Things that are totally doomed

1) Sci fi shows on Fox

2) Sympathetic Game of Thrones character

3) Red shirts on Star Trek

4) The guy in the horror movie who goes outside to check the weird noise.

5) Any character Sean Bean plays

6) Anyone who wants to be the Doctor’s assistant when he already has an assistant

7) Characters in the first five minutes of Supernatural

The Truth about Agent Carter's ratings problems.

I would like to preface this by saying I really love the Show, I really do. It’s appointment television.

But the problem with Agent Carter is the core basis of which it’s founded. It’s not a problem with female heroes. It’s the constant sexism that you’re beaten over the head with.

Now when I say that the first thing people will think is “Women don’t like other women being Persecuted.” and that’s not what I mean at all. It’s that people in general don’t like being lectured through television.

Now whether in the 40’s Women were treated like crap or had it worst is fact, sure. But you’re talking to an audience that doesn’t care about that stuff in this type of medium. Both Male and Female viewers.

People tune in for Pulp style spy stories, and see heroes, not made to feel like the victim or the aggressor of another era. Sadly, because the show is based around this Misogyny and not so much on the mysteries it poses, it’ll only sink in the reveling of this message that most people aren’t interested in.

If you look at the success of a Female driven show like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It was because they never dove into nor talked about the fact that the Hero of the show was a woman. There was no talk of sexism. If you took 90 percent of Lena Headey’s dialogue and subbed in a male character, it would still play.

That’s the key to writing a female hero. It’s about gender blind writing of what a human would think about in a situation, not a guy or girl. But a hero

And that’s the fault in Agent Carter.


She’s different.


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