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POI Rewatch - S1 E06 - “The Fix”

In case you’re new or have a memory like Swiss cheese (a life I understand) I’m re-watching POI! After taking a long break from the show, I’m shoving my face back in it and giving it another go. Encapsulated below is a record of my decent into Feelings. 

Things I remember from my first watch OH YONDER YEARS AGO about this episode:


Oro liveblogs the episode:

ZOE IS THE BEST. I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH. She’s razor sharp, focused, and ballsy. 8D 8D 8D <3 Also I LOVE how she and Reese interact. So much push and pull between them.

“I’m having trouble with this lock, Mr. Reese. It’s harder than it looks.”  Okay can anyone remember? Did Reese teach Finch to break and enter? Or did Finch just like, youtube this?? (PLEASE SAY IT’S THE SECOND ONE.)

Zoe: “Keep your eyes on the road” (strips into super sexy dress with heels tall enough to serve as lethal weapons.)

Reese: *Actually keeps his eyes on the road*. … Wait what? A guys respecting women? WHAT IS THIS MAGIC? And where can I buy more???

Pictured: either a woman writer on this ep, or the actor who plays Zoe getting some say, because 100% to the yes with those shoes coming off and walking upstairs barefoot. <3 +1

“She does favors. For a price. She’s a fixer.”


“Any idea who’d want to take her out?” - Finch. “Who wouldn’t?” - Reese. LOL OH REESE. You’re smitten. It’s okay. Zoe’s pretty gr8. 


I totally forgot about H.R. and the dirty cops and that whole plot-line! O_O And about this ass-hat too. O_O Be careful, Carter!

Meanwhile, Carter makes inroads on the Elias case: “Marlene and the Don had a kid. A son. I still got that image of him, standing there with no shoes on…” Just wait, kids. You’re gonna get a lot more images of him soooon enoughhhhh.

Meanwhile-meanwhile, Reese tries to make small talk with Zoe. Zoe eats him up for dinner. 

Reese: “Let me take care of this, Zoe.” Zoe: “It’s Ms. Morgan. Get back in the car.”  (Shit goes down tro lo lo lo lo lo) I really enjoy watching Zoe realize that Reese is talking to someone on a headset, and her slowly realizing just how much shit she’s waded into. BUT she doesn’t lose control. And she never stops pushing at Reese. And, of course, the instant he turns his back, she disappears. In her own words, “I’m discrete, not stupid.” <3!

AND once again, Reese and Finch both assume that the voice on the recording is a woman who is having an affair with their baddie. Because why else would a woman be on a recording. BIG SIGH. >__>; 

Pictured: FINCH’S FUCKING FACE as he very quietly explains that the woman’s (on the recording) number came up before, when he was ‘not in a position to do anything about it.’ That’s one of the most painful things about this show. Nathan experienced it, too. The inability to affect change, and the inability to turn away despite that. Watching that run across Michael Emerson’s face kills me.

So what does he do? BUYS 87 MILLION SHARES OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY RESPONSIBLE and strong-arms his way into getting intel. 

Mr. Partridge. *snorts* THE BIRD ALIASES CONTINUE. Never change, Finch. Or maybe do. Because you’re a little obvious.

This also marks the point where Reese and Finch start to work more in sync with one another. It’s less ‘employer and strong-man’ and much more ‘what can we do together to fix this.’ “You know, before w- before *I* found you, the numbers haunted me. I’ve never felt more helpless in my entire life. I know I can’t get justice for all of them, but the possibility of just one…” - Finch

Pictured: two beautiful dangerous people. 

“Probably one of those guys who can get out of anything with a paperclip…” - ZOE. OH ZOE. <3 (Ten minutes later she leaves him in a ~tight spot~…. with just a paperclip, delivered via a kiss and a slight of hand. She’s my hero.)

Also, bless Finch for calling the Big Pharma guy and hoping to let him in on all the bad shit going on in his company, and not even suspecting that he’s the True Big Bad until much too late. Finch, for all his bitterness, is surprisingly innocent sometimes. 

BEAUTIFUL MOMENT. When Finch takes True Big Bad/Big Pharma apart by the seams in the best way he knows best. Money. “In fact I took my initial investment, and I shorted your company to the tune of half a million dollars. I know the only think you care about is money. So that’s what I’m going to take from you . Your money. All of it.” And he gets the best musical cue when he dumps that mother fucker and walks out, not using his cane.

“Eyes on the road, John,” Zoe says, and John looks away, still following her rules, still following her lead.

“Ms. Morgan, stay out of trouble.”

“Not going to happen. You’ve got my number.” 

BLESS THEM ALL. <3 Again, perfect ending song. UG. I LOVE IT. 

Oro Rating: A