Unique Gorgoneion Coin of Abydos, Troas, c. 410 BC

The only known gold coin from this period in Abydos.

Obverse: ABYΔ / HNON (the lower part of the legend retrograde) with and eagle standing left. Reverse: a gorgoneion within an incuse square.

Abydos (map) was a colony of Miletos, situated on the Hellespont, and was perhaps an early location of the minting of electrum staters in the sixth century BC. The city had been part of the Athenian empire during the fifth century until it revolted in 411 BC, becoming a Spartan ally. This incredible gold stater, the only known example, is of the highest numismatic importance.

Unique Masterpiece Greek Gold Artemis Stater from Abydos, Troas, c. 330 BC

This coin, struck two years before Alexander the Great arrived in Abydos on his conquest of Persia, is a unique and very fine representation of Artemis, maybe the finest known.

Abydos was founded by the Milesians circa 670 BC but Thracians may have lived there long before that. Whatever the case, the country was settled ages ago and derived its importance from its strategic position at the crossover between Europe and Asia.

There was an important cult center of Artemis at Abydos and the model for this coin may have been a local statue of the goddess. The die cutter responsible for this piece was a master of his craft.

Obverse: Head of Artemis wearing ornate stephanos decorated with acanthus leaves, triple pendant earrings, and necklace. Reverse: Eagle standing left, grapevine with two clusters of grapes in field to left

Map of Abydos…

Unhindered Fellowship (#wtsdevo fellowship)

“On the first day of the week we came together to break bread. Paul spoke to the people and, because he intended to leave the next day, kept on talking until midnight.” -  Acts 20:7

            Jesus is a constant example of a type of fellowship that isn’t hindered by time or a set-in-stone schedule. In the New Testament, Jesus is always willing to set aside His own desires or plans when He knows that His Presence is needed elsewhere. Many times, Jesus desired to retreat from the crowd and go to a solitary place to pray and simply be with His Father. Yet, if someone needed encouragement or help – whether it was his disciples or a large crowd – Jesus was always there, ready to share fellowship with them.

           In Acts, we get to see Paul beautifully living out this example that Jesus set. With some other disciples, Paul arrives in Troas. On their very first day there, when they must have been exhausted from travelling and longing to sleep, Paul and the disciples do something that would challenge me even on my most well-rested day: they come together with everyone and break bread with one another.

Then, just to amaze me even more, Paul spends the entire night speaking to them, offering them encouragement and hope and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Even though he must have been depleted from the journey, Paul gave of himself so that the name of Jesus would be made known and the people would be filled up with God’s truth.

Isn’t this exactly what Jesus would have done? Isn’t this exactly what Jesus is still doing? He prays to the Father for us and His very Spirit lives inside of us, giving us grace moment by moment. Paul lived this out beautifully and powerfully and I pray that we will treasure this truth about Jesus in our hearts and do the same.

Regardless of time, schedule, our desires or place, let’s be Jesus to those who need Him. Have a wonderful Sunday, friends.


Devotional Series: Fellowship (#wtsdevo fellowship)

By: Alexandria // Personal // Walk the Same