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I dunno if my ask went through so I'm doing it again. But do you think misha likes the idea of destiel? I know he almost never answers those kinda questions seriously but he really seems to get their relationship on a deeper level.

I think tumblr ate your ask, I reply all my messages! D: 

But anyway, it’s hard to tell, because as you said; he jokes a lot. But what I am positive about, is that he would most likely not have a problem with it if the writers decided to go there. And I think that Misha is a very open minded person, therefore he probably gets why we see the Dean/Cas relationship as something potentially romantic, because like most of us, Misha doesn’t necessarily see the world through heteronormativity goggles. 

I remember the twitter drama with that director that claimed that Destiel ‘didn’t exist’, and a lot of people were upset about it, and then Misha tweeted the ‘you’re not crazy’ tweet. He even talked about it at a con that took place the weekend after (I don’t remember which con it was, but it was the one where he was wearing that blue sweater that Jensen despises) and there was even a video where he said that he understood [Destiel] and that he feels that the bond between Dean and Cas is a very special one, and that Dean is probably the only person that Cas properly connects with and feels deeply for, and that whether or not it will ever be consummated on network TV, he gets what fans are saying about them. There even were gifs of it, but I can’t find them right away. 

So yes, I think that in a way he gets it, and that’s also the reason why he isn’t afraid to talk about it. 

[[Whoa. So I’ve had this blog for a little over 4 months now, and I gotta say I love being here. In those 4 months I’ve just reached over 600 followers. While I don’t care about the number of people, it still makes me so happy that there’s that many people following. And it makes me even happier knowing that one day I just decided to join the Nintendo fandom, and that I don’t regret that decision one bit. I adore being here, and I love all the friends I’ve made here. 

During the small amount of time here. I’ve made a Skype group for the Smash RPers, and I’ve made a Confessions blog for the Nintendo fandom. And the reason why I did those things was because this fandom just makes my day. When I came to this fandom I had just left one which made me depressed. I literally only joined this fandom to see if I could get my creativity back/see if I still enjoyed RPing. And this fandom did; it rekindled my love of writing and RPing. So thankyou all.

Now that the soppy stuff is out of the way, here’s the list~ If you’re included on here once but have multiple blogs, it goes for all your blogs. Sorry if you’re not included here/I forgot to add you here.]]

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Don’t ask why I chose Goldpuffle as my Origin, I was just really… ugh. I was very interested in the internet. Yeah, Iets say that. -_- 

Origin: Goldpuffle

This house is up on my gallery! I didn’t edit much of the inside, because I’m an aweful decorator. That’s why I only have one request; if you use this house and edit the inside, TAG ME! I’d love to see what you do with the house because I’m really crappy with it :P. Anyway, that’s my only request. Please oblige to it, because I’ve seen that specific rule to creators broken many times. 

Also, It’s under “Include CC” because apparently my game can’t read when there is and isn’t CC. :P. Which sucks alot. 

P.S. Happy 4th!

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Prompt: Dean and Castiel are two angels and after the fall (which was not caused by Cas, instead some other angel), they live on the Earth like humans. While they are trying to keep up with all the new things they have to face (such as pain, fear, loneliness), they also discover powerful feelings like pure friendships, that turns into affection, that turns into love. And they understand that real Heaven was in each other's arms all along.

Aww, that’s cool! Added. :)

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Ok but imagine Chris and Seb going to a diner for breakfast and it's totally the afternoon but Seb is still sleepy and grouchy as hell and Chris is as cheerful as the day he first discovered left boobs. And so Chris starts stacking up the little creamer cups and Seb just glares and begins swatting them down and being a giant brat about it, so Chris takes him home to show his perky ass what a well placed swat can really do.


but imagine that they’re college roommates and the first semester they don’t get along well AT ALL because Seb takes his classes way too seriously and Chris constantly reminds him to be present and Seb swears that if Chris says it to him one more fucking time, he’s going to lose his shit.

Which is exactly what happens (there are three things Seb can’t stand about Chris: 1) he drinks straight from the milk carton, 2) every time Seb is stressed about something, Chris tells him to be present, and 3) sometimes he adds a bro for good measure just to piss Seb off; tonight he combined ALL THREE, by standing in front of the fridge drinking milk from the carton while Seb was studying [ok, dozing over his textbook] and saying, “You should really try harder to be present, bro.” So Seb took his fucking advice and dragged him out of the dorm) and exactly how they end up going to walmart to buy a bunch of candy at 4am and eat it in the parking lot of the motherfucking Hasty Tasty while they wait for it to open at 6. They sit in silence because they don’t actually have anything in common except a total, oblivious comfort with uncomfortable silences. 

They’re the first customers in the diner and Seb doesn’t even wait to slide into the booth before he’s flipping his cup up to let their server know he needs caffeine and he needs it now

Despite being full of candy, they each order half the menu and eat while listening to the quiet hum of some golden oldies on the jukebox, and finish watching the sun rise through the big windows beside them. 

While they’re waiting for their checks, Chris stacks up creamer cups. His hands hover around the precarious structure, and Seb reaches out to swat it over.

“You’re like a fucking cat,” Chris says, and starts stacking it again. “You’re always grumpy, you sleep wherever you land, and you have that…face thing going on.”

“What face thing?” Seb asks, drinking what is probably somewhere around his seventh cup of shitty diner coffee. He can tell because there’s a buzz under his skin that he can feel in his teeth.

Which is probably why he thinks he’s delirious when he sees Chris blush.

“I dunno,” Chris says, shrugging. “You just have a grumpy cat pouty thing going on.”

Seb wants to ask if that’s a compliment or an insult, but the way that Chris–bombastic, charismatic, enthusiastic, never-met-a-stranger Chris–is suddenly obnoxiously shy about it tells him that it’s a thinly-veiled-slash-backhanded compliment.

So, naturally, as soon as Chris is done stacking the creamer cups, Seb reaches out and swats it over again.

“Fuck you,” Chris says.

Seb decides Chris was kind of right about the whole being present thing–this whole morning-diner-run is actually the most fun he’s had since he started school–so he should probably start taking Chris’ advice more often, which is why he smiles and replies, simply, “Alright.”

After a half-second hesitation, Chris drops some cash on the table and drags Seb back to the dorm.