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another warm up doodles? this time would be pictures from Sam’s phone or maybe Quorra’s experiment in how far users can take anthropomorphization of objects. See now this toaster is named Steve. He is bit of an artist. Every time he burns toast the burn has different shape. He is still learning and hoping for the best.

Experiment was proved very successful. Steve’s been burning their toasts for two months now and Quorra has a secret burned toast gallery on her phone. 

A Day With Dad
  • Lance: hey, shiro will you call my phone, I don't remember where I set it down.
  • Shiro: yeah, no problem *dialing phone number*
  • *Ring...*
  • *Ring...*
  • Shiro: wait, I think I found it *digging through couch cushions* hey I think your daddy is calling you haha.
  • Lance: wait no no no don't answer that!
  • Shiro: this is... My number?...
  • Lance: *sweats nervously*

I was tagged by @cool-az. <3 MAH BOO. 

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Last movie you watched: Logan.

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Top 3 Shows: Voltron, VOLTRON, Vol-tron?

Top 3 ships: Allurvian, The Castle of the Lions Ship/The Galra Mothership, My oc/Any hot male oc (guys Lessa is NOT picky. Welcome to rp anytime).