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I'm sorry, I'm not traying to fight or be rude or anything but is just... I saw your post about fans doing silly things and I am just ??? Why are you people so concerned about this? He think is funny. He was smiling in the photos and about the "please tommy please" video, there is another that he says himself that is ok. If it wasn't I think Thomas will say "no, I won't do that." I'm sorry again to say all this, but fans are enthusiastic and this is pretty normal. No one yet did something so bad

It’s not a tragedy, of course, there are worse things in the world, but seriously. STOP. It’s not even intelligent. Or mature. Or healthy. 

TBS is a sweetheart, of course he smiles, but he doesn’t look  at ease. At all actually. Which is a very good reason to stop.

And remember. Newt is a very deep character with physical and mental illness. I don’t really understand why should people joking about it. Nothing to romanticize either. 

maybe I am the weird one? bah. 

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Hi! Could you possibly send me the FCs you used for your most recent edit - I think it was a present for your friend Tara? If it's too much trouble, please don't worry about it!

Oohhhh imagine! not a problem at all, Sweetie! I’ll put it public so other people can know to if there’s not a problem :)  Here we go:

  • Jem Carstairs - Anthony Neely
  • Will Herondale - Aaron Johnson
  • James Herondale - Ezra Miller
  • Matthew Fairchild - Tom Webb
  • Lucie Herondale - Kaya Scodelario
  • Cordelia Carstairs - Marina Ruy Barbosa
  • Michael Wayland - Daniel Sharman
  • Robert Lightwood - Brant Daugherty
  • Valentine Morgenstern - Lucky Blue Smith
  • Luke Garroway - Janis Ancens
  • Jace Herondale - Dominic Sherwood (not a fancast, but… it enters on the list)
  • Alec Lightwood - Matthew Daddario
  • Emma Carstairs - Teresa Palmer
  • Julian Blackthorn - random moldel that I took from Cassie Clare’s pinterest

Hope I’ve helped. <3

Imagine #115 Paradise

Request: Slight au where once the group gets to paradise the get like a shot or something which gives them all of their old memories back and Minho + the reader (who hated each other back in the glade) find out that they were in love and now since they have their memories back they are again and it’s really weird for the rest of the people who were so used to seeing them argue and stuff. I hope that made sense. xx 

Note: I had been thinking this out before I started writing and the words just seemed to flow out of me (that sounds weird, right?). Anyways, I tried to put all the things into this sort of short story. And eh, sorry for letting you wait for such a long time. I hope you enjoy it!

Minho x reader
Words: 1113
Warnings: none 

slight paradise au where the gladers didn’t have the chance to get their memory back before getting there 

 And suddenly everything was different. From tumbling walls to peaceful nature. The sounds of rocks falling down and screams were now changed into the tweeting of birds and the surprised gasps from the people around you. You tried so hard to understand what happened. But you couldn’t.

You went through the flat-trans. You were somewhere else. You were safe. Welcome to paradise.

There was table in front of you, cups filled with a pink liquor and a note next to it. Thomas was the first to step forward and read it out loud.
‘’We can all agree that you made it out safely. Past the experiments, past WCKD. But there is one thing left for you to do. These bottles contain a liquid that gives you your memory back. There is only one bottle for everyone. Be careful.  And welcome to paradise.’’
Thomas put the paper back down and you looked around the group. Everyone was thinking. Would they even want their memory back? But you wanted it. You wanted to remember how you were before the Maze. Before WCKD. Before you were taken from your family. Maybe you could finally remember some good things. You stepped forward and grabbed a bottle.
‘’Let’s try this.’’ You said, looking around the group. You opened the bottle and drank the liquid. It tasted sweet. It felt good. You felt good.
‘’Anything?’’ Minho asked. You rolled your eyes at him. You never liked him in the Maze, but you had to admit that he helped you a few times in the Scorch and you were grateful for that. ‘’No.’’ You responded, but then it felt like your mind was turning and twisting. You had to grab the table to not fall over. You could see flashes in front of your eyes. Faces you didn’t recognize before but did now. Your family. Your school. Your life. A smile appeared on your face.
‘’I think it works.’’ Sonya said and she also grabbed a bottle. The others did too and the movement around you made you even more dizzy. You tried to walk away, but you were stumbling on your feet. There was a hand on your arm, steadying you. You looked up to see Minho there, the last person you wanted to touch you. But when you stared into his eyes you could see flashes of him. Of him and you. Of you going to the cinema, hanging out together. Having dinner, kissing. You stumbled backwards. ‘’J-Just take your own bottle.’’ You said harshly to Minho.
You wanted to keep him closer to you but he walked away to get a bottle. You felt guilty for being so mean towards him. All you wanted right now was just to talk and be with him. How were those memories gone before? How was that feeling never there in the Glade? Or was it there, but did you never notice it? You had always had a familiar feeling around Minho and now you knew why.

You walked away, you didn’t want to be so close to the others now. You sat down on a rock, looking out over the sea. You rubbed your temples, massaging it. It felt like your mind was so tired from all the new memories. You were so concentrated on everything but nothing that you didn’t notice someone sat down next to you.
‘’Hey.’’ His voice was soft, almost a whisper as Minho spoke.
‘’Hi.’’ You answered, looking at him. And you could remember all the times you held his face, all the times he held you. You could feel a rush of happiness somewhere inside the pit of your stomach, but you pushed it away for now.
‘’Do you remember?’’ You asked him. You stared at the sea, the waves were crashing against the rocks. Drops of water landed on your legs.  The sound was calming.
You didn’t see Minho nod and stare at you. You didn’t see him hesitating and unsure. One of the first times he didn’t push that feeling away. But suddenly his hand on yours made you look at him. And you saw that vulnerability in his eyes. His fingers intertwined with yours and it felt like the warmth from his hand was now spreading through your whole body.
‘’I want to start over. Or take it on from where we left. I don’t know what, but I want this. Us.’’ He said and he looked away. He still had a hard time talking about his feelings.
You leaned in and pressed a kiss against his cheek. Minho turned to you, his eyes widened a little.
‘’Couldn’t resist me, huh?’’ He wiggled his eyebrows and turned into the cocky Minho you hated so much.  But also the cocky Minho you had always loved.
‘’You’re the one who came here. So who can’t resist?’’ You poked him and he jumped up.
‘’We’ll see about that.’’ He took your hand and pulled you up, walking you back to the group.

The Gladers looked up in surprise. Especially when they saw you were holding hands. ‘’No more hating?’’ Frypan shouted at you. He was already collecting the food and stacking in something that was probably going to be the new kitchen. Harriet and Sonya didn’t look that surprised, but they had never heard you argue with Minho. Or seen the embarrassing pranks. You could imagine how Newt would react. Chuckling while slamming his hand on Minho’s shoulder. ‘’You’re bloody lucky.’’
You smiled at the thought of that, but Newt wasn’t there and a sadness suddenly hung over you.
‘’I don’t believe it.’’ Thomas said, distracting you from your thoughts. Gally nodded, agreeing with him. Minho had a smug look on his face when he looked back at you.
‘’Shuckfaces.’’ Minho said, and then he pulled you closer to him. He cupped your face in his hands. And he pressed his lips against yours. You could feel yourself getting lost in the kiss. You remembered kissing him and how you put your arms around him to pull him closer. How your lips brushed against each other and how it made you feel like you were the luckiest girl in the world. And you didn’t know if you could ever feel like that again, with everything that had happened. But right in that moment, when he suddenly kissed you, it felt like the closest that you could be to that feeling.
You heard gagging sounds from the group, playfully getting you to stop kissing.
‘’Please, get a room!’’ Harriet shouted. The others nodded in agreement.
‘’We don’t have one unfortunately.’’ You said, teasing them and Minho laughed.
Gally stood up. ‘’I’ll build you one, shanks.’’

Subject: Tony Morales
Photographer & Developer: Justin Baez
Medium: Canon Eos Rebel t31 Digital Camera//Canon‑Ef‑s 18‑55mm F/.5‑5
PHAEM Interview Series 1: Society & The Body
Date: July 18th, 2015

Q: I’m trying to think if that’s a comment on the cons of being left behind by society or of purposely not catching up? In that case, is ignorance truly bliss?

A: We live in a very image based society and something like that story makes me realize the power words have. The idea that images have more power over words is a highly debatable one. In that case, I don’t know if I’d say it’s a con of being left behind but it’s an effect of it. Being left behind by society isn’t entirely a con. What comes with the information era we are in is almost a desensitization of humans and this disgusting habit of need for constant attention and stimulation.

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