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my opinion on;

character in general: I spoke on Sephiroth in one of the other responses, and I’d try to reword for you but I’m not sure if I could put it any better: “He’s a beautiful man and a beautiful enigma, psychopathy wrapped in tragedy wrapped in loneliness. Intimidating, powerful, and badass.” Sephiroth has to be one of the coolest characters ever, and I think that’s why he endures as such an icon for so many as this essence of unattainable and ethereal badassery. To me, Sephiroth will always be a mixture of frightening and alluring.

how they play them: Dark and introspective and usually insane, it seems. But they will really pull you in and make you think about Sephiroth’s insanity and how his broken mind works.

the mun: As I said to @ofbraver, the playful, half IC / half OC barbs that the two of you trade back and forth are the highlight of my dashboard. Especially on Sephiroth’s end, I think it’s nice to see that not-so-seriousness balance out the 

do i;

follow them: Yep!

rp with them: No, but we texted him a pear once.

want to rp with them: I’m a potato compared to the way you write but bring it on if you’d like.

ship their character with mine: Listen if the way Reeve needs to die is by being taken out by a beautiful silver-haired god— well actually he’d still have a problem with that, but he wouldn’t die altogether miserably, is what I’m saying.

what is my;

overall opinion: Equally worth following for IC posts and OOC thoughts. (I loved the headcanon about Sephiroth moving everything to the left side of the desk? I want troll Sephiroth.)

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.