NEW Boku no hero acadeamia PV.


Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome (Masaaki Yuasa, 2017)

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There’s just something about this 😍😍😍

Favorite Joker Leto Pictures (7/?)


125 painters, 65,000 frames, 1300 litres of paint. We can’t wait to bring Loving Vincent to audiences this year…

I know what it’s like if…parents fuckin’.. fuckin’ leave on you, you know what i mean? one day they’re there, and… you wake up and you’re all by your fucking self! for the rest of your fucking life!living in a fuckin’ shed and wondering what the fuck happened to your parents.
—  bubbles

By far, the most requested YouTuber(s) for me to make a trailer for was @danisnotonfire & @amazingphil. The long wait is over now, here is Dan & Phil’s horror trailer!