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Hello loves! I am so, so close to my next thousand so could I please get a boost?

I’m an 18 year old sweet heart with BPD, HPD, PPD, psychosis and dermatiliomania! I give lots of advice and am as #relatable as hell :* I have a super short about about RBF which I’d appreciate if people read! 😘

There’s no doubt that Flume’s new album Skin is one of the best releases so far this year. Harley has followed up his groundbreaking, inspirational debut album in triumphant style. The whole album is an engrossing listen, plus it’s star studded with exceptional guest talent. With the release of Skin, Flume has also made one more new track off the album available for streaming on Soundcloud. Lose It is an intensive hip hop and future bass affair featuring vocals by Chicago rapper Vic Mensa. Like pretty much every track on Skin, Lose It is fierce, its machine gun cadence and wobbling synths much worthy of losing it. Skin can be purchased now from iTunes.