Dylan: can I have something from..

Thomas: yeah but just 1 hamburger or something but don’t buy much…

Dylan: but I’m so hungry and..

Thomas: Okey!? not too much

Dylan: okey.(and buys too much)

Thomas: OKAY.. haha I told you too not buy much..(and smiles)

Blessing your Saturday with some Dylan O'Brien while I’m trying to catch my breath.

Sinto sua falta, muito mais do que eu deveria. Na noite passada sentei-me debaixo do chuveiro com meus joelhos no meu peito e minhas mãos sobre os ouvidos durante cinco minutos, tudo o que eu queria fazer era tirar você da minha cabeça, mas até mesmo a água excessivamente quente não pode lavar a dor que você deixou para trás. Talvez você nunca soube o quanto eu te amei, talvez eu não tenha usado as palavras corretas para demonstrar meus sentimentos por você, mas quais seriam as palavras corretas para tal? Eu sinto sua falta, muito mais do que eu consiga suportar. Eu sinto falta do jeito que você notou que eu estava triste apenas pelo modo como falei. Você me fez muito mais feliz, mas agora que você se foi eu estou tão triste que parece que todos os meus ossos estão quebrados e não podem ser corrigidos. Eu sinto sua falta, muito mais do que eu possa expressar. Eu gostaria de poder olhar em seus olhos novamente e sorrir, te abraçar e dizer o quanto eu ainda te amo, mas eu não posso. No dia que você partiu, você levou uma parte de mim, uma grande parte. Estou sem vida e estou sem você. Quero minha vida de volta, quero você.
—  Por favor, volte.
History (Newt Imagine - AU) Part 3

After we broke out of the kiss I was still pretty Stunned.

“Do you understand now?” Newt chuckled quietly. I nodded shyly as a smile grew on my face.

“I just don’t understand how we came from basically being strangers to kissing the second day we actually spoke.”

He sighed looking at me as I glanced everywhere around his room, avoiding his eyes.

“I wouldn’t really say we were strangers though,” he said slowly. I looked up at him again, narrowing my eyes in confusion. Then he continued, “I mean, yeah, we never spoke or had any contact, but I always knew you were Y/N and you always knew I was Newt. And I’m guessing that since I had a vague idea of what you were like - from what people would say - you also had an idea of what I was like.”

I stayed silent for a while, processing the explanation he put forward.

“I guess,” I replied finally.

He smiled again and then reached over his bed towards his nightstand in an attempt to grab something. In that brief moment, I couldn’t help but notice - what looked like a birthmark - on the side of his stomach. A strong rush of realisation and shock flushed my entire body. I immediately thought about the exact same mark on the exact same place on my own body.

“N-Newt…,” I stuttered quietly, frozen in the same position with my eyes on his now covered, stomach.


I focused my gaze on his eyes, before I reluctantly pulled my shirt up, just enough for the dark patch on my skin to show. He stared at it intensely for a few seconds.

“Oh my god,” he breathed, lifting his own top, once again revealing his mark. He looked back and forth between the two.

“They’re exactly the same.”

I nodded as he lifted his gaze on me again.

“I-I heard of this before,” he began, “it would explain that ‘strange feeling’ we felt around each other.”

I knew exactly what he was trying to say. A very small minority of people in the world are born with some sort of distinctive mark or defect, in pairs; meaning that two people have something very specific in common. Some call it a genetic defect, some call it a miracle, but no one has ever found out why it happens. Because of this an organisation, WICKED, started hunting these people down in order to examine them and find an answer.

“I know Newt, but, if it’s true… you know what can happen,” I whispered.

“We’ll be fine,” he stated with confidence, dismissing the facts. I didn’t reply so he hugged me tightly, “we’ll be okay,” he mumbled against my hair.


newtmas week day one: favourite scene/moment
↳ So we can’t give up. You can’t give up. I won’t let you.