Hi! My name is Tadeo Bourbon. I am student of photojournalist. In my tumblr and my facebook page i try to share my vision of the street life in my city and the places where i travel combinated with some portraits and journalist coverages.

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Hope you like it.

Hello Sixth Guns 
We are organizing a Fan Project for the lead guitarist of the GazettE : URUHA’s Birthday.

As you all know , we must really get mobilized for such an important fan project for our dear guitarist. We really hope that you guys will participate in huge numbers.

All you have to do is to:
take a picture with holding a paper on which you will write your birthdya wish to Uruha-san using YOUR NATIVE language, don’t forget to mention your country ofc
OR make a short movie with B-Day wishes in YOUR NATIVE language
OR make a fan-art if you want
it’s easy ne ?

Then send it BEFORE THE 8TH JUNE  via INBOX to:
or https://www.facebook.com/the.gazette.never.dies
or email  fashion.is.b.a.ka@gmail.com

Don’t forget the 8th June is the DEAD LINE.
So please don’t hesitate to show your love to our beloved guitarist with such an easy steps for a successful fan project ^w^