The difference between Sherlock’s tears.

Sherlock faked tear in TGG because he tried to convince the wife of the supposedly missing driver. so he fake cried. You could see his fake tears. because he needed the wife to see that.

And in TRF, when on Bart’s rooftop. he didn’t even had to shed false tear. he could easily make his voice shaky and john would be convinced. Because how could he see the tears from that much distance.

Sherlock still cried. tear streaks ran down his chin. You can clearly see the teardrops falling. 

with every impact of the word ‘fake’, he shed real tears..

I wonder why..

You… you told me once that you weren’t a hero. Umm, there were times I didn’t even think you were mouse, but let me tell you this: you were the best mouse, and the most mouse… mouse being that I’ve ever known, and no one will ever convince me that you told me a lie, and so… There. I was so alone, and I owe you so much. Please, there’s just one more thing, one more thing, one more miracle, Basil, for me. Don’t… be… dead. Would you, just for me, just stop it? Stop this.