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what type of spurs would you recommend as a basic starter set? my teacher suggested i use them on a kinda lazy horse. nothing severe, just v basic and simple.

I think the basic prince of wales type spur is the best place to start - make sure you get the smaller kind, they come in various lengths. They’re super cheap on stateline tack, I’m on mobile so I can’t provide links.

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♝ :Ever killed for sport?

“Never,” he says, emphatically.

But he had to think about it for a second.

Never on Eorzea, that much was true. And while never was the case on the Steppes as well, there was a time buried under hatred and memories when he’d almost wanted to. He’d been young; still deciding who he was, what he wanted to be. Too young. And all he had seen was the honour his tribemates won in battle - the praise and luxuries and food lavished on them if they made many kills, or had killed in an amusing or glorious fashion…

He’d almost been taken in by it, back then. He’d begged Delterkis to allow him on a raid; he’d do right by him, he’d make him proud. But Delterkis had asked him one simple question:

Why… would I do that?”

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Trivia: az oldalon a Star Wars három zárójel között szerepel, így: (((Star Wars))), azért, mert a zsidókat így szokás jelölni neonáci körökben.


(((Én))) még ezt se tudtam. Milyen (((náci))) az ilyen?

EDIT: Most úgy egyébként egy olyan fejű óvodást. amilyen feje ennek a SIXX nevű baromnak van, mi már az óvodában annyi baszósbogárral etettük volna meg, hogy az iskoláskort sem érte volna meg. Már csak a feje végett.

Yuri on ICE: Trivias and Fun Facts

- Minako-sensei is 50+ years old (explanation here and confirmation by Yuuri’s VA here)

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- Makkachin is 15+ years old (i.e. around 80 in human age)

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- Yuuri’s mom gave birth to her first child when she was 19

- Yuuko gave birth to the triplets when she was 19

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- which means that her husband, Nishigoori, was 18 years old (and possibly a high school student) at that time

- Minako-sensei isn’t just an ordinary ballet dancer, in fact, she once won the Prix Benois de la Danse, the so called “Oscar of ballet”

for reference: Svetlana Zakharova receiving the Benois price

- Morooka is voiced by actual TV Asahi sports anchor and professional announcer for figure skating Kato Taihei 

- Morooka is actually modeled after Kato (source)

- the girl who composed the piece of music for Yuuri’s FS program (”Yuri on ice”) is Ketty and she speaks Japanese (source: see below)

- Yuuri’s mailbox as of June 13th (from ep4):

Ketty Abelashvili  — Re: FS program – June 13

Ketty Abelashvili — Re: FS program – June 13 

Katsuki Hiroko – Re: Happy birthday! – November 29

Katsuki Hiroko – Happy birthday! – November 29

Phichit Chulanont – Re: Hello! – October 13

Phichit Chulanont – Re: Hello! – October 12

Phichit Chulanont – Hello! – October 12

Nishigoori Gou – Re: no title – September 16

Nishigoori Gou – no title – September 15

- The guy who composed Yuuri’s FS program “Yuri on ice” irl is Umebayashi Tarou and he is the son of Umebayashi Shigeru who composed “SEIMEI”, the legendary FS program Yuzuru Hanyu skated last season and marked the highest score in the history of figure skating with

In the first Chronicles of Narnia film, Georgie Henley’s reactions when she emerges from the wardrobe into the snowy world are completely genuine. She was blindfolded and carried to the set when they filmed the scene, so both the actor and the character are seeing Narnia for the first time. Source


DID YA KNOW? The new anime Yuri On Ice!! is generating buzz for a lot of reasons. It centers on the arguably more unconventional sport of figure skating, for one, with choreographed sequences to match. It’s also not based off of a manga, making what’s in story a mystery to viewers. But the director might be familiar to you. YOI is actually directed by Sayo Yamamoto, the woman behind another unique series, Michiko to Hatchin

MTH was a series that took place in a fictional South American country, chronicling the adventures of protagonist Michiko Marandoro. Yamamoto has also made her name in the anime world by directing the 2012 Lupin III series, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. Yamamoto is known for her strong creative sensibilities, as well as being one of the more well-known woman directors in recent anime history. She has previously worked on popular series such as Samurai Champloo, Space Dandy, Eureka Seven, and Texhnolyze.


With a little help from my friends, of course. I may be biased, but I think it would make a GREAT gift for the holiday season… just sayin’.

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