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So, TST, I notice it's Saturday and that means The Duke gets something nice in her inbox. I just wanted you to know how glad I am that I get to know you and that we get to have this silly friendship that we do. You're the kind of person I aspire to be and your wit, humor, generosity and absolute brilliance are just so wonderful to see. You are such a genuinely good person, super writeror and fantastic friend and I'm very glad that we get to see that part of you.


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Holy cow Ona, I just wanted to tell you that I think you're a really wonderful person. You're gorgeous, smart and exceptionally kind. It's inspiring and amazing that you can juggle your home life with this exceptional community that you and TST have cobbled together. Your writing is beautiful and shows such insight and emotional depth that it's truly unique. I'm so glad that I get to know you. You're a wonderful person.

Okay, you guys aren’t allowed to team up and send me compliments like this out of the blue, that’s just rude.


You lift your shirt to reveal to them the reason you’re fainting so often ever since you escaped the Scorch. “I thought I could cure this but apparently I’ll have to kill myself before I even make it somewhere safe.” You said half chuckling. Everyone around you gasped when they saw the bite on your hip. “Y/N…” Minho said with a sad voice and you swore you saw a tear roll down his cheek. He wasn’t the only one about to cry. “Teresa give me the gun.” You said while extending your hand towards her. She shook her head in denial, crying as she registered the fact that her best friend will kill herself sooner or later. “Thomas, what are we going to do?” She said with a cracked voice. Thomas didn’t look at her, his eyes fixed on the blood stained shirt of yours.

“Thomas you know I have to do this right?” You said, not bothering wiping away the tears that blurred your vision. He finally looked at you, tears welling up his eyes as well. He didn’t say anything, he just hugged you so tightly, like he was never going to see you again, which that’s what’s going to happen. Hugging him back, you found comfort in his arms and your death didn’t feel like a big of a deal for a second. All the once Gladers surrounded you in a group hug. “Survive for me.” You said and pulled back.

Thomas and Newt stopped every now and then contemplating whether they should go back for you or not. That went on for five minutes until a loud bang was heard from the place they spent the previous night in, and stopped dead in their tracks. Newt didn’t show any emotion until that very moment, when your existence upon earth had come to its end. He fell to his knees, giving up on himself, bawling his eyes out along with the others because they lost the only person that gave them hope. They lost their Y/N, and they were going to avenge her.