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For some, 150 followers it’s not much, but for me, it is. I made friends here and some support me and help me with this pack. This is my first poses ever made. It took me a while to understand how all the things works, but I did and I’m really proud of it.

There’s not enough child poses for our games, so I decided to make some. I hope you will like it.

Please, don’t claim as your own, don’t reupload them and please, tag me if you use them.

They are NON-POSELIST enabled, so you need to enter the name to use them. The files include pictures with the code.



I made a little movie collection of the good old ones, Im not done, there will be more :)

Gone with the wind, Magnum, Live and Let Die & Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

They come one black and white frames, the original mesh is already in the game.

Check out our other fun stuff and please do gossip to your sims besties that this is yum yum :)

Download here!

21 Days of Darcy Lewis: Day 1

Day 1 : “ So I kinda took this amazing still life of you while you were unaware and now I have to track you down so I can put the photo in my gallery “ photography!AU

Crossover: Thor/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

A/N: So I missed day one of the challenge, and I don’t know that I’m going to make today’s either. Lol, I might have to do the whole thing a day behind. Also, I think I might have missed the mark on the AU part of this. Also, it’s been a while since I saw TSCC, so the characters may be a little off. Anyways, enjoy.

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One of my favourite scenes from Terminator- the Sarah Connor chronciles


John & Cameron ❤


Tbh, I’d really fucking love to see Cameron fight the TX. They both are equally as powerful (not including the TX’s onboard weapons. ) But, Cameron who doesn’t have that, can probably figure out how to disable the TX’s weapons leaving it to fight hand to hand combat. Cameron will definitely know what she’s up against. But, both terminators are just as advanced. I can’t say for sure who’d be the victor in this battle, but I’m sure it will be very close! Both terminators taking exceptional damage. Especially since both are equally as flexible. Basically, they’re both of the TX series, but one is definitely more powerful than the other. This fight will determine that!


“what doesnt kill you, makes you stronger…”

what it was that once killed her will now forever be worn proudly as a badge of honour

swapped out a bunch of old parts for brand new/shiny parts (ALL JDM (since im applying for collector plates and i need her to look her best)). spent 3 hours today swapping out for the new fender, case savers, new rear dual spring adjustable shock assemblies, degreased the engine, remounted the exhaust can (the retaining nut had fallen off, so the supertrap almost fell off), and washed/polished every inch possible.

ive got the replacement valve cover gasket and a special sticker (to replace the missing GS1100L badge) ordered, so itll be finished soon as i get them installed.

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Saw terminator. TSSC wasn't technically retconned and probably explains some things about the new movie(the plot points about multiple timelines and changing the future). Also robot feels.

!!!!! i’ve heard the new film is not good but i’m seeing it anyway because i’m desperate for any ties to tscc and cameron mostly cameron

the robot of my dreams cruelly taken away from me