From the outside, this seems like a perfectly innocent pair of doodles. And, at the time, that’s all it was.
Little did we know that the story behind this would completely spiral and evolve into what became arc 4. Arc 4, for its entirety, was supposed to be a singular chapter. [Full breakdown below the cut. Some interesting history on how the story of TH has evolved from its first two weeks of development.]

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MTR Fun Fact

During the making of “Meet the Robinsons”, voice actors were asked to portray their characters while being asked interview questions. The following information was learned during Gaston and Art’s interview:

  • Uncle Art’s full name is “Arthur Major Framagucci”
  • Gaston’s full name is “Gaston Fitzgerald Framagucci”
  • Their mother’s name was “Minnie Framagucci”
  • When asked why he liked to shoot himself out of cannons, Gaston answered “it’s the… speed! I’m always trying to time myself. It’s the… excitement! The… adrenaline! It’s pure exhilaration! There’s no feeling in the world like it. When you’re going so fast that you feel like the skin is gonna peel right off your face and your eyeballs are gonna go flying out of your ear canal… everyone should experience that at least once.”
  • Uncle Art claims that intergalactic pizza delivery is “tougher than it looks” due to the fact that aliens are “picky” and if it’s “too cheesy” or “not hot enough”, you run the risk of being vaporized.
  • Gaston and Art interrupt the interview by racing each other to the moon. Gaston wins

Got third place in the baking contest! Granted it was out of maybe 10 people, but I didn’t expect to get anything after seeing how pretty some of the cakes. I’m a bit annoyed because the rules said to have 4 individual desserts but a majority of the entries were full sized cakes. My tiny cakes didn’t look as good as I would’ve liked because my chocolate cake is super moist and crumbly. It would have looked much better if I could have just used a full size cake. 
Also some lady came with a massive cake with truffles and cookies and it looked like one of those instagram cakes and I know everybody hated her as much as I did (she obviously won). 

I’m a little bitter that I only won a tote bag instead of a gift card, but my ribbon does look pretty nice in my kitchen…

Small update: I need to write it out extensively but there’s a change in Eileen’s past — she was adopted at the age of 3, her biological parents are alive but for various reasons ( that will be written out ) couldn’t keep her. However, her family is the Casey-Dunn. She knows she isn’t tied to them by blood ( told her when she was 16 ), but she’d never consider anyone else her parents, just as they consider her their daughter, niece & sister ( even if Thomas is still accepting it ). Of course it had certain effects on her when she found out but her current personality doesn’t change at all — there might be some new things, though, or things that I still need to write out. She’s obviously curious about her parents, but so far she hasn’t tried to look for them — if anything, it’s just to find out what kind of people they are, but they’ll never be her ‘mom’ & ‘dad’. 


  • Nnoitra is allergic to all types of bug-spray, they make his throat itch and if there is a lot of it, he can have troubles breathing.
  • Nnoitra’s favourite food is garlic fried crickets that he gets at the market in the ‘ Asian ‘ part of town. He orders a huge plate of it ( it’s not a dish that many people buy ), so tourists often take pictures of him eating the crickets. This is good business for the stand that sells the crickets, so often Nnoitra gets them on the house.
  • Cats are naturally drawn to him because of his overly warm skin. He’ll just sit on a park bench and they’ll come swarming around him and he’s like: fuck off people will think I’m a nice person.
  • Nnoitra buys really cheap shampoo for long, thick hair. He fucking hates going shopping for shampoo because he knows that particular one he buys is actually for girls. His shampoo has a scent of pomegranate ( artificial af ), so his hair always has a pretty ‘ feminine ‘ smell to it.
  • The six bracelets that Nnoitra wears ( three around each writs ), are made of leather, and are really worn out ( no wonder, since they’re almost ten years old ). He literally never takes them off.
  • The scar behind his eyepatch is mostly white, since it hasn’t been exposed to direct sunlight ( if scars are to turn pink, they need direct sunlight ). He has not removed his blind eye, so it is still there.
  • Nnoitra has a smartphone, but he only has one game on it, which is a puzzle game with 0 time pressure. He can’t play ‘ performance ‘ games because he’ll literally smash that phone if he loses. He’ll play the puzzle game if he can’t sleep from thinking about all the shit in his life.
  • Reading gives Nnoitra a headache, because he only has one eye + heavy dyslexia. He’ll never read a book on his won free will.

concept: Marinette’s class have a Ladybug-and-Chat-Noir-themed trivia night

  • Alya was forced to sit out bc her Ladyblog was the source of info for most of the questions and answers
  • Nathanael knew the minutae of both superheroe’s costumes to a scarily detailed level, having spent hours looking up reference pictures for both of them (#artist lyf)

  • Sabrina got caught out looking up answers for Chloe on her phone, the irony here being that for once in her life Chloe didn’t actually need to cheat and was doing perfectly fine on her own 

  • Marinette thinks she’s got the prize in the bag but is constantly thwarted by how many weird things about her the public have managed to get wrong (Question twenty-three: What’s Ladybug’s favourite colour? (It is apparently light blue, though Marinette is pretty sure she’s never talked about favourite colours while in Ladybug mode, like, ever, and her personal favourite colour is PINK. Where the hell did these people get their ‘’’‘information’’’’ from?!)). 

  • There’s an entire section on her and Chat Noir together as a team and Mari about has an aneurysm when she realises that everyone else in the whole world just assumes she and Chat are an item to the point that everyone thinks she’s crazy when she splutters that THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT DATING, WHERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR SOURCES FROM 

  • To everyone’s surprise, the final race for the prize turned out to be Chloe and Adrien

  • Adrien wins, bc of course he does, he is Ladybug’s #1 fan, he’ll fight everyone

  • Also unlike Mari, he’s a massive nerd, he likes to keep up with what the public thinks about him so he spends hours trawling the internet looking at what hilarious misconceptions people have about Chat Noir

  • Marinette spends a lot of time afterwards seriously contemplating whether she should out herself to Alya just so she could correct some of these ludicrous misconceptions about her. ‘Dating Chat Noir’, as if