Clarice has accepted that if she ever wakes up in the middle of the night with a need for water or the bathroom she’ll just have to lie there and suffer because Hannibal maintains his death grip even in sleep and he is never letting go of her ever. She tried to wreak her way out of his arms once and he was very distraught when he woke up a minute later while she was still gone.


Hannibal / Will - Hannibal / Clarice

  • Hannibal 3.11 “And the beast from the sea”
  • The silence of the lambs (1991)


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Hey, Sian! A Richonne shipper and huge, HUGE fan of The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and Red Dragon here. Just curious, do you ship Hannibal and Clarice? Also, have you read the new spoilers for 7x10? :)

Hi! Awww you’re my people! Red Dragon is my favourite novel. The Hannibal Lecter tetralogy is my favourite series of books, though I love TSOTL film more than the novel because Sir Anthony is brilliant. I do ship Dr. Lecter and Agent Starling (I am trash)! However, I like the idea of Clarice and Ardelia as well. Oh, and I loved Hannibal with Lady Murasaki, too.

I only just had a look at the new Richonne spoilers. What on earth is Scotty G trying to do to us? I need to see his Richonne fanfiction notebook! I am convinced he has one. I’m sure he scribbles ‘Rick ❤’s Michonne’ all over it LOL

Hey, thanks for dropping by. You really made my day. Anytime I get to talk about Dr. Lecter and Richonne in the same conversation is golden. I love you 😍  

I think it’s great that everyone has their headcanons for Clarice’s sexuality. Have your lesbian Clarice, bisexual Clarice, asexual Clarice, asexual aromantic Clarice… whatever you want. Clarice is an amazing character!! 

But what’s wrong with a, based on canon evidence, straight Clarice? 

What about a TSOTL-era intentionally single, straight Clarice Starling who despite tedious sticky fumblings in the backseats of cars as a teen enjoys the occasional sexual encounter, finds an odd attraction to Noble Piltcher and Hannibal Lecter, and is cool being a super amazing tough straight woman in a world of men? Clarice can be a straight cis woman and still be a total badass. She can stick up for herself and other women and still experience attraction to the occasional guy. 

Clarice Starling being a straight woman doesn’t take away any power from her. Don’t dis awesome, strong, amazing women just because they experience sexual attraction to men. 

Context of 'okie dokie'
  • Movie: Hannibal Lecter is a super genius sociopathic murderer with little/no feelings and the contrast of him saying 'okie dokie' is creepy
  • Novels: Hannibal Lecter is genuinely the type of person who would totally use 'okie dokie' as part of their day to day vernacular and the fact he is still also a murderer is creepy