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Hey, do you know the fic where Dean and Cas are in high school and Dean's deaf? I think they meet in art class and they pass notes to each other and one day they plan to go out on a date but Dean catches (I think it was Jo?) kissing Cas because she had a crush on him, Dean brought flowers for him but when he sees them kissing he throws them on the floor and leaves. They eventually make up and it's really cute, but I forgot the name and it's been bugging me forever. Thanks in advance x

Hi there!

I haven’t read the fic, but if any of my followers recognize it, they should send you a message. :) 

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do cheerman hux and jockman kylo do it for the first time A) in the back of coaches borrowed muscle car after promdance and winning the promdance jockKing and cheerKing B) after winning the Big Game, the Biggest of all the games to settle a Town Rivalry when jockman kylo did the impossible ball move inspired by huxs cheering -and love?- after the match under the bleachers

so A and B are both inspiring stories, instant classics, at the top of the Sportsball VHS rental section at Jockbuster Video, but let’s consider C:

At promdance, Hux took his cheerKing crown and threw it on the floor (with moxie) because it was a hollow title with no real power. And the Big Game? Yes, they were going to do it under the bleachers, except Hux’s Bump-It got caught and Kylo couldn’t hold back a jockman laugh and Hux stormed off (with moxie). 

But then, at the Senior Sportsball Recollection trip, where they stayed in cabins and looked at their trophies while roasting marshmallows and worshipping Coach Elderjock, cheerman and jockman finally got to do it after fighting off a horde of hill people, zombies, and other teen horror movie tropes.