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Things I still can’t believe happened

  • Killing Time was published
  • Star Trek had a fuck or die episode
  • and a aliens made them do it episode
  • and a sex pollen episode
  • the writer of Amok Time (Theodore Sturgeon) wrote a story about a first officer falling in love with his captain
  • and a story with hand!kink
  • and a story with auto erotic asphyxiation
  • Gene Roddenberry wrote that Kirk and Spock’s touching of minds was more significant than pon farr
  • t’hy’la. just. t’hy’la.
  • that footnote
  • the comparisons to Alexander and Hephaestion
  • this:

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[I love Seven of Nine because I can relate to her story on a personal level. I’m 24 and I have been manipulated and emotionally abused my whole life, which led me to do some things I’m not proud of. After I cut my abusers out of my life I felt like how Seven must have felt when her link to the collective was severed. Now I feel like I’m becoming my own person again and I constantly learn new things about myself. It’s like someone denied me my personality my whole life up until just recently.]

Front and back cover to Monsters of Star Trek, a 1980 YA book that I read about a million times in elementary school. Despite the space-racist title, the book features an introduction that clarifies its intention, stating that while some of the creatures within may be horrifying at first glance, it’s not wise to presume intent. The second edition featured an insane painting of the Mugato by Boris Vallejo, which means I’ll have to pick it up sometime.

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 Hey guys!Here is my Enterprise spoon =V=

When I create this Enterprise Spoon, all I want is a scene as below:
When you are having your dinner, people around you surprisingly find that the spoon you are using is Enterprise!!!
When you host trekkers dinner at home, the tableware they are going to use are Enterprise!!!!
Isn’t it awesome!!! (You must have that Enterprise Glass right?? )

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