticed that none of his cuts were deep enough that they would need stitches. Me being in the state I was, I didn’t think I would even be able to keep my hand still enough to even manage to string the thread through the needle. The left side of his rib cage was a strange mix of blue and purple bruising, which only led me to assume one of his ribs were broken. Having absolutely no medical expertise I could remember of, the best I could do was ice the whole area and make it the least bit painful. It was late when I finally finished bandaging and wrapping all his wounds, ointment gratefully slathered on beneath all his bandages. The whole hut smelled of mint and antiseptic. I waited for Newt to wake up. Peaceful he laid, expression softening up a bit to which I could only assume was relief. I sat on the wooden stool that was next to the cot and laid my head on a patch of empty bed space near his arm. His long spindly fingers were all too tempting and before I knew it my hand was intertwined with his, fast asleep.
                       *                     *                         *      
I could tell it was really early in the morning when I woke up. No later than 5 am. The sky was streaked with orange slowly fading into blue. Me not ever being a morning person, took a while to get my head out of the gutter and see what was going on.
For starters, I hadn’t even noticed, but my fingers were still wrapped around Newt’s hand as if holding on for dear life. But now, I wasn’t the only one holding on. It was immediately after understanding that did I notice Newt was awake, eyes staring out the window in front of him, eyelids barely half way open, looking out into the fiery scene just like me. Then, unlike a normal, calm human being who would’ve probably calmly let go of Newt’s hand and asked if he was okay, I came to realize the boy I liked was holding my hand, immediately yanked my hand back, and very loudly said,
“I am so sorry I have no idea what I was thinking.” Newt was a little startled ,to say the least, at the sudden rapid amount of sound in the room, but as soon as he saw it was me, his expression softened and he cheekily smiled.
“No worries, Love,” no other words were said. Just him looking out the window.
The sun shone a warm light into the room. The only sound in the whole Glade was that of birds chirping and the Maze walls moving one last time before the runners went out there. I sat still. Observing every inch of Newt. His sharp jawline, pale soft skin, everything bathed in the yellow light. My fingers gingerly picked and smoothed out the wrinkles in the sheet, waiting for him to say something.
“You can ask, Love, I won’t be mad you know?” He still wasn’t making eye contact with me, same expression, just talking this time. (insert gif 2)
“I know, but maybe, maybe I don’t want to.” I answer and genuinely as I can, which is hard for someone like me who really does prefer the sugar coated aspect of answers. It is in this moment that I feel like a complete stranger to Newt. How he’s all emotionless and not-so-Newt-like. It’s like staring at a painting except all you see is exactly as it is, the human being. There. On the canvas. Colors but no real, sobbing, heaving life.
“I was just sick of not being able to do anything. To not be a runner like I used to, or to be of some help. But this bloody, bastardly limp just keeps holding me back; I just wanted to climb up the vines and see if I could figure something out, anything out. And then the vine snapped and dragged me down the wall and now I’m here. Hurt once again.” I had never heard Newt talk so rapidly, so panicked. I could see the tears welling up in his eyes and if he cried, I would probably cry along with him. Before my brain had time to process anything that my limbs were doing I was leaning standing up.
“I might regret this massively but,” And I took his face in my hand and kissed him with everything I had. Just like that. Just melting into his lips and feeling a surge of every emotion I could possibly feel, but of course, mainly happiness. My stomach lurched at what I had just done. It was all up and down. Suddenly, I felt Newt moving his lips along with mine. Kissing me back. His arms enveloped me and he deepened the kiss. So in sync and perfect I broke it just in case I fainted from everything that was going on. My eyes fluttered open to see Newt softly smiling at me. A beautifully genuine smile of happiness. (insert gif 3)
“Newt, every single glader has a purpose here. Heck, every single human has a reason to be alive. And you’re so much more than you give yourself credit for. You’re not just second in command or just the boy with the limp. You’re part of this. You were chosen and whether thats a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t think anyone knows, but you’re one of the strongest people here, if not the strongest. Everything turns out okay because I believe you’ll always be there for us. There hasn’t been a day where I faltered to see you as anything less than a wonderful leader who’s going to fix things and who helps everyone stay alive. And I don’t believe this could get any cheesier but, those are all the reasons why I’m so utterly in love with you.” The confession made me want to both throw up and smile at the same time. I had no idea how Newt would take it, nor did I really want to if it were to be bad. When he didn’t say anything, just stared at me, eyes open but unmoving, I felt my heartbeat increase and took it as the worst. Just as I was about to leave the room embarrassed and flushed, I heard him whisper.
“I love you too.”
And it was all okay.

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