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do you think fuller's has problem writing in a feminist manner? after that negative connotation ask it kinda implied you don't. i just want to make sure before i rush to judgement.

What is it that you want to make sure of, exactly? And why is rushing to judgment even on the table? 

I’ve explained before that I won’t talk about S3 before the first episode airs. I’ve never discussed my opinions about Bryan Fuller or his writing, though it’s a popular topic in this fandom. There are plenty of other people eager to offer their opinions on these items. I’m not one of them, unfortunately. 

I don’t think I’ve personally thought it through completely, and I won’t say a single preemptive word.

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So Bran, Ricon and Hodor and Osha and the other 2 were just forgotten about?

Well Jojen was blown up. Unless “other two” means Meera and Treebeard Bloodraven? But they’re benched for this season. Rickon and Osha are super forgotten about, but Bran’s actor confirmed he’s not in. Apparently D&D said he’s in the “boring part of his story” now or something.

hey i was tagged by the beautiful mermaid-pussy (thanks btw!) for that 20 beautiful people selfie thing so here’s me, hanging out lol

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Treebeard's Tryst

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1EWlhig

by treehuggerlock (cottonballz_of_death)

Sherlock tops a tree.

Words: 2142, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1EWlhig
Poplitealqueen's Headcanons: Radagast & the Ents

Radagast speaks fluent Entish and you can’t tell me otherwise.

I’m convinced the only reason he was around Orthanc long enough to teach Saruman how to talk to birds was because he was off having a long-ass gossip sesh with Treebeard, and needed a place to crash.



Untitled- ceramic Untitled-ceramic Treebeard-wood burning Curiouser and Curiouser-acrylic painted shoes Geronimo-acrylic painted melted record lamp Chronicals of Laurelindórenan-altered book clutch Untitled-pencil drawing Gandalf the Grey-charcoal drawing This is all my work this year!