get to know me meme ➔ [3/5] favorite movies: The Silence of the Lambs 

Believe  me,  you  don't  want  Hannibal  Lecter  inside  your  head.

My favorite SOTL novel scene is actually when Hannibal is showing Clarice his designs for the Jesus watch and explaining his experience with acquiring a patent
Why do I like this mostly filler scene?
Because it serves as one of the only reminders in SOTL that despite his appearance, his philosophy, his intellect and his crimes Hannibal Lecter is 100% a human being. He ISNT all knowing, his expertise DO NOT extend to all areas. He’s a middle aged man whose been in jail for 8 years THERES GOING TO BE SHIT HE DOESNT KNOW HOW TO DO. Hannibal originally tried to obtain a copyright on his design only to be corrected by the man over the phone that he would need a patent, NOT a copyright.
Not only did Hannibal fall victim to human error and his own ignorance, but he was willing to admit his fault TO CLARICE.
Mr. I know everything
Mr. Too aware to be a good guy
Mr. Demands elder respect from everyone including HIS elders
Mr. Perfect at everything
Admitted to the one character he demands the MOST respect and admiration for from, that he DIDN’T know something, MADE AN HONEST MISTAKE, and was CORRECTED.
It would’ve been so damn easy for him to lie and go “yup! I called about a patent for this because these kinds of things require patents and not copyrights, of course not everyone knows that, maybe not even you! But I do! Because I am a god damn genius”

Silence of the lambs is the least dramatic Harris novel as at no time does any character have to sacrifice anything ever
In Red Dragon Will Graham and Dolarhyde both had to sacrifice their relationships for what they though to be ‘the greater good’

In Hannibal Clarice has to sacrifice her career and dream, Margot has to sacrifice her family/morals, Hannibal has to sacrifice his own safety,

In Hannibal Rising Hannibal has to sacrifice his family, his relationship, and his chance at a happy normal life.

Nobody fucking sacrifices anything in SOTL, sure Starling is threatened with not graduating, bad press, etc. but in the end there are no consequences for her choices or anyone else’s choices. And I don’t mean in like a Margot Verger 'the ends justify the means’ starling never has to choose to give something up entirely, and she never realizes that the choices she made has caused X person to leave her life