Peerless in his era, Prince legacy musical, cultural, political

The Rachel Maddow Show takes an apt ~20 min. look at various forces at play in the artist’s career.

On The Wall

You are seen,
Beyond eyes,
A face,
Or body.
You are known,
The singularity,
An omnipresent,
Your truth,
Your lies,
Are hidden,
Or exposed,
By your perception.
The indefinite,
You’re impulsive,
And instinctual,
Of the observant nature.
Our relative relation,
Bonded by creation,
You are,

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Beloved, what are you creating today? While you are creating I hope this day brings you an abundance of #peace, #harmony, and #laughter.

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i’ve never been comfortable with the short distance between myself and their bodies. their hands near me created a stir in my brain and i always wondered if they could tell how unwelcome they were. my body is my own. i don’t need anyone. i am alone and on my own.

i cannot seem to get you close enough. skin on skin is an unbearable distance and i can’t stand it. nobody has ever taken the time to take the care. my body and my pride is yours now, i’ve given them up. I crave all of you on top of me. i am alone and on my own but with you beside me.

—  between her legs and in her arms are the safest places I’ve ever been

anonymous asked:

Ughh there goes TRM running her mouth about fucking Orange Backpack Guy again 🙄 "Glenn would have stopped!!" No he wouldn't have. Glenn is trusting but he's not stupid. He didn't want to bring MERLE back to the prison and they knew him. He sure as fuck wouldn't have picked up a hitchhiker! No one would because that's a mistake right now today, much less during a ZA. Whatever keeps the Rick haters happy I guess 😒

Glenn would not have stopped for a hitchhiker. Did someone forget what the hell happened to Maggie? Or how Glenn was nearly killed by Merle? Someone he knew? Glenn would have ignored OGB too. Wtf is this?

No one would have stopped for OBG after what happened at the prison. Not even Carol.

OBG is dead. No he didn’t need to be picked up and why is this still relevant 3 seasons later?

take me back to a time before you.
i don’t want to know your middle name.
i want to go back to the days before you when i hated myself. i want to wonder what it’s like to love. i want to ready myself. i want to tell myself it will get better and to hold on.
i don’t want to know what it feels like to have your eyes lock on mine from across a crowded room. i don’t want to feel my chest rise as the chills settle and your body crashes into mine.

i want to relearn you.
i want to remember the way it felt when you first reached for my hand. i want to never lose the memory of the first night you made a move and i was so nervous but god i wanted you. i want to relive the times we tried guessing each other’s middle names. i want to feel unsure of us and i want to be reassured again and again. i don’t ever want to forget the way home.

—  i have made a home of you that i don’t want to move out of. you are the best thing to happen to me. it gets better. it got better.