Princess Rover reminds me of Korrasami tbh (whereas eretria is korra and amberle is asami).
•the height difference korrasami is literally the same as the height difference between princess rover (which is super cute bc eretria literally looks like a tough yet innocent cinnamon roll in comparison to amberle)
•eretria displayed antagonistic feelings towards amberle when they first met which is similar to korrasami’s first meeting
•amberle literally resembles asami in the sense that they both act and dress similarly
•don’t get me started on how eretria reminds me of korra (sense and style wise) lol
•eretria is from a poor background just like korra was
•amberle is royalty and asami is rich
•wil also represents mako !!! + the whole “love triangle” thing between wilbertria is just like makorrasami’s love triangle and at first it was 2 girls fighting for 1 guy but now its a guy and a girl fighting for the same girl in tlok which is how im hoping tsc will turn out lmao

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       ‘ what in god’s name do ya’ think i am, darl ? i’m not a
miracle worker.   fuckin’ bitch is rotting ! ‘

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Wait I'm confused. What lawsuit against cc??

DISCLAIMER: i am not the one suing her, i am only giving you the facts so i dont need anyone in my inbox trying to argue with me about any of this

i’m on mobile so i cant give you links but basically the author of a series called “the dark hunters”, sherillyn kenyon, is claiming that cc ripped off big elements and central themes of the dark hunters, including terminology that she copyrighted. there are a lot of similarities between tsc and the dark hunters, including half-angel/half-human hybrids that exist to keep the human race safe from demons, the concept of the forsaken, extremely similar characters, etc. originally, cc was going to even use the term “dark hunter” but kenyon threatened a lawsuit (i believe) so she changed it to shadowhunter. kenyon and cc came to an agreement that the concept of shadowhunters would not be a central theme in the books but we all know that didn’t happen. same with the concept of runes (yes i’m aware runes are an ancient concept and you cant copyright them but the dark hunter’s angelic rune and shadowhunter’s look very similar and work pretty much the same way. that’s really all i know at this point

On the run from the relentless Reaper, Amberle, Wil and Eretria take shelter in Pykon, a snowy Elvin outpost that houses a grisly secret. Meanwhile, Ander and Slanter make a devastating discovery about the Dagda Mor’s forces.

Repeat nOW!!  The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Episode 6 : Pykon

 The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Episode 5 : Reaper

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Episode 4 : Changeling

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Episode 3 : Fury

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Episode 2 : Chosen (2)

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Episode 1 : Chosen (1)

Austin Butler, Emelia Burns, Manu Bennett, Ivana Baquero, John Rhys-Davies, Marcus Vanco

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