Digital Artist:

Shoko Ishida

“Beauty and the Beast - 鏡獅子”


“Illustration based on the story “The Beauty and the Beast” from the Brothers Grimm. Inspired by the Kabuki act, “鏡獅子 - kagami-jishi”. Digital.”

“Sleeping Beauty”

“Illustration based on the story “Little Brier-Rose” by the Brothers Grimm. color pencil and digital.”

TmrEditBattle: Time To Vote!!

So guys, now is the time!

In the last two weeks we tracked the #tmreditbattle tag, we watched our editors getting prepared, we saw them pubblish things, getting happy/desperate about it and now … ! Now is time to choose only 11 winners between them! 


where can you find the edits? To help you out in case you missed them, here they are! Click on the urls and the link will send you to the permalink! ;)

↳ TmrEditBattle #1: tst/tmr + colorporn: newtmos VS scottmccalle​ VS simon-lewis

↳ TmrEditBattle #2: tst cast tour + best moments: newtemotions VS arislofland VS  mintnewt

↳ TmrEditBattle #3: tst/tmr + scenary: gladersmaze​ VS dystopianheroes 

↳ TmrEditBattle #4 tst characters + costumes: gladernnewt VS newtsgrin​ VS will-snuggle-wuggle-teddygraham

↳ TmrEditBattle #5 thominewt graphic: radbuggie VS rubyicestarlight VS deamus VS akzechkyla

↳ TmrEditBattle #6 tst + girl power: newtsteresa VS maximoffchildren​ VS  youarethemorningfear

↳ TmrEditBattle #7 tmr/tst + smiles: newtie–pie VS kitkatminho​ VS crankwar

↳ TmrEditBattle #8 tst + book quote: newtttheglue VS fightlessly VS newtslife

↳ TmrEditBattle #9 tst + one song quote: sangsterthomrs​ VS losertommy​ VS  fuckboytommy

↳ TmrEditBattle #10 tmr/tst + emotional: wickeid​ VS dreamerjojen VS wckdnewt

↳ TmrEditBattle #10 tmr/tst + fighting: flare-aware VS becausewckd VS the-sangster-life

ps. Let’s try to be fair, guys. We are here to vote for the best edits, not for the best creators. Vote the edit you prefer, not the editor which is more famous or it’s your friend ;) 


Literally everyone can vote, even if you are not editors or in the tmr fandom! you all have one week! The deadline is the 14th of february (we opened the polls later) and … 

may the bests win ;)))

You’re Kinda Hot When You’re Jealous. (Minho/Reader)

Request: Hi! Can I have a imagine with Minho where the two of you have been dancing around the subject of liking each other but neither of you have done anything about it yet and once you’re out of the maze Minho starts talking to one of the girls from Group B and you get jealous? 

Things had been hectic since the Gladers had been rescued from the Maze. Y/N hadn’t seen the boys since they escorted her off the helicopter and she was finally able to take a shower. It seemed as if they had conducted a thousand tests on her before she was finally able to shed her paper gown and join the others with fresh clothes hugging her body. 

The first person Y/N searched for was her favorite tall, dark haired boy she’d gotten to know so well in the Glade. It wasn’t hard to recognize his laugh the moment it hit the air. Trying not to seem to rushed, Y/N pushed forward, seeing the other mass of Gladers. 

“Y/N!” The all called out, bright smiles on their now clean faces. She plopped down next to Newt who was sitting across form Minho. The two of them met eyes and smiled at each other, a small blush brushing her cheeks.

“Can you believe all these other Shanks were in Mazes too?” Her eyes scan around, nothing how many there seemed to be. 

“It’s kind of insane,” 

Minho than gets up, taking the tray that had been in front of him with it. “I need more food.” 

“What is that? Your fourth trip now, Minho?” Newt teased, a small grin playing on his features. The boys around laugh, including Y/N, 

“Shut up, ya shank! I’m a runner, I need my strength.” And without another word the boy was off. 

Thomas was the only one who seemed a little on edge, his tray of food was hardly touched, his eyes focused on the guards at the sealed door a few yards away. That’s when it struck her, Teresa wasn’t around. Everyone else who’d escaped the maze was accounted for except for her. Thomas’s face was stricken with both anger and concern.

Y/N opened her mouth to speak, offer some words of warmth when she was cut off by Minho’s roaring laugh, She turned to see him, approaching the table with his hand on a different girl. You shook your head, trying to shake off the jealousy that instantly formed in your mind.

“Hey guys, this is Sonya!” She smiled, making eye contact with everyone. “Her maze was full of girls; basically the opposite of ours.”

“Bloody hell.” Newt muttered, the smile still on his face.

Sonya sat down beside Minho . Y/N couldn’t help but not how close they seemed. 

Sonya seemed nice, a little too  nice. But Y/N tried to ignore all of those thought. She didn’t want to be jealous. she had nothing to be jealous of. Minho was just her friend – he wasn’t anything else. (Even if she really wanted him to be.) 

Sonya’s laugh mixed with Minho’s laugh drew Y/N back to reality, watching as he placed a hand on her shoulder as he swayed back and forth.  There closeness had increased. 

Y/N got up and walked away, a mix of emotions plaguing her. The laughter stopped but she did not turn back, instead she kept walking toward a bathroom area she’d passed on her way into the room. Footsteps were behind her and her pace increased.

“What the hell. Y/N!?” Minho gently wrapped his hand around her and turned her around, his hand dropping the moment their eyes met. 

“I have to use the bathroom.”

“Do you always looked so pissed off when you do?” Her eyes turn from his to something behind him, her arms crossing over her chest. “Did I do something? Or are you going Shuck insane?”

“Don’t see why you care since you’ve already replaced me.”

Minho’s eyes widened, the stern expression on his face turned into one of amusement. Y/N’s eyes narrowed at his expression change and worsened once he started chuckling as if she was telling a joke in the Glade. 

“I get it,” He finally said, an eyebrow cocking. “You’re jealous,”

“No I’m not! Why the hell would I be jealous!” But Y/N wasn’t stupid, she knew the words leaving her lips were not convincing. But she stood by them. “I’m not jealous.”

Minho’s expression softened a bit more, this time there was no mocking on his face. Instead he stepped forward, the smile on his features a warm one. “Guess I can do this now since we’re safe from the Maze.” 

Y/N knew what it was and fully welcomed as Minho closed the gap between the two of them and pressed his lips to hers. The kiss was light and lingering. The kind of kiss that leaves butterflies fluttering in your stomach long after the kiss is over. 

He pulled away, offering a wide grin. “You know,” He said, taking Y/N’s hand in his and giving it a small squeeze, “You’re kind a hot when you’re jealous.”


“You can’t give up. I won’t let you.“

Newt x Reader: I'll Wait For You

A/N: Newt is bitten by a crank and taken to the Right Arm. You want to wait for him to get better so you two can go to Paradise together.

Not requested.

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*Not my gifs

You and the others finally found the way to The Right Arm. By stealing Marcus’ truck and Jorge drives. For almost an hour, your boyfriend, Newt, had been acting weird. You sat next to him just to be sure he was fine. “Newt, you doing okay?” you asked him. “I’m fine…love.” He tells you, with a bit of stubbornness laced in his voice. You put a hand on his forehead and you could feel him burning up.

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anonymous asked:

TST don't you act like you don't love the bees too, we know all about how you raised a bee hive at the young age of 47 months and how you owned a pet bee till you were old enough to drive.

I do legitimately have a favorite beekeeper (and merchandise related to said beekeeper).

I worked for a while in a organic/natural foods store. Really ridiculous hippie shit, emphasis on the community, etc. I loved it, got my ethical meats for a really steep discount, ate too many organic raviolis pretending they were good for me because I knew where they came from etc. And we basically stocked honey from this one guy. Let’s call him Jeff Smith.

All of our shit, basically anything that had honey in it, would be sure to include the note “with honey from Jeff Smith, beekeeper.” So in my head, I really built this guy up to a legend. And I guess I talked about it a lot with my coworkers, like… maybe more than was normal.

So one day I’m stocking shelves with this chick, and she taps me on the shoulder suddenly and is like, “Don’t look now, but it’s Jeff Smith!”

So obviously I look. And it’s like the most beekeeper looking guy that’s ever existed. Floppy hat, glasses, beard, shirt with too many pockets etc. So I’m like, “Holy shit, he’s even better than I imagined! That’s Jeff Smith???”

And she’s like, “Nah, I don’t know who that guy is, I just wanted to see your weird joy in thinking you’d finally met this random beekeeper you’re obsessed with.”

I’m just saying, like, I feel like all this bee shit hits home for really ridiculous, numerous, personal reasons. Also, as I mentioned the last time I was in stream, @onadacora has seen the wretched horror that is my real face, and has also seen that I am in possession of one of the most ridiculous pictures of me and bees that could possibly exist. If you guys saw it, this blog would basically be over, because we’d all have to deal with how goofy it is that I have this picture just ready to go.

Just a fun fact.