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Disney cancelled best friends whenever. So all they have left is Bizaardvark, stuck in the middle, bunkd, and kc undercover. Although i do enjoy kc i think disney is really falling:( i guess the show that could potentially save it is the new one with raven and even then the thats so raven era kids like myself (im 23) aren't dying to see the new show simply because its on disney. its pretty sad how disney has become pretty irrelevant when we all used to love it

I actually think Andi Mack (from the Lizzie McGuire creator) is more likely to take off than the TSR reboot, but yeah it does seem like Disney Channel is kinda lost in the wildnerness in terms of live action sitcoms at the moment…

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Jeff Easley’s front center panel for the AD&D Players Reference Screen, TSR, 1985.  (Players shouldn’t need a screen, but if you were using the cumbersome “to hit” modifiers for weapon type vs target size and armor type you might appreciate having those tables as the entire player side center panel.)