I just summarised my thoughts on it as, ya know, the Camerata all represent these Higher Ideals (Sybil is socialy/guidance, Grant is leadership/empathy, Asher is truth/insight, Royce is knowledge/creation) that when taken to their logical extreme go bad. Grant believes that what he believes is best is worth any price. Asher will do anything for the truth (I know he’s loyal, but I see him characterised as blindly following Grant too often, that’s clearly not the case), Sybil probably isn’t JUST a stalker bunny boiler, she sees something in Red’s TALENT and power that she wants to control for her own goals, and Royce has forgotten that the purpose of human science is to improve the human condition and that artists need an audience for the art to mean anything.

rainbowbeforeme asked:

can you make me happy about the cat ;n;

None of them understand it. Royce insists more and more forcefully that it shouldn’t be possible - that the Transistor is all but inert now, with the owner nulled. And all of them know the city was full of the Process, full of dangers for a lone animal. Even if it had somehow been able to use the Transistor, it would have to reach it first.

“Impossible, quite impossible,” Royce murmurs, lighting another cigarette.

But Grant looks at Asher, stretched out among the golden fields, the cat purring happily on his chest and a real smile on his face - the kind of smile Grant hadn’t seen since the first time Asher sent the Transistor flying from his hands. 

“You know? I think I don’t mind impossible this time.”