You’re asleep right now but I’m just overwhelmed with how absolutely incredible you are. Thank you for sticking by my side and for taking care of me when I need you. I have never been so comfortable to be myself around anyone. And as you’re curled up next to me I just get a glimpse of our future. Of every night curled up together watching tv shows on Netflix. Of nights with you sleeping with your head on my chest as I stay up to read my book. Of nights where I don’t let you go to sleep until I kiss you and tell you I love you. You are the epitome of beauty in its purest form. I am so very in love with you, Taylor. And every day I find a thousand more reasons to fall even more in love. Even on your worst days I will find more reasons to fall in love with you. You make me happy. You make me believe that there is a meaning in always. Sleep well baby. I’ll wake you up with kisses in the morning.


Rachel Maddow Interviewed by Playboy Magazine:  “Im a music fan. I’m kind of obsessed with Frank Morgan and jazz guys like that. I’ve got a Thelonious Monk problem. I also love all country music. I want to be an evangelist for this guy from Oklahoma named John Moreland, who is literally the Bruce Springsteen of our era, though nobody knows who he is. There’s a band called Lucero that turned me into a major fangirl recently. So music, a little fly-fishing, and I’m a good drinker. I like my beer, and I can mix a pretty impressive cocktail.”

She’s falling asleep and I’m just admiring her and how effortlessly beautiful she is. And I know that all I want for the rest of my life is nights like these, binge watching a show and laying with our legs intertwined with my head on this beautiful woman’s chest. Slowly falling asleep as I listen to her breathing and heartbeat. She is my soul mate. My hunk of perfection. My person. My only always. My everything.

#fbf to our first date night together. It’s crazy to see how much we’ve already grown in our relationship in 2 months. This night was one of the best nights ever because of how we took turns exchanging stories as we drove around. I remember listening and learning so much about you and smiling when I realized you were doing the same when I spoke. I’m so so lucky to have an amazing girlfriend like you and I love you so much, Taylor ❤️