SDCC Trailer Breakdown

I’m sure other people have already gotten to a lot of this, but there’s so much out there right now that I thought it would be helpful to have it all in one place. Below the cut, I’ll break down the scenes in the trailer and discuss locations, characters, costumes, episodes, etc. and what those tell us about each other. In some cases that isn’t much, but we do what we can. My main goal is to just tie what we see in the trailer to what we know from setlock, not to speculate on the plot/what it possibly means in the larger context of the show. It’s meant more as a resource for that kind of speculation, rather than being a source of it. That doesn’t mean that what’s below isn’t potentially spoilery, however, so if you’re looking to avoid that, you’d be better off not reading this.

(Fair warning that this post is very picture heavy and very long, which is why it’s under a cut.)

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Voltron Trailer thoughts

Keith is either on a ice world or a rocky world. It’s clear that he’s climbing out of a cave or something similar and looking out over the ground. This moment clearly is probably from when they were split up during the fall of the lions.

Hunk and Lance are under water. So this world is a water world of sorts. Should be duelly noted that season one we got both Hunk and Pidge’s elements out of the way when they found their lions: Ground for Hunk as he came up out of it so earth, and forest/wind for Pidge in where she found her lion. We haven’t seen Lance’s water, so I think this will be the part where Lance get’s something out of the Lion and we get more of the back story on why it ended up in a cage on earth over in a water location which was it’s element.

Ropes around the green lion, meaning that some other group is trying to capture her and the lion. This means that Katie was trying to get away from something or they tied her up before she woke up. Intersting to note she’s on a clay like planet, meaning we may be seeing some different area’s of space. Or at least we may be seeing non tech based people, something that Pidge has to come to learn about since she’s all about tech, yet her lion is nature/wind based. This could be a lesson to her about dealing with non tech and growing up with it.

Black lion is in the same location as the red lion, we can tell due to the wall on the right side of the lion (right relative to how we’re facing it) matching the walls and apperence when Keith comes out of the red lion and looks around him.

Keith is looking up at something, I’m guessing the red or black lion as we see the ground matching the same color as the opening shot of keith. Issue is where are both Keith and Shiro relative to this scene. (Actually I have a theory as to what we’re seeing and hearing but hold on till the end for that.)

Black, red, yellow, blue and green lion are together flying on a green planet with moutains heading for what looks like the castle in the distance. Honestly there’s two options here as to what this is. Either it’s a moment later in the series when the group is finding Allura and Coron and coming to get them. Or, and this is going to be wierd but I think it will work, it’s the back story about the original crew of Voltron. When our group flies, Hunk is usually in the back with Pidge, and Lance and Keith are in front at the side of Shiro, this group has the yellow lion beside the black, then the red blue and green. Very differnt formation makes me suspect this is the orignal group and we’re looking at Altea prior to the attack by the Galra, Haggar and Zarkon.

Lance and Hunk discovering an underwater kingdom. Given the design this could be an intro to some of the other species in this series. Although seeing as there’s no one out side I have to wonder if this might also be held captive by the Galran Empire.

Red lion going into a black hole? Hummm, either that’s how it got captured or that’s the transportation of the characters apart from one another. It also could be, given the whole rocks in space, Keith in a humm dinger of trouble and he’s getting pulled into a warp hole of some sort. although I can only guess given that there are floating rocks there, and it looks like space. Hard to really say for this one.

Nature energy restoring and upgrading Pidges lion. That’s what you’re seeing there. Nothing to be worried about, whole elements aspect coming into play here, remember that factor.

Hunk coming face to face with some sort of giant water ship thing.

Red lion being pushed up by Black lion. the back ground coloring seems to be indicating something “heavy” going on and there’s dust from above falling, so I’m not sure exactly what’s going on there.

So Black lion leading the yellow, blue, and green lions. Red lion is no where to be found, betting anything the weird warp hole has some connection to this scene. They’re in some sort of floating yellow cauldron like place, and what makes it worse in this case is the surprising number of rocks floating around it. This isn’t a normal plane of space that we know, this is inside something or some other dimension or set up by Haggar. Scratch that, that might be a sun or some planet with similar properties.

What shows up next has me wondering because that is blue magic, not purple like the Galran, and that might be the ship/castle they’re trying to get to. We’re in a war zone, or former one with large, busted up ships. What’s interesting is that the light flashes then goes up like electricity, clearly similar to Haggar’s magic. Could there be a connection to the druids that Zarkon mentioned previously?  

Pidge flying through a worm hole to an ice area? Means that the group at least is a team right now and they can pair up with the princess at the moment. We can assume this since the only one that can make the worm holes is Allura’s castle.

Castle coming down in an area that looks to be colored the same as that weird cauldron thing we saw earlier. My guess is that the lighting strike we see is from them, and that the team is trying to get to them. Where’s the red lion though? That’s the weird thing in all this. We have the Black, yellow, green and blue. Where’s the red and why is it missing?

Who is the person standing before the star maps? We know that the energy is good since it’s the color of Voltron and Allura’s side, as purple is reflective of the Galran empire. So whoever this person is, they are at least as far as we can tell, working on the side of good. Is it Alfor, or some other member, or a good version of Zarkon before he fell. The person is large, and certainly looks more male like in their shape over a female. Unless I’m wrong and that’s the guy in the weird purple armor. Hard to tell because the image isn’t that great and it’s in shadow, clearly for a reason. (part of me wonders if that’s Lotor.)

So it looks like Haggar and Zarkon are at the same place that the other four lions are at, namely that weird space Calderon. My question is why and what’s going on? Are they there to get the lions or the castle?

Honestly it looks like Zarkon is trying to blow up a planet and there seems to be a hole in the clouds, this has me very worried as to what’s going on there and the connections to everything that we see in the other scenes. Given what’s happening I think the scene where the princesses ship is landing, the part where we see the four lions coming at the caldren, the scene with Zarkon and Haggar at the same location, this scene with the ship over the clouds and the loss of the red lion, makes me suspect that that’s all part of the same episode.

The red clay world where pidge was tied up we see a ship coming from Galran and clearly on the look out for her. This might be part of her stand alone episode.

Red sky where the men are marching. Seems like some sort of big fight is coming on, or again maybe back story here?

Alright Shiro crying, we see rock behind him. I think, and this is just me, that Keith got captured, not the other way around. But why? Shiro wouldn’t be crying unless something bad happened, so my only guess is that Keith or someone else got hurt, or that he think that Matt or Katie’s father is dead. Something big happens here to make him this upset. We’ve seen him freaked out but never in tears before now, so this is something really bad.

Thrace is listening in on things. I think he’s actually playing the part of the spy and probably is going to be the part of the rebelion that that the other two in season one mentioned. clearly he’s not happy with what’s going on so he’s playing the role as a loyalist and helping out, for what reason we don’t quiet know yet.

Planet sequence is also from the same one where you have the castle ship, the four lions, Haggar and Zarkon talking, the whole thing with the missing red lion, and the blue lighting bolt. I’m not sure what’s going on, but it seems that that planet is going to be a hot spot for the season and the over all story. Could that be the remains of Altea?

Lance attacking seems to be in the yellowish color of the planet, although it has a green glimmer, very different then the world we saw him and Hunk on earlier. This could be a huge battle where Lance is pulling a Sokka and managing to crash others into one another.

Zarkon and his ship is going to some place at super speed? Why? Perhaps it’s that same planet again?

Princess ship hitting a yellow sun, or something of the like. Space battle of some sort? or ar they opening up a hole for pidge? I’m not sure.

I think we have a scene of a new character bowing to the princess. We have a orange and white marking on the outfit around the top of the shirt. I’m not sure who this is supposed to be but there is a reason they’re hiding them. Also, what’s important here are the colors. They match very much Prince Lotor’s colors, and if anyone would be bowing to the princess and getting that reaction off her it would be Prince Lotor who probably is trying to be a gentleman but screwing this up terribly, if that is him, which we don’t know yet.

As for the knife wielder. I’m suspecting that that might be female. The cut of the costume makes me think it is due to the thigh high boots. However the color scheme also seems to match that of the lighter color’s in Lotor’s lighter blue and darker bak covering. So I’m not sure. This, plus the fact that he’s good with swords is something that caught my eye, but he could also be Merla in a new form, which would be interesting too. I’m not sure of this character but it seems that they are in a room set up in a fighting room. There’s clearly the grayish walls of rock that you see in caves, so this could be a cave and this might be where Shiro walks into at the end of the clip show, seeing as it’s set up in a balcony like state. I’m damn sure she’s a girl, the form of her body is definitely suggesting that as well as the thinner hands.

Hunk is using his blaster in a cave like set up with brownish rocks, I think this might be the same episode with them going to that planet for a huge battle, or them rescuing or helping pidge.

Lance on the other hand is on a ship, so that’s a rescue mission of some sort. Not sure who they’re going after but it’s clear that it’s on some sort of ship. Maybe the under water place they found? This one is harder then Hunks to figure.

Pidge is also on said ship and fighting something. You can see all the mechanical on the back, so that at least tells me that we’re looking at Lance and Pidge’s scene from the same scene.

Keith is in the black lion, the background of the ship matches shiro’s when he’s in the ship, although the color in the back instruments are not the same. Keith is either in the ice cave from very early in the trailer, or he’s in that weird floating rock area. It’s an interesting situation because you know he’s trying to go after something but you can’t see it.

Voltron hits a huge crystal and it explodes. Why?

We see shots of each character under the same yellow sky that we see Shiro and the weird army marching. I’m betting a lot of the scenes were getting cuts of is a rather big episode. I’m not sure how it’s going to play out, but I’m going to guess that it plays out with them planning on doing something to save Shiro. Which seems to be the case here.

Shiro walking into a gate that has light. I’m betting this is connected to that sequece earlier with the Assassin.

Okay so throwing this out there.

The above  scenes are grouped together:  This is where I think we have the Shiro line about Keith becoming the leader. It seems to me the lighing and coloring in these scenes are the same. and if what the production staff says is true, then this may have been the last episode of the season that they couldn’t do, so they left it as a cliff hanger instead. Shiro’s going to be okay, but recall that he was hurt from the battle with Haggar and they are kind of lost so there you go. that’s where the“Keith, If I don’t make it, I want you to lead voltron.”line comes from.

Next group above: Not sure why but to me the color schemes match here. I think Shiro get’s taken and they lose the red lion for a while. Not sure exactly what’s going on other then a Galran invasion. 

This group shows that: The colors and the images indicate that this is one big episode, though I’m not sure how it all fits together. But it looks like the crew is going to be in for one heck of a fight. 

Another one is this one: I think we’re going to meet Prince Lotor here. I’m not sure who the assassin swordsman/ woman is, but I think the person is probably female in nature. Color scheme seems to connect here. 

This is another one that I’m a bit unsure of but it seems to connect to one another: Pidge and her lion, I think this is from the same episode and it’s going to deal with tech vs nature. 

This is another that I’m sure is connected:  Colors seem to indicate that they’re from the same episode, again not sure of the order. 

This is pretty certainly part of the ice one as they fit from the colors again and the location. 

The water scenes are pretty obvious.  And I think that’s all of the connections in regard to the scenes. Now the question is, what order do they all go in? 



There’s a trailer for the upcoming BLAME! film available now!! ヾ(。・ω・)シ Now I want to draw Zuru too lol…might do that tomorrow.

“There’s quite a lots of me this year” - Mycroft and Moran

Mark Gatiss, asked if we will be doing some action in series 4. Look at Moffat! (video)

Warning, this is a crack theory - or not

As the actor who plays Lord Moran isn’t credited in TEH, we looked at a lot of actors. But none were the perfect match. What always struck me as odd was MG on the dvd commentary, when we see Lord Moran:

Very good, that guy – [ Moffat: Moran] I shot those bits, incidentally. On the bed with the bomb, the suitcase.

Mark was allegedly directing this scene on second unit, I think. But the way he smugly says “very good, that guy” made me think, that Lord Moran might be played by Ian Hallard. Because I only know this smugly tone from MG, when he talks about Ian or himself. But Ian was debunked as Moran.

So after a few more rounds of “Guess who plays Moran”, I came back to this commentary. What ever remains, how improbable it is… if the smugly commentary isn’t about Ian… is he talking about himself??? Was he there because he was in the scene in the first place?

I know, this sound incredible, because MG has such a distinct face (especially his nose). But you can do a lot with make up, hair, lighting, prostetics etc. 

Here’s a shitty gif, but I hope you get the essence. The pictures weren’t perfect to overlap, because Mycroft and Moran have different facial expressions. I just wanted to compare their facial proportions.

And then look at this posture! Doesn’t this remind you of MG?

Two more examples of MG looking quite different:

DISCLAIMER: I’m totally fine, if you don’t agree with me on this theory. I’m kind of doubtful myself. But for me it’s the only theory left. So I’ll stick with it due to rational exclusion, until there’s a better theory. 


A thought that has been bugging me since HLV and the S4 teaser made it even worse. This meta may be completely crazy, I promise you nothing.

I always had two theories about the Other One: a serious one which has to do with Sherlock’s childhood and a tragedy that stroke back then (Redbeard) and a weirder one that almost felt far-fetched to me. Perhaps you already understand that I’m going to talk about the far-fetched one, which however doesn’t feel entirely as such anymore (to me, at least). However, perhaps this theory has already been told by someone else before. In this case, sorry for talking about it again. 

Sherrinford Holmes is a non-ACD-canonical character - the third Holmes brother. He is often considered to be the evil one. In All-Consuming Fire by Andy Lane, a crossover of Sherlock Holmes and… Doctor Who,

Originally posted by houseofcardsquotes

Sherlock Holmes is forced to kill his ill-willed brother to save John Watson. There are more things going on in this novel (most of them including an alien slug thing) but I do hope Moftiss won’t pay attention to much except for the conclusion of the story and the brother’s allegiances. (If I said anything inaccurate, forgive me, I didn’t pay attention to this story more than what was absolutely necessary :P)

Now let me make a small surgery to the teaser:

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