• Probably going to go on a semi-hiatus because of school, but I’ll still be pretty active! I’ll make a post later about it.
  • Changed my art blog to aelaenas which used to be fernandoodles. If you followed ohnoitscc you’re free to unfollow since it will be inactive from now on.
  • In addition to me slowly getting my art muse back, I’ve decided that I kinda really want to color manga caps and maybe make edits?? Idk! I’ve been really inspired lately.
  • I’m probably going to get Queen of Shadows on Tuesday!!! (so excited!!!!) If I post any spoilers or vagues about it it will be tagged as #qos spoilers and put under a read more. I’ll do my best to refrain from posting, however.
  • This is awkward and a few months late but I’m gonna be redoing those Jerza week sketches I started up but never finished sometime within the next month or so.
  • A lot of blog page updates will be coming when I’m no longer lazy.
  • Anon will be staying off sorry. I don’t feel comfortable turning it back on just yet.
  • I’m gonna be working on my original stories a lot and I’m starting to feel more comfortable sharing things about them so you’ll probably see them show up a lot more often. I have multiple stories but only around 3-4 I really care about developing atm and only 1 out of those is like my top priority.
  • I’m gonna tone down my tags. I’m really only keeping OTP tags for the ships I really REALLY love so I’ll be tagging any ship art with just the regular ship nae from now on!
  • I’ll keep you guys updated on the bull that goes on in my sociology and government classes because holy shit they’re going to give me cancer and I need to vent (thank god they’re only 1 semester.)

And I think that’s it for now if anything else comes up I’ll add it on


Vid: DLZ
Vidder: bop_radar
Artist: TV on the Radio
Source: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Warnings: spoilers for entire two seasons, violence, disturbing imagery and themes
Description: We are the Resistance. (ensemble)

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This is one of my favorite TSCC vids!


10 facts about my Celeste  ~ ☼ ~

1 ❀  does not like to smile
2 ❀  has a twin brother who worships
3 ❀  does not believe in true love but in friendship
4 ❀  every night - before going to sleep, look at the moon because it is her god
5 ❀  can not finish a sentence without a dirty word
6 ❀ had a small relationship at age 6
7 ❀ she loves pizza and she don’t love cooking
8 ❀  not the matter of gaining weight - for her it is important to be satisfied
9 ❀  love the outdoors and hanging out with friends
10 ❀  hates the snobby people